Review: Detroit Unleaded

It compellingly engages with the specific problems of a cultural group rarely represented in American film, but it too easily and abruptly resolves its main characters’ problems.

Review: 2 Jacks

The embarrassingly low production value of Bernard Rose’s 2 Jacks works symbiotically with the film’s botched performances.

Review: Gloria

With its compelling, original approach to its romance narrative, coupled with Paulina García’s intuitive performance, the film delicately balances an entire octave of emotions.

Review: Savannah

The film is impossible to take seriously as a commemoration of Moultrie’s life or Allen’s prolific status because of its plethora of contrivances.

Review: Kid-Thing

Its main character’s moral predicament with a woman inside a pit becomes a muddle of confused symbolism and trite psychoanalysis.

Review: Wasteland

The film is dry in its humor, clever in its elaborate robbery scheme, and somewhat bloated and unspooled in its storytelling.

Review: In the Fog

Sergei Loznitsa occasionally writes his ideas too explicitly in the film’s dialogue, though he makes up for this by deftly employing some ironic symbolism elsewhere.