Review: Destiny’s Child, This Is the Remix

Destiny’s Child, This Is the RemixJust weeks after the unexpected success of Jennifer Lopez’s J To tha L-O remix album, Destiny’s Child has released This Is the Remix, their third release in less than a year. The collection showcases the R&B trio’s unwavering ability to produce the most contagious of pop hooks and could very well be a premature greatest hits package. We’ve heard these mixes many times before and some are almost identical to their original incarnations; “Independent Women Part II” is, in fact, lifted straight from Survivor. Career highlights like “Bug a Boo,” “Jumpin’, Jumpin’” and last year’s “Emotion” are all here, remixed by Wyclef, Jermaine Dupri and the Neptunes, respectively. But the set doesn’t heat up until halfway through track 10 with a trio of club mixes from Maurice Joshua. The album closes with an even more inappropriate bonus track than J To tha L-O‘s closing ballad, “Alive”: a gospel number from Michelle’s forthcoming My Heart to Yours. Any new Destiny’s Child material? No. Scam to get your money? Yes. Good fun? Of course.

 Label: Columbia  Release Date: March 8, 2002  Buy: Amazon

Sal Cinquemani

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