Lock & Load

This video essay about the role of guns in film is presented by Capital and Matt Zoller Seitz.

Full Metal Jacket
Photo: Warner Bros.

In the words of PopOptiq: “The best videos of course usually have something to say. Lock and Load is a video essay about violent aggression and Hollywood’s weapon of choice, the gun, in all of its many, many forms. The video compilation is from cinema critics/editing whizzes Matt Zoller Seitz, Aaron Aradillas and Steven Santos. American cinema has always been violent, and never more than now. In this video you’ll see images from slapstick comic violence to film noir, from Tarantino to Stanley Kubrick and more. Violence has been part of America on screen since the birth of film, yet violence is traditionally a secondary concern of film criticism. Watch the video at the link below.”

This article was originally published on The House Next Door.

Aaron Aradillas

Aaron is a San Antonio-based film critic and journalist, and a writer-producer of video essays.

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