Veronica + Logan 4-Ever

Veronica Mars at times seems unaware just how much of its energy is bound up in the relationship between the title character and her ex-boyfriend.

Veronica + Logan 4-Ever
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UPN’s teen detective series Veronica Mars, which airs a strong new episode tonight at 9, at times seems unaware just how much of its energy is bound up in the relationship between Kristen Bell’s title character and her ex-boyfriend, the wealthy, Byronically depressive antihero Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). This second season has been frustrating in a number of ways, but I keep tuning in each week hoping for one more scene between Veronica and Logan, who share one of the weirdest, deepest bonds on network TV.

“Brilliantly played by Dohring, who has the young Mickey Rourke’s self-aware swagger, Logan is one of the anchors of UPN’s Veronica Mars, a drama about a high school student in fictional Neptune, Calif., who moonlights as a gumshoe with help from her dad, Keith, an ex-cop turned private eye,” I write in today’s Star-Ledger. “Logan is Veronica’s chief antagonist and perhaps her true soul mate. Like the tough dame Veronica, who navigates the town’s treacherous social ladder to solve crimes each week, Logan is a teenager with an old soul, tragically aware of how cruel people can be, including himself. Veronica and Logan’s prickly relationship holds this show’s plot-crazy second season together even when it threatens to scatter like a jigsaw puzzle hurled against a wall.”

To read the whole article, click here. Warning: high up, I spoil a significant (but I hope minor) plot point.

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