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Lost Recap: Season 6, Episode 12, “Everybody Loves Hugo”

This episode was worth my time, I’ll tell you what.

Lost Recap: Season 6, Episode 12, Everybody Loves Hugo
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This episode was worth my time, I’ll tell you what. Consistently hilarious, somewhat surprising, an all around good time with three beers in my belly. Things started out great with that goofy (but not quite goofy enough) video celebrating Hurley for his generosity, but things got kicked up a notch when he said he had an event the next night at “The Human Fund,” nodding at Constanza’s fake charity, and signaling just how “false” these sideline stories may in fact be. Or, perhaps, that this idea of charity, this vision of a more perfect universe, is in fact a lie. No surprise there, I suppose. But funny to think it’s a nod to the best sitcom ever that does this for us (for me!) here.

And that was just the beginning. That was before Ilana got blowed up, before Dark Locke threw Desmond down a well, before Desmond RAN OVER LOCKE WITH HIS CAR! Seems like we could go around these interwebs talking in all caps about Lost for the rest of its run. It holds that much promise—to spin wacky events and characters into one another—in my heart. Things just keep getting sillier, and funnier, and that’s never a bad thing on a show this convoluted and, by most lights, all too self-serious. So good for them for making fun of themselves so much this episode. (Also, Ben’s little reflection on what the island will do to them, the remaining principles, once its done with them, smacks of last week’s winks at the audience.)

This episode also had a few great actor moments, too, though. First of all, Harrold Perrineau makes the most of his cameo, as if that wouldn’t happen. He sells not only a terrible explanation of how he’s not Dark Locke (he’s the voices of those who cannot move on?) but also that cheesy apology he wants Hugo to deliver. Next, Henry Ian Cusick has been typically calm and winsome since his return to the island and the show; his line reading of “what’s the point in being afraid?” was superb. As was Terry O’Quinn’s puzzled reaction before the throwing of Desmond down the well. I guess we see a little more of why Desmond was brought back after all: if he can scare Dark Locke, there’s a good chance he can stop him, too, somehow. However, especially after his own “big moment,” which had some pretty terrible spell-it-out dialog, it’s hard not to think that Jack will be the one to grab tighter reigns on this beast of an island.

Jack said he’s trying to let go, but I can’t see that lasting very long. There’s the “worry” that Dark Locke will prey on Jack the same way he preyed on Ben (or any in his crew), but I’m guessing Kate’s skepticism will likely win out and convince Jack to “do the right thing.” Which, once again, makes this a table-setter despite the incidents both fantastic and hilarious. And, with that weird sample of “The Rowers” over the promo for next week, I’m guessing we can expect a few more surprise deaths, or at the least a few more injuries in the sideways story.

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