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Introducing The Auteurs Daily

Introducing The Auteurs Daily

There’s been a hole in the blogosphere for the past few weeks, though judging from a good number of the reactions at the IFC Daily (the second incarnation of the invaluable GreenCine Daily), not many people were aware that Daily curator David Hudson had continued publishing his link-collating passion project. So I’ve been told, most just thought that GreenCine (now a features, interviews and reviews site under the stewardship of Aaron Hillis) had changed its mission statement, and when they finally found out (too late) about Hudson’s all-too-brief tenure at IFC, they were understandably distressed. Where else could cinephiles go to find out what was worth reading on an overcrowded World Wide Web? We have our answer today, and Hudson prepared us for it, dropping some hints in the final IFC Daily post about “dreaming up a new format and, if all goes according to plan,…rolling [it] out slowly in two phases at an entity that’ll be named when that entity’s good and ready.” And now it’s ready.

The venue is The Auteurs, specifically the Notebook section overseen by Daniel Kasman. Hudson’s first entry is up in which he explains the new lay of the land. So head on over there and bookmark the hell out of it. Let’s help make this third version a permanent Daily fixture. To David: Great to have you back, sir, and best of luck!

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