Review: Moulin Rouge

Despite some remarkable musical pastiches and riveting set pieces, this postmodern wank-job doesn’t have much of a heart.

Review: Shrek

Is it possible for a production company to crank out a cartoon fable without having it whitewashed with Disney’s fairy-tale idiom?

Review: Amores Perros

This pumped telenovela is very much the film Kieślowski would have made had he followed Buñuel’s lead and voyaged to Mexico.

Review: Xala

Widely regarded as Ousmane Sembène’s finest achievement, Xala is a cutting morality tale.

Review: Yi Yi

Its brilliance emanates equally from its structure, the acuteness of its gaze, and Edward Yang’s acknowledgement of life as a series of

Review: Beau Travail

Galoup is merely a rotten byproduct of a dehumanizing military apparatus, but by film’s end he finally learns to let out some