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Movie Geeks United!: Talking Sarasota, Tribeca, Speed Racer, & the State of the Art

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Movie Geeks United!: Talking Sarasota, Tribeca, <em>Speed Racer</em>, & the State of the Art

I guested on yesterday’s Movie Geeks United! podcast, chatting about my experiences at the Sarasota and Tribeca Film Festivals, giving advance thoughts on Speed Racer, and then segueing (via overtime and with the help of House contributor Aaron Aradillas) into a “state of the art” discussion of criticism. A blast as always (my continued thanks to co-hosts Jamey and Jerry).

You can access the podcast here. My contribution begins at 70:43 and continues to show’s end. Also featured on this episode are Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro (discussing their co-directed documentary Body of War) and Van Fischer, Gabrielle Union, and Jeremy Renner, director and stars, respectively, of Neo Ned, now out on DVD.

Keith Uhlich is editor of The House Next Door and a contributor to various print and online publications.