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Some Bits, for Now

Some Bits, for Now

Although I promised myself when starting this blog that I would write a substantive or imaginative item every day, TCA has proved so action-packed that I just don’t have the energy.

But I don’t want to look at that sidebar and see nothing listed for Friday. So here’s some links to stuff I wrote out here, all television related: a review of the BBC caper series Hustle, which begins its American run on AMC tomorrow night; a feature story about the repackaging of Miss America, and some TCA blog entries (which may include a Sopranos item by the time you read this).

Scroll down the TCA blog and you’ll find an account of James Ellroy’s already controversial appearance before the television press corps to promote an upcoming Court TV documentary about (what else?) his mother’s murder. A separate item about Ellroy’s reaction to rushes from Brian De Palma’s film of his novel The Black Dahlia will follow soon. All I’ll say now is, Ellroy hasn’t seen much of De Palma’s film, but he liked what he saw.

Matt Zoller Seitz is founder of The House Next Door.

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