Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Enemies resemble jerky marionettes tossed at your face and the neat addition of the motion tracker from Aliens adds little pressure to the proceedings when the level designs are extremely linear.

Review: Skylanders Giants

The Lost City of Arkus is an amusing MacGuffin that will propel kids and adults along the linear through line; lock puzzles, jump pads, battle arenas, and a fairly deep upgrade system all return from Spyro’s Adventure.

Review: Dead or Alive 5

One of the game’s primary half measures is a first-player narrative that wants you take it seriously based on its presentation, but only resorts to juvenile and almost cartoony clichés.

Review: Double Dragon: Neon

The soundtrack brings us back to the ’80s; the main characters even rock air guitars at the end of all 10 levels, and the main antagonist looks and sounds almost like He-Man’s Skeletor.

Review: The Last Story

Textures may pop and frame rates will stutter and jolt, but character modeling is thankfully strong throughout, as is the emotionally resonant score by longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Review: Brave

Though the tale is slight, Brave’s gameplay is an entertaining blend of an isometric action-adventure and twin-stick shooter.

Review: Game of Thrones

Dialogue choices you make along the way shift the narrative ever so slightly based on a Mass Effect-esque paragon/renegade continuum.

Review: Closure

The ingenuity of the puzzle solving is the main talking point here. A precarious interplay between light and dark is a key gameplay mechanic.