Review: Champs

A collection of comments about winning, losing, perseverance, discipline, violence, compassion, exploitation, responsibility, and ambition.

Review: Art and Craft

The filmmakers profile the prolific Landis with a non-judgmental straightforwardness that allows the sheer brazenness of his scams to generate both shock and amusement.

Review: All Is Lost

J.C. Chandor creates an austere snapshot of human struggle, ingenuity, and perseverance, one that’s predicated on Robert Redford’s fantastic performance.

Review: Riddick

For a film about a killing machine who can see at night, it’s ironic that Riddick itself is, both narratively and visually, a dark, muddled mess.

Review: Raze

The thrill of seeing women beat the snot out of each other is about all that the film offers, though for a lean, efficient 83-minute genre picture like this, that turns out to be just enough.

Review: A Single Shot

Content to faithfully hew to convention, the film rarely surprises, but its portrait of foolishness and fallibility, and its atmosphere of inevitable doom, remain sturdy and captivating.

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