Radiohead Releases Creepy “If You Say the Word” Music Video

"If You Say the Word" is quintessential Radiohead, a comment on the ennui of late-capitalist society.

Radiohead, If You Say the Word
Photo: XL Recordings

Radiohead has released a haunting new music video for “If You Say the Word,” a previously unreleased track from their upcoming re-issue package Kid A Mnesia. In the video, directed by Kasper Häggström, a group of men and women dressed in business suits are hunted like wild animals. They’re captured and corralled in a livestock trailer, where they’re fed tiny, sad-looking wedges of sandwiches and, eventually, handed briefcases and desposited back into the workforce.

The video, which mixes naturalism and comic satire, is quintessential Radiohead, a comment on the ennui of late-capitalist society. Except the suits here are the victims—mindless drones in a system much larger and more insidious than just one man or woman.

Watch below:

Kid A Mnesia, which comprises Radiohead’s 2000 album Kid A and its 2001 follow-up, Amnesiac, alongside a collection of unreleased material from those sessions titled Kid Amnesiae, will be released on November 5 via XL Recordings. Radiohead and Epic Games have also announced Kid A Mnesia Exhibition via Sony’s PlayStation Showcase.

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