Review: Araby

This portrait of a young man’s meandering journey zeroes in on the pressures of contemporary Brazil in passing.

Review: Chevalier

Athina Rachel Tsangari’s obvious skill can’t hide the fact that how she packages her one-note concept is perhaps more interesting than the concept itself.

Review: Sunset Song

Terence Davies’s talent for creating sensuous images conveniently masks how little of this feeling actually emerges from the plot these images illustrate.

Review: The Blue Hour

Anucha Boonyawatana’s film is an initially intriguing attempt to splice together a gay romance and a horror film that ultimately shows little flair for either genre.

Review: Notfilm

Ross Lipman’s gloriously egalitarian approach to culture means that his argumentation never becomes inaccessible.

Review: Krisha

The film rams home the main character’s downward spiral though an incessant parade of grandstanding stylistic flourishes.

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