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Movie Geeks United!: Brian De Palma

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Movie Geeks United!: Brian De Palma

Jamey DuVall, one of the three co-hosts of the Blog-Talk-Radio series “Movie Geeks United!”, graciously invited me to participate in an extended discussion of the work of Brian De Palma. We talked for nearly thirty minutes about various topics related to and surrounding the work of this, to my mind, unequivocally great film director.

Click here for the link to the broadcast (the discussion begins at 2:32, right after Jamey’s intro—but do the guys a favor and listen to the whole show. Great stuff.) Also be sure to tune in next week for the Movie Geeks’ two-hour De Palma tribute show, which will feature discussions with Eyal Peretz, William Katt, William Finley, Geoff Beran, and Armond White. Finally, see after the break for links to the three articles (par moi) that are mentioned during the segment.

1) My Senses of Cinema profile of De Palma

2) My two takes on The Black Dahlia—at Slant Magazine and Reverse Shot

Keith Uhlich is managing editor of The House Next Door and a contributor to various print and online publications.