Review: Serbis

Serbis may be the first film to equate third-world life in the late capitalist era to squatting in a rundown porn palace.

Review: A Jihad for Love

Perhaps carving enough space for the previously unheard voices of Muslim gays to speak is enough to ask of this socially groundbreaking work.

Review: Blind Mountain

Li’s monomaniacal insistence on showing the dark despair lurking in the unheralded corners of Chinese society achieves a strident integrity.

On the Circuit: Paranoid Park

Gus Van Sant finally crawls out from under his Béla Tarr-inspired long-take detachment and dares to explore an interior landscape in ways not seen since My Own Private Idaho.

Review: Redacted

Brian De Palma’s paradoxical take on the occupation of Iraq is as blatant as an open sore yet swathed in layers of formalist irony.