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Listen to Slant’s 25 Best Singles of 2017

Listen to a playlist of the best singles of the year on YouTube and Spotify.

Eric Henderson



Listen to Slant's 25 Best Singles of 2017
Photo: Brendan Walter

Even the resilience of retroism was, this year, tinged with the irony of watching those not knowing the past being doomed to repeat it. But in a grasping-at-straws moment, grim reality checks, bubblicious-pop contraptions, stripped-down folk-soul, and, yes, Old Music 2.0 seemed to coexist on a playlist sending signals of life from the Upside Down, or at least one designed to help us feel some type of way. So even though, as our list of the year’s top singles reveals, we more often than not had to travel all the way to Japan and England to satisfy our memories of hip-thrusting better days that we may never see return, the pleasure of the perfect three- or four-minute escape will never be quashed. Though we’re at the point where even Katy Perry knows we’re all metaphorically in chains.

See the full list with commentary here, and listen to the complete playlist on Spotify.

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