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15 Famous Movie Hotels

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15 Famous Movie Hotels

This weekend offers a little something for the wee ones, in advance of everyone’s favorite make-believe holiday, Halloween (when, you know, you can wear stuff like this). Hotel Transylvania features the voices of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi, and CeeLo Green, and it tells the tale of a five-star resort where monsters can go to—get this—be safe from us humans. Hollywood loves to boost its products’ escapist qualities by setting them in get-away-from-it-all locales. From L.A. to Vegas to Thailand, the stops on our list boast some very memorable hotels, which vary in their abilities to accommodate, relax, and terrify.


The Chateau Marmont in Somewhere (2010). Having already perused the halls of a Tokyo hotel in Lost in Translation, jet-set auteur Sofia Coppola keeps her home-away-from-home theme going in Somewhere, which artfully observes the exploits of Stephen Dorff’s Chateau Marmont dweller, Johnny Marco. A child of Hollywood, Coppola coolly conveys the grind of a film-promoting movie star, while capturing the excess of a hard-living playboy in this iconic Tinseltown hotspot. If nothing else, the movie pulls you in as a guest, establishing a vivid and loosely enchanting sense of place.


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