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Photo: Columbia Pictures


Superhost (RLJE Films, 2/1/22, Limited)
The Translator (Launch Releasing, 2/1/22, Limited)
New Worlds: The Cradle of Civilization (Village East, 2/2/22, NY)
Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché (Utopia, 2/2/22, Limited)
Ghosts of the Ozarks (XYZ Films, 2/3/22, Limited)
Air Doll (Dekanalog, 2/4/22, Limited)
Alone with You (Dark Star Pictures, 2/4/22, Limited)
Book of Love (Amazon Prime Video, 2/4/22, Limited)
Breaking Bread (Cohen Media Group, 2/4/22, Limited)
Immanence (Buffalo 8, 2/4/22, Limited)
Indian Summer (MoMA, 2/4/22, NY)
Jackass Forever (Paramount Pictures, 2/4/22, Wide)
Last Looks (RLJE Films, 2/4/22, Limited)
Last Survivors (Vertical Entertainment, 2/4/22, Limited)
Lingui, the Sacred Bonds (MUBI, 2/4/22, Limited)
The Long Night (Well Go USA, 2/4/22, Limited)
Moonfall (Lionsgate, 2/4/22, Wide)
The Other Me (Gravitas Ventures, 2/4/22, Limited)
The Wolf and the Lion (Blue Fox Entertainment, 2/4/22, Limited)
The Worst Person in the World (Neon, 2/4/22, Limited)
Alter Ego (Indican Pictures, 2/8/22, Limited)
A Grand Romantic Gesture (Gravitas Ventures, 2/8/22, Limited)
Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop (Lionsgate, 2/8/22, Limited)
Student Body (1091 Pictures, 2/8/22, Limited)
Kimi (HBO Max, 2/10/22, Limited)
Shapeless (XYZ Films Releasing, 2/10/22, Limited)
Blacklight (Briarcliff Entertainment, 2/11/22, Limited)
Catch the Fair One (IFC Films, 2/11/22, Limited)
Cosmic Dawn (Cranked Up Films, 2/11/22, Limited)
Death on the Nile (20th Century Studios, 2/11/22, Wide)
Fabian: Going to the Dogs (Kino Lorber, 2/11/22, NY)
Gehraiyaan (Amazon Prime Video, 2/11/22, Limited)
Give or Take (Breaking Glass Pictures, 2/11/22, Limited)
Here Before (Saban Films, 2/11/22, Limited)
Indemnity (Magnet Releasing, 2/11/22, Limited)
I Want You Back (Amazon Studios, 2/11/22, Limited)
Marry Me (Universal Pictures, 2/11/22, Wide)
A Night of Knowing Nothing (Cinema Guild, 2/11/22, NY)
The Pact (Juno Films, 2/11/22, NY)
Playground (Film Movement, 2/11/22, Limited)
Ronnie’s (Greenwich Entertainment, 2/11/22, Limited)
Supercool (Vertical Entertainment, 2/11/22, Limited)
The Sky Is Everywhere (A24, 2/11/22, Limited)
Tall Girl 2 (Netflix, 2/11/22, Limited)
Those Who Walk Away (VMI Releasing, 2/11/22, Limited)
Flee the Light (Breaking Glass Pictures, 2/11/22, Limited)
King Knight (XYZ Films, 2/17/22, Limited)
The Automat (A Slice of Pie Productions, 2/18/22, Limited)
A Banquet (IFC Midnight, 2/18/22, Limited)
The Cursed (LD Entertainment, 2/18/22, Limited)
Dog (United Artists, 2/18/22, Wide)
Incarnation (Cinedigm, 2/18/22, Wide)
Inspector Ike (Inspector Ike, 2/18/22, NY)
The Last Bus (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2/18/22, Limited)
The Ledge (Saban Films, 2/18/22, Limited)
The Long Walk (Yellow Veil Pictures, 2/18/22, Limited)
Pursuit (Lionsgate, 2/18/22, Limited)
Strawberry Mansion (Music Box Films, 2/18/22, Limited)
Streamline (Blue Fox Entertainment, 2/18/22, Limited)
Ted K (Super LTD, 2/18/22, Limited)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Netflix, 2/18/22, Limited)
Uncharted (Columbia Pictures, 2/18/22, Wide)
Fallen (Lionsgate, 2/22/22, Limited)
Hellbender (Shudder, 2/22/22, Limited)
Big Gold Brick (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2/25/22, Limited)
Butter (Blue Fox Entertainment, 2/25/22, Limited)
The Burning Sea (Magnet Releasing, 2/25/22, Limited)
Desperate Riders (Lionsgate, 2/25/22, Limited)
The Devil’s Light (Lionsgate, 2/25/22, Limited)
Family Squares (Screen Media Films, 2/25/22, Limited)
Gasoline Alley (Saban Films, 2/25/22, Limited)
Let Me Be Me (Greenwich Entertainment, 2/25/22, Limited)
A Madea Homecoming (Netflix, 2/25/22, Limited)
Mothering Sunday (Sony Pictures Classics, 2/25/22, Limited)
Servants (Film Movement, 2/25/22, Limited)
Studio 666 (Open Road Films, 2/25/22, Wide)


American Gadfly (Gravitas Ventures, 1/4/22, Limited)
Delicate State (Freestyle Digital Media, 1/4/22, Limited)
Rucker (Giant Pictures, 1/4/22, Limited)
Expedition Content (Cinema Guild, 1/6/22, NY)
The 355 (Universal Pictures, 1/7/22, Wide)
American Siege (Vertical Entertainment, 1/7/22, Limited)
The Commando (Saban Films, 1/7/22, Limited)
A Hero (Amazon Studios, 1/7/22, Limited)
June Again (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/7/22, Limited)
The Kindred (Vertical Entertainment, 1/7/22, Limited)
The Legend of La Llorona (Saban Films, 1/7/22, Limited)
King Car (Dark Star Pictures, 1/7/22, Limited)
See for Me (IFC Films, 1/7/22, Limited)
That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes (Dark Star Pictures, 1/9/22, Limited)
A.rtificial I.mmortality (Syndicado, 1/11/22, Limited)
Dawn Raid (Universal Pictures, 1/11/22, Limited)
Maxima (TrustFall Films, 1/11/22, Limited)
Run & Gun (Paramount Pictures, 1/11/22, Limited)
The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs (Gratitude Films, 1/12/22, NY)
Brazen (Netflix, 1/13/22, Limited)
Belle (GKIDS, 1/14/22, Limited)
Borrego (Saban Films, 1/14/22, Limited)
The Conversation (Rialto Pictures, 1/14/22, NY)
A Cops and Robbers Story (Greenwich Entertainment, 1/14/22, Limited)
Delicious (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/14/22, Limited)
The Free Fall (Gravitas Ventures, 1/14/22, Limited)
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (Amazon Prime, 1/14/22, Limited)
Italian Studies (Magnolia Pictures, 1/14/22, Limited)
The Pink Cloud (Blue Fox Entertainment, 1/14/22, NY)
Scream (Paramount Pictures, 1/14/22, Wide)
Shattered (Lionsgate, 1/14/22, Limited)
The Surprise Visit (Vertical Entertainment, 1/14/22, Limited)
The Whaler Boy (Film Movement, 1/14/22, Limited)
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America (Sony Pictures Classics, 1/14/22, Limited)
Why Is We Americans? (Corinth Films, 1/14/22, NY)
Ditched (Epic Pictures, 1/14/22, Limited)
The Jack in the Box: Awakening (4Digital Media, 1/18/22, Limited)
Roommate Wanted (Indican Pictures, 1/18/22, Limited)
Saul at Night (Utopia, 1/18/22, Limited)
The Last Thing Mary Saw (Shudder, 1/20/22, Limited)
The Royal Treatment (Netflix, 1/20/22, Limited)
Confession (Uncork’d Entertainment, 1/21/22, Limited)
Definition Please (Array, 1/21/22, Limited)
Introduction (Cinema Guild, 1/21/22, NY)
The King’s Daughter (Gravitas Ventures, 1/21/22, Limited)
The Laureate (Gravitas Ventures, 1/21/22, Limited)
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/21/22, NY)
The Olive Trees of Justice (Kino Lorber, 1/21/22, NY)
Redeeming Love (Universal Pictures, 1/21/22, Wide)
Simple Passion (Strand Releasing, 1/21/22, NY)
A Shot Through the Wall (Vertical Entertainment, 1/21/22, Limited)
Stop-Zemlia (Altered Innocence, 1/21/22, Limited)
The Tiger Rising (The Avenue, 1/21/22, Limited)
Unsilenced (Zhen Pictures, 1/21/22, Limited)
Warhunt (Saban Films, 1/21/22, Limited)
I’m Not in Love (Gravitas Ventures, 1/25/22, Limited)
Salt in My Soul (Giant Pictures, 1/25/22, Limited)
Compartment No. 6 (Sony Pictures Classics, 1/26/22, Limited)
Shortbus (Oscilloscope, 1/26/22, NY)
The Conductor (Cargo Film & Releasing, 1/27/22, NY)
The American King (Vision Films, 1/28/22, Limited)
Brighton 4th (Kino Lorber, 1/28/22, Limited)
Clean (IFC Films, 1/28/22, Limited)
Cyrano (MGM, 1/28/22, Limited)
Futura (Grasshopper Film, 1/28/22, Limited)
Gamestop: Rise of the Players (Super LTD, 1/28/22, Limited)
Home Team (Netflix, 1/28/22, Limited)
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (Disney+, 1/28/22, Limited)
Plaza Cathedral (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/28/22, LA)
The Requin (Saban Films, 1/28/22, Limited)
Rifkin’s Festival (MPI Media Group, 1/28/22, Limited)
La Soga Salvation (Screen Media Films, 1/28/22, Limited)
Sundown (Bleecker Street, 1/28/22, Limited)
A Taste of Hunger (Magnolia Pictures, 1/28/22, Limited)
They/Them/Us (Gravitas Ventures, 1/28/22, Limited)


Single All the Way (Netflix, 12/2/21, Limited)
Benedetta (IFC Films, 12/3/21, Limited)
Betrayed (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/3/21, Limited)
Castle Falls (Shout! Studios, 12/3/21, Limited)
Citizen Ashe (HBO Max, 12/3/21, Limited)
Deadlock (Saban Films, 12/3/21, Limited)
Death of a Telemarketer (Vertical Entertainment, 12/3/21, Limited)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Disney+, 12/3/21, Limited)
Encounter (Amazon Studios, 12/3/21, Limited)
The End of Us (Saban Films, 12/3/21, Limited)
Funny Thing About Love (Gravitas Ventures, 12/3/21, Limited)
The Hand of God (Netflix, 12/3/21, Limited)
Home (Gravitas Ventures, 12/3/21, Limited)
Flee (Neon, 12/3/21, Limited)
Last Shoot Out (Liongate, 12/3/21, Limited)
Listening to Kenny G (HBO, 12/3/21, Limited)
Miracle in Milan (Janus Films, 12/3/21, NY)
Mixtape (Netflix, 12/3/21, Limited)
Project Space 13 (Circle Collective, 12/3/21, NY)
Red Stone (Cinedigm, 12/3/21, Limited)
Silent Night (RLJE Films, 12/3/21, Limited)
The Sleeping Negro (ArtMattan Films, 12/3/21, NY)
Tadap (Fox STAR Studios, 12/3/21, Limited)
This Game’s Called Murder (Cranked Up Films, 12/3/21, Limited)
Tigre Gente (Cinema Village, 12/3/21, Limited)
Torn (National Geographic Documentary Films, 12/3/21, Limited)
True to the Game 3 (Faith Media Distribution, 12/3/21, Limited)
Try Tarder! (Greenwich Entertainment, 12/3/21, Limited)
Wolf (Focus Features, 12/3/21, Limited)
David and the Elves (Netflix, 12/6/21, Limited)
The Advent Calendar (Shudder, 12/9/21, Limited)
Agnes (Magnet Releasing, 12/10/21, Limited)
American Sicario (Saban Films, 12/10/21, Limited)
Being the Ricardos (Amazon Studios, 12/10/21, Limited)
Beijing Spring (Cinema Village, 12/10/21, NY)
Don’t Look Up (Netflix, 12/10/21, Limited)
Even Mice Belong in Heaven (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/10/21, Limited)
Famous (Kandoo Films, 12/10/21, Limited)
France (Kino Lorber, 12/10/21, NY/LA)
The Hating Game (Vertical Entertainment, 12/10/21, Limited)
Hurt (Gravitas Ventures, 12/10/21, Limited)
Last and First Men (Metrograph Pictures, 12/10/21, Limited)
National Champions (STX Films, 12/10/21, Wide)
Off the Rails (Screen Media Films, 12/10/21, Limited)
The Only One (Vertical Entertainment, 12/10/21, Limited)
Red Rocket (A24, 12/10/21, Limited)
A Son (ArtMattan Films, 12/10/21, NY)
West Side Story (20th Century Studios, 12/10/21, Wide)
White on White (Outsider Pictures, 12/10/21, NY)
Bob Spit: We Do Not Like People (Outsider Pictures, 12/15/21, LA)
Minamata (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/15/21, Limited)
New Year (Mohawk Street Productions, 12/15/21, NY/LA)
Fortress (Lionsgate, 12/17/21, Limited)
Last Words (Gravitas Ventures, 12/17/21, Limited)
The Lost Daughter (Netflix, 12/17/21, Limited)
Margrete: Queen of the North (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/17/21, Limited)
Mother/Android (Hulu, 12/17/21, Limited)
Mr. Birthday (VMI Worldwide, 12/17/21, Limited)
Nightmare Alley (Searchlight Pictures, 12/17/21, Limited)
The Novice (IFC Films, 12/17/21, Limited)
The Pit (Film Movement, 12/17/21, Limited)
President (Greenwich Entertainment, 12/17/21, Limited)
The Scary of Sixty-First (Utopia, 12/17/21, NY)
Schemes in Antiques (Well Go USA, 12/17/21, Limited)
Spider-Man: No Way Home (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 12/17/21, Wide)
Striding into the Wind (Cheng Cheng Films, 12/17/21, LA)
Swan Song (Apple TV+, 12/17/21, Limited)
The Tender Bar (Amazon Studios, 12/17/21, NY/LA)
A Walk in Her Shoes (IndiePix Films, 12/17/21, Limited)
Wild Game (Gravitas Ventures, 12/17/21, Limited)
You Mean Everything to Me (Factory 25, 12/17/21, NY)
Grumpy Christmas (Netflix, 12/22/21, Limited)
The King’s Man (20th Century Studios, 12/22/21, Wide)
The Matrix Resurrections (Warner Bros., 12/22/21, Wide)
Sing 2 (Universal Pictures, 12/22/21, Wide)
The Velvet Queen (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 12/22/21, NY/LA)
Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery (Discovery+, 12/22/21, NY/LA)
83 (Reliance Entertainment, 12/24/21, Limited)
Parallel Mothers (Sony Pictures Classics, 12/24/21, Limited)
A Thousand Kilometers from Christmas (Netflix, 12/24/21, Limited)
American Underdog (Lionsgate, 12/25/21, Limited)
A Journal for Jordan (Columbia Pictures, 12/25/21, Wide)
The Tragedy of Macbeth (A24, 12/25/21, Limited)
Memoria (Neon, 12/26/21, NY)
An Exquisite Meal (Gravitas Ventures, 12/28/21, Limited)
Red Snow (4Digital Media, 12/28/21, Limited)
Who Is Amos Otis? (Gravitas Ventures, 12/28/21, Limited)
Jockey (Sony Pictures Classics, 12/29/21, NY/LA)
Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Metrograph Pictures, 12/31/21, NY)
Munich: The Edge of War (Netflix, 12/31/21, Limited)
Sensation (Vertical Entertainment, 12/31/21, Limited)


The Claus Family (Netflix, 11/1/21, Limited)
Bigfoot Famous (Gravitas Ventures, 11/2/21, Limited)
Electric Jesus (1091 Pictures, 11/2/21, Limited)
The Flood (4Digital Media, 11/2/21, Limited)
Isolation (Gravitas Ventures, 11/2/21, Limited)
Night at the Eagle Inn (1091 Pictures, 11/2/21, Limited)
Operation Portugal (Sony Pictures Releasing, 11/2/21, Limited)
River’s End (Giant Pictures, 11/2/21, Limited)
Shock Wave 2 (Echelon Studios, 11/2/21, Limited)
Marionette (S&R Films, 11/3/21, Limited)
NEEDTOBREATHE: Into the Mystery (Greenwich Entertainment, 11/3/21, Limited)
Simple As Water (HBO Documentary Films, 11/3/21, NY)
Dead & Beautiful (Shudder, 11/4/21, Limited)
All Is Forgiven (Metrograph Pictures, 11/5/21, NY)
Beans (FilmRise, 11/5/21, Limited)
The Beta Test (IFC Films, 11/5/21, Limited)
Christmas vs. The Walters (Safier Entertainment, 11/5/21, Limited)
Dangerous (Lionsgate, 11/5/21, Limited)
Eternals (Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios, 11/5/21, Wide)
Finch (Apple TV+, 11/5/21, Limited)
Gaza Mon Amour (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/5/21, Limited)
A Gift from Bob (Saban Films, 11/5/21, Limited)
Hell Hath No Fury (Well Go USA Entertainment, 11/5/21, Limited)
Hive (Zeitgeist Films and Kino Lorber, 11/5/21, Limited)
Ida Red (Saban Films, 11/5/21, Limited)
Lantern’s Lane (Vertical Entertainment, 11/2/21, Limited)
The Spore (Lionsgate, 11/2/21, Limited)
Love Hard (Netflix, 11/5/21, Limited)
A Man Named Scott (Amazon Prime Video, 11/5/21, Limited)
Mark, Mary, & Some Other People (Vertical Entertainment, 11/5/21, Limited)
One Shot (Screen Media Films, 11/5/21, Limited)
Spencer (Neon, 11/5/21, Limited)
Father Christmas Is Back (Netflix, 11/7/21, Limited)
That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes (Dark Star Pictures, 11/9/21, Limited)
The Diabetes Solution (Passion River Films, 11/9/21, Limited)
The Drummer (1091 Pictures, 11/9/21, Limited)
Lair (1091 Pictures, 11/9/21, Limited)
See You Next Christmas (Giant Pictures, 11/9/21, Limited)
Surviving Supercon (Gravitas Ventures, 11/9/21, Limited)
Clifford the Big Red Dog (Paramount Pictures, 11/10/21, Wide)
Uppercase Print (Big World Pictures, NY)
7 Prisoners (Netflix, 11/11/21, Limited)
The War Below (Vital Pictures, 11/11/21, Limited)
Apex (RLJE Films, 11/12/21, Limited)
Aulcie (Hey Jude Productions, 11/12/21, LA)
Belfast (Focus Features, 11/12/21, Limited)
Double Walker (Cranked Up Films, 11/12/21, Limited)
Julia (Sony Pictures Classics, 11/12/21, NY/LA)
Love Is Love Is Love (Blue Fox Entertainment, 11/12/21, Limited)
Love It Was Not (Greenwich Entertainment, 11/12/21, Limited)
Mayor Pete (Amazon Prime Video, 11/12/21, Limited)
Mother, I Am Suffocating. This Is My Last Film About You. (Dekanalog, 11/12/21, Limited)
Multiverse (Saban Films, 11/12/21, Limited)
My Fiona (Freestyle Digital Releasing, 11/12/21, Limited)
Night Raiders (Samuel Goldwyn Pictures, 11/12/21, Limited)
No Straight Lines: The Rise of Queer Comics (The Film Collaborative, 11/12/21, Limited)
Paper & Glue (MSNBC Films and Abramorama, 11/12/21, NY)
Procession (Netflix, 11/12/21, Limited)
Red Notice (Netflix, 11/12/21, Limited)
Soulmates (Vertical Entertainment, 11/12/21, Limited)
They Say Nothing Stays the Same (Film Movement, 11/12/21, Limited)
tick, tick… BOOM! (Netflix, 11/12/21, Limited)
The United States of Insanity (Strike Back Studios, 11/12/21, Limited)
What Do We See When We Look at the Sky? (MUBI, 11/12/21, Limited)
Ankle Biters (Dark Star Pictures, 11/16/21, Limited)
Broken Law (Reel 2 Reel FIlms, 11/16/21, Limited)
Chocolate Road (Syndicado, 11/16/21, Limited)
The End of Blindness (Section 3 Films, 11/16/21, Limited)
Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman (First Run Features, 11/16/21, Limited)
Motherly (The Horror Collective, 11/16/21, Limited)
The Pebble and the Boy (October Coast, 11/16/21, Limited)
Bruised (Netflix, 11/17/21, Limited)
Out of the Blue (Metrograph, 11/17/21, NY)
The Power of the Dog (Netflix, 11/17/21, Limited)
Prayers for the Stolen (Netflix, 11/17/21, Limited)
Jagged (HBO Documentary Films, 11/18/21, Limited)
The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (Netflix, 11/18/21, Limited)
Alpha Rift (Vertical Entertainment, 11/19/21, Limited)
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (Magnolia Pictures, 11/19/21, Limited)
Black Friday (Screen Media Films, 11/19/21, Limited)
Boiling Point (Saban Films, 11/19/21, Limited)
C’Mon C’Mon (A24, 11/19/21, Limited)
The Feast (IFC Midnight, 11/19/21, Limited)
The First Wave (Neon, 11/19/21, Limited)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Columbia Pictures, 11/19/21, Wide)
Hide and Seek (Saban Films, 11/19/21, Limited)
El Hombre Bufalo (Film Movement, 11/19/21, Limited)
A House on the Bayou (Epix, 11/19/21, Limited)
India Sweets and Spices (Bleecker Street, 11/19/21, Limited)
I Was a Simple Man (Strand Releasing, 11/19/21, Limited)
King Richard (Warner Bros., 11/19/21, Wide)
Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time (IFC Films, 11/19/21, Limited)
The Real Charlie Chaplin (Showtime Documentary Films, 11/19/21, Limited)
She Paradise (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/19/21, Limited)
So Late So Soon (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 11/19/21, Limited)
The Youngest Evangelist (Atlas Distribution Company, 11/19/21, Limited)
Zeros and Ones (Lionsgate, 11/19/21, Limited)
Clerk (1091 Pictures, 11/23/21, Limited)
Florian’s Knights (Gravitas Ventures, 11/23/21, Limited)
A Boy Called Christmas (Netflix, 11/24/21, Limited)
Drive My Car (Sideshow and Janus Films, 11/24/21, Limited)
Encanto (Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios, 11/24/21, Wide)
House of Gucci (MGM, 11/24/21, Wide)
The Humans (A24, 11/24/21, Limited)
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (Strand Releasing, 11/24/21, NY)
Keep Sweet (Discovery+, 10/14/21, Limited)
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (Screen Gems, 11/24/21, Wide)
The Shuroo Process (Gravitas Ventures, 11/24/21, Limited)
The Summit of the Gods (Netflix, 11/24/21, Limited)
The Unforgivable (Netflix, 11/24/21, Limited)
A Castle for Christmas (Netflix, 11/26/21, Limited)
Cusp (Showtime, 11/26/21, Limited)
Lady Buds (Gravitas Ventures, 11/26/21, Limited)
The Last Rite (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/26/21, Limited)
Licorice Pizza (MGM, 11/26/21, Limited)
Like a Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres (StudioLA, 11/26/21, LA)
Nightmare Alley (Metrograph, 11/26/21, NY)
Not to Forget (Vertical Entertainment, 11/26/21, Limited)
Writing with Fire (Music Box Films, 11/26/21, NY)
14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible (Netflix, 11/26/21, Limited)
Blonde. Purple (1091 Pictures, 11/30/21, Limited)
Life of Crime 1984-2020 (HBO Documentary Films, 11/30/21, Limited)
One in a Thousand (Ariztical Entertainment, 11/30/21, Limited)
Wired Shut (101 Films, 11/30/21, Limited)


The Addams Family 2 (MGM, 10/1/21, Wide)
Adventures of a Mathematician (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 10/1/21, Limited)
Algren (First Run Features, 10/1/21, Limited)
American Night (Lionsgate, 10/1/21, Limited)
Arrebato (Altered Innocence, 10/1/21, NY)
Bingo Hell (Amazon Studios, 10/1/21, Limited)
Black as Night (Amazon Studios, 10/1/21, Limited)
Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters (Screen Media Films, 10/1/21, Limited)
Coming Home in the Dark (Dark Sky Films, 10/1/21, Limited)
Cure (Janus Films, 10/1/21, NY)
Falling for Figaro (IFC Films, 10/1/21, Limited)
Hester Street (Cohen Media Group, 10/1/21, NY/LA)
Implanted (Gravitas Ventures, 10/1/21, Limited)
The Jesus Music (Lionsgate, 10/1/21, Limited)
Karen Dalton: In My Own Time (Greenwich Entertainment, 10/1/21, Limited)
The Many Saints of Newark (Warner Bros., 10/1/21, Wide)
Mayday (Magnolia Pictures, 10/1/21, Limited)
Old Henry (Shout! Studios, 10/1/21, Limited)
Possession (Metrograph Pictures, 10/1/21, NY)
PTSD: The Walking Wounded (Gravitas Ventures, 10/1/21, Limited)
Rapture (Altered Innocence, 10/1/21, NY)
Runt (1091 Pictures, 10/1/21, Limited)
Seyran Ates: Sex, Revolution and Islam (Juno Films, 10/1/21, Limited)
Stop and Go (Decal, 10/1/21, Limited)
Titane (Neon, 10/1/21, Limited)
Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Columbia Pictures, 10/1/21, Wide)
What Breaks the Ice (Cinedigm, 10/1/21, Limited)
Witch Hunt (Momentum Pictures, 10/1/21, Limited)
The Amityville Moon (Lionsgate, 10/5/21, Limited)
Christmas Freak (Gravitas Ventures, 10/5/21, Limited)
Pharma Bro (1091 Pictures, 10/5/21, Limited)
Sunset on the River Styx (Indican Pictures, 10/5/21, Limited)
Val (Epic Pictures, 10/5/21, Limited)
There’s Someone Inside Your House (Netflix, 10/6/21, Limited)
V/H/S/94 (Shudder, 10/6/21, Limited)
American Insurrection (Saban Films, 10/8/21, Limited)
Ascension (MTV Documentary Films, 10/8/21, Limited)
Christmas Collision (Gravitas Ventures, 10/8/21, Limited)
Detention (Dekanalog, 10/8/21, Limited)
Delphine’s Prayers (Gravitas Ventures, 10/8/21, NY)
The Gig Is Up (Gravitas Ventures, 10/8/21, Limited)
Golden Voices (Music Box Films, 10/8/21, Limited)
Jacinta (Hulu, 10/8/21, Limited)
Justin Bieber: Our World (Amazon Studios, 10/8/21, Limited)
Knocking (Yellow Tail Pictures, 10/8/21, Limited)
Lamb (A24, 10/8/21, Limited)
Madame X (Paramount+, 10/8/21, Limited)
Madres (Amazon Studios, 10/8/21, Limited)
The Manor (Amazon Studios, 10/8/21, Limited)
Mass (Bleecker Street, 10/8/21, Limited)
No Time to Die (MGM, 10/8/21, Wide)
Operation Curveball (Rock Salt Releasing, 10/8/21, Limited)
Prism (Gravitas Ventures, 10/8/21, NY)
The Rescue (National Geographic Documentary Films, 10/8/21, Limited)
The Secret of Sinchanee (Vertical Entertainment, 10/8/21, Limited)
South of Heaven (RLJE Films, 10/8/21, Limited)
Survive the Game (Lionsgate, 10/8/21, Limited)
Suzanna Andler (Icarus Films, 10/8/21, Limited)
Vengeance Is Mine (Vertical Entertainment, 10/8/21, Limited)
Bright: Samurai Soul (Netflix, 10/12/21, Limited)
The Cleaner (1091 Pictures, 10/12/21, Limited)
Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (Netflix, 10/12/21, Limited)
Killing Eleanor (1091 Pictures, 10/12/21, Limited)
Lust Life Love (1091 Pictures, 10/12/21, Limited)
The Old Ways (Dark Star Pictures, 10/12/21, Limited)
On the Fringe of Wild (Breaking Glass Pictures, 10/12/21, Limited)
Deep Blues (Film Movement Classics, 10/13/21, NY)
Fever Dream (Netflix, 10/13/21, Limited)
Crutch (Discovery+, 10/14/21, Limited)
The Medium (Shudder, 10/14/21, Limited)
All About My Sisters (Icarus Films, 10/15/21, NY)
Bergman Island (IFC Films, 10/15/21, Limited)
The Blazing World (Vertical Entertainment, 10/15/21, Limited)
Demigod (Gravitas Ventures, 10/15/21, Limited)
Freeland (Dark Star Pictures, 10/15/21, Limited)
Gorbachev. Heaven (Icarus Films, 10/15/21, NY)
The Grand Duke of Corsica (Vertical Entertainment, 10/15/21, Limited)
I Am Belmaya (Tideturner Films and Dartmouth Films, 10/15/21, Limited)
Halloween Kills (Universal Pictures, 10/15/21, Wide)
Hard Luck Love Song (Roadside Attractions, 10/15/21, Limited)
Le Navire Night (Icarus Films, 10/15/21, NY)
Held for Ransom (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 10/15/21, Limited)
The Last Duel (20th Century Studios, 10/15/21, Limited)
Luzzu (Kino Lorber, 10/15/21, Limited)
Needle in a Timestack (Lionsgate, 10/15/21, Limited)
Radio On (Fun City Editions, 10/15/21, NY)
Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat (Integrity Releasing, 10/15/21, Limited)
Son of Monarchs (HBO Max, 10/15/21, Limited)
The Velvet Underground (Apple TV+, 10/15/21, Limited)
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Film Movement, 10/15/21, Limited)
Women Is Losers (HBO Max, 10/18/21, Limited)
After We Fell (Voltage Pictures and Vertical Entertainment, 10/19/21, Limited)
Christmas on the Carousel (1091 Pictures, 10/19/21, Limited)
Dashcam (Gravitas Ventures, 10/19/21, Limited)
Last Man Down (Saban Films, 10/19/21, Limited)
The Lockdown Hauntings (Alliance Entertainment, 10/19/21, Limited)
A Magical Journey (Blue Fox Entertainment, 10/19/21, Limited)
Ouija Japan (Leomark Studios, 10/19/21, Limited)
The Soul of a Farmer (First Run Features, 10/19/21, Limited)
Thank You For Supporting the Arts (Cinema Libre Studios, 10/19/21, Limited)
A Cop Movie (Netflix, 10/20/21, Limited)
Found (Netflix, 10/20/21, Limited)
Four Hours at the Capitol (HBO Max, 10/20/21, Limited)
Labyrinth of Cinema (Crescendo House, 10/20/21, NY)
Night Teeth (Netflix, 10/20/21, Limited)
At the Ready (Gravitas Ventures, 10/22/21, Limited)
Attica (Showtime Documentary Films, 10/22/21, Limited)
Becoming Cousteau (National Geographic Films, 10/22/21, Limited)
Broadcast Signal Intrusion (Dark Sky Films, 10/22/21, Limited)
Chameleon Street (Arbelos, 10/22/21, Limited)
Cloudy Mountain (China Lion, 10/22/21, Limited)
The Devil Came Home (Distribution Solutions, 10/22/21, Limited)
Dune (Warner Bros., 10/22/21, Wide)
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (Amazon Studios, 10/22/21, Limited)
The Estate (Vertical Entertainment, 10/22/21, Limited)
The French Dispatch (Searchlight Pictures, 10/22/21, Limited)
The Harder They Fall (Netflix, 10/22/21, Limited)
Keyboard Fantasies (Greenwich Entertainment, 10/22/21, Limited)
Learning to Live Together (Abramorama, 10/22/21, Limited)
Minyan (Strand Releasing, 10/22/21, NY)
No Future (Gravitas Ventures, 10/22/21, Limited)
Rhapsody of Love (Quiver Distribution, 10/22/21, Limited)
Ron’s Gone Wrong (20th Century Studios, 10/22/21, Limited)
The Two Sights (Cinema Guild, 10/22/21, NY)
Warning (Lionsgate, 10/22/21, Limited)
Passing (Netflix, 10/22/21, Limited)
Boy Meets Boy (Ariztical Entertainment, 10/27/21, Limited)
Hypnotic (Netflix, 10/27/21, Limited)
13 Minutes (Quiver Distribution, 10/29/21, Limited)
Antlers (Searchlight Pictures, 10/29/21, Limited)
Army of Thieves (Netflix, 10/29/21, Limited)
Artificial Gamer (Milkhaus and North of Paradise, 10/29/21, Limited)
Broken Darkness (Vertical Entertainment, 10/29/21, Limited)
Bulletproof (Grasshopper Film, 10/29/21, NY)
Chess of the Wind (Janus Films, 10/29/21, NY)
Cicada (Strand Releasing, 10/29/21, NY)
Flint: Who Can You Trust? (Cargo Film & Releasing, 10/29/21, NY)
Heart of Champions (Vertical Entertainment, 10/29/21, Limited)
Joy Ride (Gravitas Ventures, 10/29/21, Limited)
A Mouthful of Air (Stage 6 Films, 10/29/21, Limited)
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission (Funimation, 10/29/21, Limited)
Last Night in Soho (Focus Features, 10/29/21, Limited)
Only the Animals (Cohen Media Group, 10/29/21, Limited)
Peepal Tree (KanadéFilms, 10/29/21, NY)
Roh (Film Movement, 10/29/21, Limited)
Snakehead (Samuel Goldwyn Films and Roadside Attractions, 10/29/21, Limited)
The Souvenir Part II (A24, 10/29/21, Limited)
Speer Goes to Hollywood (Realworks LTD, 10/29/21, NY)
The Spine of Night (RLJE Films, 10/29/21, Limited)
Swing (Vertical Entertainment, 10/29/21, Limited)


Afterlife of the Party (Netflix, 9/3/21, Limited)
Anne at 13,000 Ft. (Cinema Guild, 9/3/21, Limited)
The Big Scary “S” Word (Greenwich Entertainment, 9/3/21, Limited)
Black Magic Live (Lightyear Entertainment, 9/3/21, Limited)
Cinderella (Amazon Studios, 9/3/21, Limited)
Faya Dayi (Janus Films, 9/3/21, Limited)
The Gateway (Lionsgate, 9/3/21, Limited)
Good (Gravitas Ventures, 9/3/21, Limited)
Hands Up (Quiver Distribution, 9/3/21, Limited)
It Takes Three (Gunpowder & Sky, 9/3/21, Limited)
Karen (Quiver Distribution, 9/3/21, Limited)
The Madness Inside Me (Gravitas Ventures, 9/3/21, Limited)
Memory House (Film Movement, 9/3/21, Limited)
Mogul Mowgli (Strand Releasing, 9/3/21, Limited)
On Broadway (Kino Lorber, 9/3/21, Limited)
Powder Keg (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 9/3/21, Limited)
Saving Paradise (Vertical Entertainment, 9/3/21, Limited)
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Walt Disney Pictures, 9/3/21, Wide)
Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman (Dark Star Pictures, 9/3/21, Limited)
We Need to Do Something (IFC Midnight, 9/3/21, Limited)
Who You Think I Am (Cohen Media Group, 9/3/21, Limited)
Wild Indian (Vertical Entertainment, 9/3/21, Limited)
Worth (Netflix, 9/3/21, Limited)
Yakuza Princess (Magnet Releasing, 9/3/21, Limited)
The Year of the Everlasting Storm (Neon, 9/3/21, NY)
Zone 414 (Saban Films, 9/3/21, Limited)
Shit & Champagne (Utopia, 9/3/21, Limited)
Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali (Netflix, 9/3/21, Limited)
Untold: Breaking Point (Netflix, 9/7/21, Limited)
Martyrs Lane (Shudder, 9/9/21, Limited)
The Alpinist (Roadside Attractions, 9/10/21, Limited)
Azor (MUBI, 9/10/21, Limited)
Bad Candy (Dreadnt, 9/10/21, Limited)
The Capote Tapes (Greenwich Entertainment, 9/10/21, Limited)
The Card Counter (Focus Features, 9/10/21, Limited)
Dark Blood (FilmRise, 9/10/21, Limited)
Dating & New York (IFC Films, 9/10/21, Limited)
Death Drop Gorgeous (Dark Star Pictures, 9/10/21, Limited)
Dogs (Dekanalog, 9/10/21, Limited)
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (Amazon Studios, 9/10/21, Limited)
Fauci (National Geographic Documentary Films, 9/10/21, SF)
Fire Music (Submarine Deluxe, 9/10/21, Limited)
Gunfight at Dry River (Quiver Distribution, 9/10/21, Limited)
Hood River (Gravitas Ventures, 9/10/21, Limited)
Kate (Netflix, 9/10/21, Limited)
Lady Usher (Indican Pictures, 9/10/21, Limited)
Language Lessons (Shout! Studios, 9/10/21, Limited)
Malignant (Warner Bros., 9/10/21, Limited)
Queenpins (STX Films, 9/10/21, Limited)
Show Me the Father (Affirm Films, 9/10/21, Limited)
Small Engine Repair (Vertical Entertainment, 9/10/21, Limited)
The Voyeurs (Amazon Studios, 9/10/21, Limited)
Fish & Men (Virgil Films, 9/14/21, Limited)
Giddy Stratospheres (Gravitas Ventures, 9/14/21, Limited)
The Influencer (Breaking Glass Pictures, 9/14/21, Limited)
Royal Jelly (Uncork’d Entertainment, 9/14/21, Limited)
Shelter in Place (1091 Pictures, 9/14/21, Limited)
A La Calle (HBO Max, 9/15/21, Limited)
Nightbooks (Netflix, 9/15/21, Limited)
23 Walks (Vertical Entertainment, 9/17/21, Limited)
Best Sellers (Screen Media Films, 9/17/21, Limited)
Blue Bayou (Focus Features, 9/17/21, Limited)
Civil War (or, Who Do We Think We Are) (mTuckman media, 9/17/21, Limited)
Collection (Vertical Entertainment, 9/17/21, Limited)
Copshop (Open Road Films, 9/17/21, Wide)
Cry Macho (Warner Bros., 9/17/21, Limited)
Ever Since We Love (Cheng Cheng Films, 9/17/21, Limited)
The Eyes of Tammy Faye (Searchlight Pictures, 9/17/21, Limited)
Freeland (Dark Star Pictures, 9/17/21, Limited)
I Love Us (Vision Films, 9/17/21, Limited)
In Balanchine’s Classroom (Zeitgeist Films, 9/17/21, Limited)
The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain (Gravitas Ventures, 9/17/21, Limited)
Lady of the Manor (Lionsgate, 9/17/21, Limited)
Last Night in Rozzie (Gravitas Ventures, 9/17/21, Limited)
Little Girl (Music Box Films, 9/17/21, Limited)
Live at Mister Kelly’s (Virgil Films, 9/17/21, Limited)
The Mad Women’s Ball (Amazon Studios, 9/17/21, Limited)
My Name Is Pauli Murray (Amazon Studios, 9/17/21, Limited)
The Nowhere Inn (IFC Films, 9/17/21, Limited)
Prisoners of the Ghostland (RLJE Films,, 9/17/21, Limited)
Saint-Narcisse (Film Movementt, 9/17/21, Limited)
Savior for Sale: Da Vinci’s Lost Masterpiece? (Greenwich Entertainment, 9/17/21, Limited)
The Starling (Netflix, 9/17/21, Limited)
Wife of a Spy (Kino Lorber, 9/17/21, NY)
The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station (UPHE, 9/17/21, NY/LA)
Between Waves (Trinity Creative Partnership, 9/21/21, Limited)
The Center: Gibbons and Guardians (Gravitas Ventures, 9/21/21, Limited)
Hudson (1091 Pictures, 9/21/21, Limited)
Tethered (Gravitas Ventures, 9/21/21, Limited)
The Village Detective: A Song Cyle (Kino Lorber, 9/21/21, NY)
Intrusion (Netflix, 9/21/21, Limited)
Apache Junction (Saban Films, 9/24/21, Limited)
The Auschwitz Report (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 9/24/21, Limited)
Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness (Area23a, 9/24/21, SF)
Birds of Paradise (Amazon Studios, 9/24/21, Limited)
Dear Evan Hansen (Universal Pictures, 9/24/21, Wide)
East of the Mountains (Quiver Distribution, 9/24/21, Limited)
The Guilty (Netflix, 9/24/21, Limited)
I’m Your Man (Bleecker Street, 9/24/21, Limited)
Man in the Field (Greenwich Entertainment, 9/24/21, Limited)
The Most Beautiful Boy in the World (Juno Films, 9/24/21, Limited)
My Little Pony: A New Generation (Netflix, 9/24/21, Limited)
El Planeta (Utopia, 9/24/21, NY)
Solitary (Vertical Entertainment, 9/24/21, Limited)
Surge (FilmRise, 9/24/21, Limited)
Through the Glass Darkly (Blue Fox Entertainment, 9/24/21, Limited)
Time Is Up (Vertical Entertainment, 9/24/21, Limited)
Venus As a Boy (Lost Ones, 9/24/21, Limited)
Beyond Paranormal (Make It Happen Films, 9/28/21, Limited)
Britney vs Spears (Netflix, 9/28/21, Limited)
Crazy About You (Saban Films, 9/28/21, Limited)
Wanton Want (Indie Rights, 9/28/21, Limited)
Sounds Like Love (Netflix, 9/28/21, Limited)
No One Gets Out Alive (Netflix, 9/29/21, Limited)
After We Fell (Voltage Pictures, 9/30/21, Limited)


Death Alley (Uncork’d Entertainment, 8/3/21, Limited)
Fireboys (1091 Pictures, 8/3/21, Limited)
Lucky (RLJE Films, 8/3/21, Limited)
Monuments (1091 Pictures, 8/3/21, Limited)
Pray Away (Netflix, 8/3/21, Limited)
Resurgence (Gravitas Ventures, 8/3/21, Limited)
6:45 (Well Go USA, 8/6/21, Limited)
Annette (Amazon Studios, 8/6/21, Limited)
Bring Your Own Brigade (CBSN Films, 8/6/21, Limited)
Escape from Mogadishu (Well Go USA, 8/6/21, Limited)
Even in Dreams (Purdie Distribution, 8/6/21, Limited)
Infinitum: Subject Unknown (Gravitas Ventures, 8/6/21, Limited)
Faking a Murderer (4Digital Media, 8/6/21, Limited)
John and the Hole (IFC Films, 8/6/21, Limited)
The Last Matinee (Dark Star Pictures, 8/6/21, Limited)
The Macaluso Sisters (Glass Half Full Media, 8/6/21, NY)
Materna (Utopia, 8/6/21, NY)
Naked Singularity (Screen Media Films, 8/6/21, Limited)
Night Sky (Dark Sky Films, 8/6/21, Limited)
Notorious Nick (Lionsgate, 8/6/21, Limited)
Playing God (Vertical Entertainment, 8/6/21, Limited)
She Ball (Vertical Entertainment, 8/6/21, Limited)
The Suicide Squad (Warner Bros., 8/6/21, Wide)
Swan Song (Magnolia Pictures, 8/6/21, Limited)
The Swarm (Netflix, 8/6/21, Limited)
The Viewing Booth (MoMI, 8/6/21, NY)
Vivo (Netflix, 8/6/21, Limited)
What We Left Unfinished (Dekanalog, 8/6/21, Limited)
Whirlybird (Greenwich Entertainment, 8/6/21, Limited)
Alliances Broken (1091 Pictures, 8/10/21, Limited)
Dark Stories (Shout! Studios, 8/10/21, Limited)
Eye Without a Face (Gravitas Ventures, 8/10/21, Limited)
The Return (Uncork’d Entertainment, 8/10/21, Limited)
The Kissing Booth 3 (Netflix, 8/11/21, Limited)
Misha and the Wolves (Netflix, 8/11/21, Limited)
Homeroom (Hulu, 8/12/21, Limited)
In the Same Breath (HBO Documentary Films, 8/12/21, NY)
10/31 Part 2 (Terror Films, 8/13/21, Limited)
Battle for Afghanistan (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 8/13/21, Limited)
Beckett (Netflix, 8/13/21, Limited)
Buckley’s Chance (Vertical Entertainment, 8/13/21, Limited)
Charming the Hearts of Men (Gravitas Ventures, 8/13/21, Limited)
Crime Story (Saban Films, 8/13/21, Limited)
CODA (Apple TV+, 8/13/21, Limited)
Curiosa (Film Movement, 8/13/21, Limited)
Days (Grasshopper Film, 8/13/21, Limited)
Don’t Breathe 2 (Screen Gems, 8/13/21, Wide)
The East (Magnet Releasing, 8/13/21, Limited)
Ema (Music Box Films, 8/13/21, Limited)
Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon a Time (Amazon Prime Video, 8/13/21, Limited)
The Faithful: The King, The Pope, The Princess (Maysles Documentary Center, 8/13/21, NY)
Free Guy (20th Century Studios, 8/13/21, Limited)
Howling Village (Dread, 8/13/21, Limited)
The Lost Leonardo (Sony Pictures Classics, 8/13/21, NY)
The Meaning of Hitler (IFC Films, 8/13/21, Limited)
Not Going Quietly (Greenwich Entertainment, 8/13/21, Limited)
Raging Fire (Well Go USA, 8/13/21, Limited)
Respect (MGM, 8/13/21, Wide)
Searching for Mr. Rugoff (Ira Deutchman, 8/13/21, Limited)
Sparkling: The Story of Champagne (Gravitas Ventures, 8/13/21, Limited)
True to the Game 3 (Faith Media Distribution, 8/13/21, Limited)
Usedom: A Clear View of the Sea (Big World Pictures, 8/13/21, Limited)
Whelm (Gravitas Ventures, 8/13/21, LA)
White As Snow (Cohen Media Group, 8/13/21, Limited)
Big House (Gravitas Ventures, 8/17/21, Limited)
The Land of Owls (First Run Features, 8/17/21, Limited)
The Seer and the Unseen (Utopia, 8/17/21, Limited)
Under the Volcano (Universal Pictures Content Group, 8/17/21, Limited)
Untold: Deal with the Devil (Netflix, 8/17/21, Limited)
499 (Cinema Guild, 8/20/21, Limited)
Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power (Greenwich Entertainment, 8/20/21, Limited)
Blood Conscious (Dark Sky Films, 8/20/21, Limited)
Buddha Mountain (Cheng Cheng Films, 8/20/21, Limited)
Collusions (Vertical Entertainment, 8/20/21, Limited)
Confetti (Dada Films, 8/20/21, Limited)
Cryptozoo (Magnolia Pictures, 8/20/21, Limited)
Demonic (IFC Midnight, 8/20/21, Limited)
Flag Day (MGM, 8/20/21, Limited)
The Girl Who Got Away (Quiver Distribution, 8/20/21, Limited)
Habit (Lionsgate, 8/20/21, Limited)
Ma Belle, My Beauty (Good Deed Entertainment, 8/20/21, Limited)
Missing in Brooks County (Sunlight Factory, 8/20/21, Limited)
Moments Like This Never Last (Utopia, 8/20/21, NY)
The Night House (Searchlight Pictures, 8/20/21, Limited)
The Outsider (Abramorama, 8/20/21, Limited)
Paw Patrol: The Movie (Paramount+, 8/20/21, Limited)
The Protégé (Lionsgate, 8/20/21, Limited)
Rare Beasts (Brainstorm Media, 8/20/21, Limited)
Reminiscence (Warner Bros., 8/20/21, Wide)
Risen (Vertical Entertainment, 8/20/21, Limited)
Sweet Girl (Netflix, 8/20/21, Limited)
Unapologetic (Kartemquin Films and The Film Collaborative, 8/20/21, CHI)
Wildland (Film Movement, 8/20/21, NY)
The Forever Room (Chinimble Lore and Freestyle Digital Media, 8/24/21, Limited)
Kipchoge: The Last Milestone (Universal Pictures Content Group, 8/24/21, Limited)
My Father’s Brothers (Passion River Films, 8/24/21, Limited)
Paper Tiger (Gravitas Ventures, 8/24/21, Limited)
Summer Days, Summer Nights (American International Pictures, 8/24/21, Limited)
Where We’re From: Rise of L.A. Underground Hip Hop (Shout! Studios, 8/24/21, Limited)
Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed (Netflix, 8/25/21, Limited)
Mosquito State (Shudder, 8/26/21, Limited)
American Sausage Standoff (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 8/27/21, Limited)
Behemoth Level 33 Entertainment, 8/27/21, Limited)
Candyman (Universal Pictures, 8/27/21, Wide)
The Colony (Saban Films, 8/27/21, Limited)
The Conservation Game (Cargo Film & Releasing, 8/27/21, LA)
The Deceivers (Cohen Media Group, 8/27/21, Limited)
Defining Momements (VMI Releasing, 8/27/21, Limited)
Ellie & Abbie (& Abbie’s Dead Aunt) (Gravitas Ventures, 8/27/21, Limited)
Final Set (Film Movement, 8/27/21, Limited)
He’s All That (Netflix, 8/27/21, Limited)
Isabella (Cinema Guild, 8/27/21, NY)
Lily Topples the World (Discovery+, 8/27/21, Limited)
My Childhood, My Country: 20 Years in Afghanistan (Seventh Art Productions, 8/27/21, LA)
No Man of God (RLJE Films, 8/27/21, Limited)
Rushed (Vertical Entertainment, 8/27/21, Limited)
Together (Bleecker Street, 8/27/21, Limited)
Vacation Friends (Hulu, 8/27/21, Limited)
When I’m a Moth (Dark Star Pictures, 8/27/21, Limited)
Baby Money (Cleopatra Entertainment, 8/31/21, Limited)
Escape from Area 51 (Red Hound Films, 8/31/21, Limited)
Steel Song (Gravitas Ventures, 8/31/21, Limited)
A Wake (Breaking Glass Pictures, 8/31/21, Limited)

JULY 2021

No Sudden Move (HBO Max, 7/1/21, Limited)
Being a Human Person (Film Forum, 7/2/21, NY)
The Boss Baby: Family Business (Universal Pictures, 7/2/21, Limited)
Cousins (Array, 7/2/21, Limited)
A Dim Valley (Altered Innocence, 7/2/21, NY)
First Date (Magnet Releasing, 7/2/21, Limited)
The Forever Purge (Universal Pictures, 7/2/21, Wide)
The God Committee (Vertical Entertainment, 7/2/21, Limited)
Kid Candidate (Gunpowder & Sky, 7/2/21, Limited)
Let Us In (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 7/2/21, Limited)
Long Story Short (Saban Films, 7/2/21, Limited)
The Neutral Ground (ITVS/POV, 7/2/21, Limited)
The Phantom (Greenwich Entertainment, 7/2/21, Limited)
Scenes from an Empty Church (MPI Media Group, 7/2/21, Limited)
Some of Our Stallions (Gravitas Ventures, 7/2/21, Limited)
Summer of Soul (Searchlight Pictures, 7/2/21, Limited)
Till Death (Screen Media Films, 7/2/21, Limited)
The Tomorrow War (Amazon Studios, 7/2/21, Limited)
Unchained (Leomark Studios, 7/2/21, Limited)
Whitetail (Muscular Puppy, 7/2/21, Limited)
Dark Spell (Shout! Studios, 7/6/21, Limited)
Marathon (Gravitas Ventures, 7/6/21, Limited)
No Loss // No Gain (Gravitas Ventures, 7/6/21, Limited)
Rock Paper and Scissors (Dark Star Pictures, 7/6/21, Limited)
The Price of Freedom (Abramorama, 7/7/21, Limited)
Black Widow (Walt Disney Pictures, 7/9/21, Wide)
Blue Collar (Universal Pictures, 7/9/21, NY)
Dachra (Dekanalog, 7/9/21, Limited)
How I Became a Superhero (Netflix, 7/9/21, Limited)
Lillith (Terror Films, 7/9/21, Limited)
The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52 (Bleecker Street, 7/9/21, Limited)
Love Type D (Vertical Entertainment, 7/9/21, Limited)
Meander (Gravitas Ventures, 7/9/21, Limited)
Platform (Venera Films, 7/9/21, Limited)
Running Against The Wind (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 7/9/21, Limited)
Scales (Variance Films, 7/9/21, NY/LA)
Summertime (Good Deed Entertainment, 7/9/21, NY/LA)
The Witches of the Orient (KimStim, 7/9/21, NY)
The Woman Who Ran (Cinema Guild, 7/9/21, Limited)
The Body Fights Back (Gravitas Ventures, 7/13/21, Limited)
The Green Sea (Trinity Creative Partnership and Reel 2 Reel Films, 7/13/21, Limited)
River (Gravitas Ventures, 7/13/21, Limited)
Skinwalker (Uncork’d Entertainment, 7/13/21, Limited)
Casanova, Last Love (Cohen Media Group, 7/14/21, Limited)
The Guide to the Perfect Family (Netflix, 7/14/21, Limited)
Gunpowder Milkshake (Netflix, 7/14/21, Limited)
The Boys in Red Hats (Shark Dog Films, 7/14/21, Limited)
Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters (Kino Lorber, 7/16/21, Limited)
Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (Screen Gems, 7/16/21, Wide)
Great White (RLJE Films, 7/16/21, Limited)
The Hidden Life of Trees (Capelight Pictures and MPI Media Group, 7/16/21, Limited)
How to Deter a Robber (Shout! Studios, 7/16/21, Limited)
Last Call: The Shutdown of NYC Bars (Global Digital Releasing, 7/16/21, Limited)
Mama Weed (Music Box Films, 7/16/21, Limited)
No Ordinary Man (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 7/16/21, Limited)
Out of Death (Vertical Entertainment, 7/16/21, Limited)
Pig (Neon, 7/16/21, Limited)
Rising Wolf (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 7/16/21, Limited)
Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain (Focus Features, 7/16/21, Limited)
The Sleepless Unrest (Gravitas Ventures, 7/16/21, Limited)
Space Jam: A New Legacy (Warner Bros., 7/16/21, Limited)
Meat Me Halfway (1091 Pictures, 7/20/21, Limited)
The Nest (4Digital Media, 7/20/21, Limited)
Resurgence (Gravitas Ventures, 7/20/21, Limited)
Kandisha (Shudder, 7/20/21, Limited)
Chernobyl 1986 (Netflix, 7/21/21, Limited)
Ailey (Neon, 7/23/21, Limited)
All the Streets Are Silent (Greenwich Entertainment, 7/23/21, Limited)
Bankrolled (Netflix, 7/23/21, Limited)
Blood Red Sky (Netflix, 7/23/21, Limited)
Broken Diamonds (FilmRise, 7/23/21, Limited)
Charlatan (Strand Releasing, 7/23/21, NY/LA)
The Comeback Trail (Cloudburst Entertainment, 7/23/21, Limited)
Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) (Janus Films, 7/23/21, NY)
Fear and Loathing in Aspen (Shout! Studios, 7/23/21, Limited)
Here After (Vertical Entertainment, 7/23/21, Limited)
Holy Beasts (Film Movement, 7/23/21, Limited)
How It Ends (MGM, 7/23/21, Limited)
Joe Bell (Roadside Attractions, 7/23/21, Limited)
Jolt (Amazon Studios, 7/23/21, Limited)
The Last Letter from Your Lover (Netflix, 7/23/21, Limited)
Mandibles (Magnet Releasing, 7/23/21, Limited)
Midnight in the Switchgrass (Lionsgate, 7/23/21, Limited)
Of Animals and Men (Outsider Pictures, 7/23/21, LA)
Old (Universal Pictures, 7/23/21, Wide)
Playing with Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story (Disney+, 7/23/21, Limited)
Settlers (IFC Midnight, 7/23/21, Limited)
Snake Eyes (Paramount Pictures, 7/23/21, Limited)
Val (Amazon Studios, 7/23/21, Limited)
For Madmen Only (Utopia, 7/27/21, Limited)
Hail to the Deadites (Shout! Studios, 7/27/21, Limited)
The Boy Behind the Door (Shudder, 7/29/21, Limited)
Resort to Love (Netflix, 7/29/21, Limited)
A Dark Foe (Vertical Entertainment, 7/30/21, Limited)
Enemies of the State (IFC Films, 7/30/21, Limited)
The Evening Hour (Strand Releasing, 7/30/21, NY)
The Exchange (Quiver Distribution, 7/30/21, Limited)
Fully Realized Humans (Gravitas Ventures, 7/30/21, Limited)
The Green Knight (A24, 7/30/21, Limited)
Jungle Cruise (Walt Disney Pictures, 7/30/21, Wide)
The Last Mercenary (Netflix, 7/30/21, Limited)
Lorelei (Vertical Entertainment, 7/30/21, Limited)
Masquerade (Shout! Studios, 7/30/21, Limited)
Nemesis (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 7/30/21, Limited)
Never Gonna Snow Again (Kino Lorber, 7/30/21, Limited)
Nine Days (Sony Pictures Classics, 7/30/21, Limited)
Ride the Eagle (Decal, 7/30/21, Limited)
Sabaya (MTV Documentary Films, 7/30/21, Limited)
Stillwater (Focus Features, 7/30/21, Limited)
Tailgate (Film Movement, 7/30/21, Limited)
Twist (Saban Films, 7/30/21, Limited)

JUNE 2021

Bullied (Gravitas Ventures, 6/1/21, Limited)
Changing the Game (Hulu, 6/1/21, Limited)
Deadly Illusions (Dark Star Pictures, 6/1/21, Limited)
Digging to Death (Uncork’d Entertainment, 6/1/21, Limited)
Hamlet/Horatio (Light House Distribution, 6/1/21, Limited)
An Impossible Project (Bohemia Media and Trinity Creative Partnership, 6/1/21, NY)
It’s Not a Burden (Gravitas Ventures, 6/1/21, Limited)
Julia Scotti: Funny That Way (1091 Pictures, 6/1/21, Limited)
Open Your Eyes (Gravitas Ventures, 6/1/21, Limited)
Road Head (Terror Films, 6/1/21, Limited)
The Sound of Identity (Shout! Studios, 6/1/21, Limited)
A Space in Time (Bohemia Media & Trinity Creative Partnership, 6/1/21, Limited)
Spare Parts (RLJE Films, 6/1/21, Limited)
Carnaval (Netflix, 6/2/21, Limited)
Caveat (Shudder, 6/3/21, Limited)
City of Ali (Abramorama, 6/3/21, Limited)
Dancing Queens (Netflix, 6/3/21, Limited)
Tove (Juno Films, 6/3/21, Limited)
‘83 (Reliance Entertainment, 6/4/21, Limited)
All Light Everywhere (Super LTD, 6/4/21, Limited)
The Ancient Woods (Film Forum, 6/4/21, Limited)
Bad Tales (Strand Releasing, 6/4/21, Limited)
Chasing Wonders (Gravitas Ventures, 6/4/21, Limited)
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Warner Bros., 6/4/21, Wide)
The Carnivores (Dark Sky Films, 6/4/21, Limited)
Death in Texas (Vertical Entertainment, 6/4/21, Limited)
Edge of the World (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 6/4/21, Limited)
Grace and Grit (Quiver Entertainment, 6/4/21, Limited)
Gully (Vertical Entertainment, 6/4/21, Limited)
Hero Mode (Blue Fox Entertainment, 6/4/21, Limited)
Introducing Jodea (Gravitas Ventures, 6/4/21, Limited)
The Ladykillers (Rialto Pictures, 6/4/21, NY)
Monuments (Row House Films, 6/4/21, Limited)
My Tender Matador (Freestyle Digital Media, 6/4/21, Limited)
The Real Thing (Film Movement, 6/4/21, Limited)
Samaritan (MGM, 6/4/21, Wide)
Silat Warriors: Deed of Death (Well Go USA, 6/4/21, Limited)
Slow Machine (Grasshopper Film, 6/4/21, NY)
Spirit Untamed (Universal Studios, 6/4/21, Limited)
Super Frenchie (Greenwich Entertainment, 6/4/21, Limited)
Sweet & Sour (Netflix, 6/4/21, Limited)
Trippin’ With The Kandasamys (Netflix, 6/4/21, Limited)
Under the Stadium Lights (Saban Films, 6/4/21, Limited)
Undine (IFC Films, 6/4/21, NY)
We All Think We’re Special (Cinema Epoch, 6/4/21, Limited)
Xtreme (Netflix, 6/3/21, Limited)
Altitude Not Attitude (Gravitas Ventures, 6/8/21, Limited)
The Amusement Park (Shudder, 6/8/21, Limited)
Blackstock Boneyard (Uncork’d Entertainment, 6/8/21, Limited)
Good Funk (1091 Pictures, 6/8/21, Limited)
Terror Eyes (Indican Pictures, 6/8/21, Limited)
The Unhealer (Shout! Studios, 6/8/21, Limited)
Awake (Netflix, 6/9/21, Limited)
Tragic Jungle (Netflix, 6/9/21, Limited)
Infinite (Paramount+, 6/10/21, Limited)
12 Mighty Orphans (Sony Pictures Classics, 6/11/21, TX)
Akilla’s Escape (Vertical Entertainment, 6/11/21, Limited)
Asia (Menemsha Films, 6/11/21, NY)
Censor (Magnet Releasing, 6/11/21, NY)
Distant Journey (Janus Films, 6/11/21, NY)
La Dosis (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 6/11/21, Limited)
Final Frequency (Integrity Releasing, 6/11/21, Limited)
The French (Metrograph Pictures, 6/11/21, Limited)
Holler (IFC Films, 6/11/21, Limited)
The House Next Door (Hidden Empire Group, 6/11/21, Limited)
In the Heights (Warner Bros., 6/11/21, Wide)
The Misfits (The Avenue, 6/11/21, Limited)
Occupation: Rainfall (Saban Films, 6/11/21, Limited)
A Perfect Enemy (Brainstorm Media, 6/11/21, Limited)
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (Columbia Pictures, 6/11/21, Wide)
The Power of Kangwon Province (Grasshopper Film, 6/11/21, Limited)
Queen Bees (Gravitas Ventures, 6/11/21, Limited)
Queen of Spades (Dread, 6/11/21, Limited)
Rogue Hostage (Saban Films, 6/11/21, Limited)
Skater Girl (Netflix, 6/11/21, Limited)
Sublet (Greenwich Entertainment, 6/11/21, Limited)
Take Me Somewhere Nice (Dekanalog, 6/11/21, Limited)
Wish Dragon (Netflix, 6/11/21, Limited)
American Badger (Cranked Up Films, 6/15/21, Limited)
Night Walk (Lionsgate, 6/15/21, Limited)
Songs for a Sloth (Gravitas Ventures, 6/15/21, Limited)
The Space Between (Paramount Pictures, 6/15/21, Limited)
An Unknown Compelling Force (1091 Pictures, 6/15/21, Limited)
Untitled Horror Movie ((Yet) Another Distribution Company, 6/15/21, Limited)
Woe (Gravitas Ventures, 6/15/21, Limited)
The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (Lionsgate, 6/16/21, Wide)
Silver Skates (Netflix, 6/18/21, Limited)
Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens (Netflix, 6/18/21, Limited)
My Name Is Bulger (Discovery+, 6/17/21, Limited)
The American Sector (Grasshopper Film, 6/18/21, Limited)
A Crime on the Bayou (Shout! Studios, 6/18/21, Limited)
A Family (Netflix, 6/18/21, Limited)
Fatherhood (Netflix, 6/18/21, Limited)
Gaia (Decal, 6/18/21, Limited)
Jagame Thandhiram (Netflix, 6/18/21, Limited)
Luca (Walt Disney Pictures, 6/18/21, Limited)
Les Nôtres (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 6/18/21, Limited)
Love Spreads (Gravitas Ventures, 6/18/21, Limited)
The Sparks Brothers (Focus Features, 6/18/21, Limited)
Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It (Roadside Attractions, 6/18/21, Limited)
School’s Out Forever (Central City Media, 6/18/21, Limited)
The Serpent (Vertical Entertainment, 6/18/21, Limited)
Stalker (Vertical Entertainment, 6/18/21, Limited)
Summer of ‘85 (Music Box Films, 6/18/21, Limited)
Sweat (MUBI, 6/18/21, Limited)
Sweet Thing (Film Movement, 6/18/21, NY)
Take Back (Shout! Studios, 6/18/21, Limited)
Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation (Kino Lorber, 6/18/21, Limited)
Working Girls (Janus Films, 6/18/21, Limited)
Diana at Sixty (Trinity Creative Partnership, 6/18/21, Limited)
Echoes of the Invisible (Utopia, 6/18/21, Limited)
Finding Ophelia (Indie Rights, 6/19/21, LA)
Clairevoyant (Gravitas Ventures, 6/23/21, Limited)
Babysitter Must Die (Blue Fox Entertainment, 6/23/21, Limited)
Good on Paper (Netflix, 6/23/21, Limited)
The House of Flowers: The Movie (Netflix, 6/23/21, Limited)
LFG (HBO Max, 6/24/21, Limited)
Sisters on Track (Netflix, 6/24/21, Limited)
Against the Current (Zeitgeist Films, 6/25/21, Limited)
Angel (Oration Films, 6/25/21, Limited)
Chasing Childhood (Abramorama, 6/25/21, Limited)
Le Cercle Rouge (Rialto Pictures, 6/25/21, NY)
Crimson Gold (KimStim, 6/25/21, NY)
The Evil Next Door (Magnet Releasing, 6/25/21, Limited)
F9 (Universal Studios, 6/25/21, Wide)
False Positive (Hulu, 6/25/21, Limited)
Fathom (Apple TV+, 6/25/21, Limited)
A First Farewell (Cheng Cheng Films, 6/25/21, Limited)
God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunya (1844 Entertainment, 6/25/21, Limited)
I Carry You with Me (Sony Pictures Classics, 6/25/21, Limited)
The Ice Road (Netflix, 6/25/21, Limited)
Kenny Scharf: When Worlds Collide (Greenwich Entertainment, 6/25/21, Limited)
Lansky (Vertical Entertainment, 6/25/21, Limited)
Lourdes (Distrib Films, 6/25/21, NY)
Mary J. Blige’s My Life (Amazon Studios, 6/25/21, Limited)
My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To (Dark Sky Films, 6/25/21, Limited)
The New Bauhaus (Opendox, 6/25/21, Limited)
Rebel Hearts (Discovery+, 6/25/21, Limited)
Rollers (Level 33 Entertainment, 6/25/21, Limited)
Sun Children (Strand Releasing, 6/25/21, NY)
Too Late (Gravitas Ventures, 6/25/21, Limited)
Werewolves Within (IFC Films, 6/25/21, Limited)
Wolfgang (Disney+, 6/25/21, Limited)
The Legend of the Underground (HBO, 6/29/21, Limited)
America: The Motion Picture (Netflix, 6/30/21, Limited)
Lydia Lunch: The War Is Never (Kino Lorber, 6/30/21, NY)
Zola (A24, 6/30/21, Limited)

MAY 2021

Cerebrum (Glass House Distribution, 5/4/21, Limited)
Chance (Vision Films, 5/4/21, Limited)
Painkiller (Cinedigm, 5/4/21, Limited)
Rustic Oracle (Trinity Creative Partnership, 5/4/21, Limited)
Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Uncork’d Entertainment, 5/4/21, Limited)
In Our Mothers’ Gardens (Netflix, 5/4/21, Limited)
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bigfoot (Cranked Up, 5/7/21, Limited)
Above Suspicion (Lionsgate, 5/7/21, Limited)
Benny Loves You (Dread, 5/7/21, Limited)
The Boy from Medellín (Amazon Studios, 5/7/21, Limited)
The Columnist (Film Movement, 5/7/21, Limited)
The Devil’s Child (Vertical Entertainment, 5/7/21, Limited)
Enfant Terrible (Dark Star Pictures, 5/7/21, LA)
Equal Standard (Mutiny Pictures, 5/7/21, Limited)
Fatima (Picturehouse, 5/7/21, Limited)
Fried Barry (Shudder, 5/7/21, Limited)
Here Today (Stage 6 Films, 5/7/21, Wide)
The Human Factor (Sony Pictures Classics, 5/7/21, Limited)
Initiation (Saban Films, 5/7/21, Limited)
Knots: A Forced Marriage Story (Global Digital Releasing, 5/7/21, Limited)
Locked In (Saban Films, 5/7/21, Limited)
Mainstream (IFC Films, 5/7/21, Limited)
Monster (Netflix, 5/7/21, Limited)
Paper Spiders (Entertainment Squad, 5/7/21, Limited)
The Paper Tigers (Well Go USA, 5/7/21, Limited)
Queen Marie (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 5/7/21, Limited)
Silo (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 5/7/21, NY)
The Story of a Three-Day Pass (Janus Films, 5/7/21, Limited)
Undergods (Gravitas Ventures, 5/7/21, Limited)
The Unthinkable (Magnet Releasing, 5/7/21, Limited)
The Water Man (RLJE Films, 5/7/21, Limited)
Wrath of Man (MGM, 5/7/21, Wide)
Antidote (Uncork’d Entertainment, 5/11/21, Limited)
Bastards’ Road (Gravitas Ventures, 5/11/21, Limited)
The Final Stand (Shout! Studios, 5/11/21, Limited)
Goodbye Honey (Freestyle Digital Media, 5/11/21, Limited)
In Action (Gravitas Ventures, 5/11/21, Limited)
The Long Way Back (Breaking Glass Pictures, 5/11/21, Limited)
Scavenger (Cleopatra Entertainment, 5/11/21, Limited)
What Lies West (Passion River Films, 5/11/21, Limited)
Oxygen (Netflix, 5/12/21, Limited)
Army of the Dead (Netflix, 5/14/21, Limited)
The Brothers (First Run Features, 5/14/21, LA)
The Djinn (IFC Midnight, 5/14/21, Limited)
Finding You (Roadside Attractions, 5/14/21, Wide)
Georgetown (Paramount Home Entertainment, 5/14/21, Limited)
The Get Together (Vertical Entertainment, 5/14/21, Limited)
High Ground (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 5/14/21, Limited)
The Killing of Two Lovers (Neon, 5/14/21, Limited)
The Man in the Hat (Gravitas Ventures, 5/14/21, Limited)
North Hollywood (Brainstorm Media, 5/14/21, Limited)
The Perfect Candidate (Music Box Films, 5/14/21, Limited)
Profile (Focus Features, 5/14/21, Wide)
Riders of Justice (Magnet Releasing, 5/14/21, Limited)
RK/RKAY (Outsider Pictures, 5/14/21, Limited)
Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm (Abramorama, 5/14/21, Limited)
Spiral (Lionsgate, 5/14/21, Wide)
Stop Filming Us (Juno Films, 5/14/21, Limited)
There Is No Evil (Kino Lorber, 5/14/21, NY)
Those Who Wish Me Dead (Warner Bros., 5/14/21, Limited)
US Kids (Greenwich Entertainment, 5/14/21, Limited)
When Today Ends (Kandoo Films, 5/14/21, Limited)
The Woman in the Window (Netflix, 5/14/21, Limited)
616 Wilford Lane (Indican Pictures, 5/14/21, Limited)
2149: The Aftermath (4Digital Media, 5/18/21, Limited)
Amityville Poltergeist (Breaking Glass Pictures, 5/18/21, Limited)
Counter Histories: Rock Hill (Trinity Creative Partners, 5/18/21, Limited)
Miss Angela (Gravitas Ventures, 5/18/21, Limited)
Sequin in a Blue Room (Peccadillo Pictures, 5/18/21, Limited)
Take Out Girl (1091 Pictures, 5/18/21, Limited)
The Other Side of the Ring (Indie Rights, 5/20/21, Limited)
American Fighter (Lionsgate Home Entertainment, 5/21/21, Limited)
Blast Beat (Vertical Entertainment, 5/21/21, Limited)
Counter Column (Nova Vento Entertainment, 5/21/21, Limited)
Dementia Part II (Dark Star Pictures, 5/21/21, Limited)
Dream Horse (Bleecker Street, 5/21/21, Limited)
Drunk Bus (FilmRise, 5/21/21, Limited)
The Dry (IFC Films, 5/21/21, Limited)
Final Account (Focus Features, 5/21/21, Limited)
Into the Darkness (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 5/21/21, Limited)
Milkwater (Wolfe Releasing, 5/21/21, Limited)
The New Deal for Artists (Corinth Films, 5/21/21, Limited)
New Order (Neon, 5/21/21, Limited)
The Penny Black (1091 Pictures, 5/21/21, Limited)
P!nk: All I Know So Far (Amazon Studios, 5/21/21, Limited)
The Retreat (Quiver Entertainment, 5/21/21, Limited)
Seance (RLJE Films, 5/21/21, Limited)
Sound of Violence (Gravitas Ventures, 5/21/21, Limited)
Spring Blossom (KimStim, 5/21/21, Limited)
State Funeral (MUBI, 5/21/21, Limited)
Tomorrow’s Hope (Abramorama, 5/21/21, Limited)
Two Gods (8 Above, 5/21/21, Limited)
Two Lottery Tickets (Dekanalog, 5/21/21, Limited)
Walking While Black: L.O.V.E. Is the Answer (Magnetbox Films, 5/21/21, Limited)
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (Greenwich Entertainment, 5/21/21, Limited)
Dreaming Grand Avenue (Music Box Films, 5/25/21, Limited)
Evil Everywhere (Wild Eye Releasing, 5/26/21, Limited)
Baggio: The Divine Ponytail (Netflix, 5/26/21, Wide)
Ghost Lab (Netflix, 5/26/21, Wide)
Blue Miracle (Netflix, 5/27/21, Wide)
Ahead of the Curve (Wolfe Releasing, 5/27/21, NY)
American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally (Vertical Entertainment, 5/28/21, Limited)
Cruella (Walt Disney Pictures, 5/28/21, Wide)
Dirty Pigs (Film Movement, 5/28/21, Limited)
Endangered Species (Lionsgate, 5/28/21, Limited)
Five Years North (Optimist, 5/28/21, Limited)
Funhouse (Magnet Releasing, 5/28/21, Limited)
Moby Doc (Greenwich Entertainment, 5/28/21, Limited)
Plan B (Hulu, 5/28/21, Limited)
Port Authority (Momentum Pictures, 5/28/21, Limited)
A Quiet Place Part II (Paramount Pictures, 5/28/21, Wide)
Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog (Glass Half Full Media, 5/28/21, Limited)
Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue (Cinema Guild, 5/28/21, NY)
Touch (Indie Rights, 5/28/21, LA)
Welcome Matt (Gravitas Ventures, 5/28/21, Limited)
Women (Gravitas Ventures, 5/28/21, Limited)

APRIL 2021

Free Byrd (Prankster Entertainment, 4/2/21, Limited)
Amundsen: The Great Expedition (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/2/21, Limited)
The Believer (Freestyle Digital Media, 4/2/21, Limited)
Concrete Cowboy (Netflix, 4/2/21, Limited)
Every Breath You Take (Vertical Entertainment, 4/2/21, Limited)
Funny Face (Gravitas Ventures, 4/2/21, Limited)
The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (Atlas Distribution Company, 4/2/21, Limited)
maɬni – towards the ocean, towards the shore (Grasshopper Film, 4/2/21, Limited)
The Man Who Sold His Skin (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/2/21, Limited)
Say Your Prayers (Gravitas Ventures, 4/2/21, Limited)
Shiva Baby (Utopia, 4/2/21, Limited)
Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure (Epic Pictures, 4/2/21, Limited)
A Tale of Winter (Janus Films, 4/2/21, Limited)
This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection (Dekanalog, 4/2/21, NY)
The Unholy (Screen Gems, 4/2/21, Limited)
The Voices (Vertical Entertainment, 4/2/21, Limited)
The Forbidden Wish (Conduit Presents, 4/6/21, Limited)
Giants Being Lonely (Gravitas Ventures, 4/6/21, Limited)
Hurt by Paradise (Trinity Creative Partnership, 4/6/21, Limited)
Running Naked (Trinity Creative Partnership, 4/6/21, Limited)
Sugar Daddy (Blue Fox Entertainment, 4/6/21, Limited)
The Power (Shudder, 4/8/21, Limited)
Held (Magnet Releasing, 4/9/21, Limited)
Hollow Point (Vertical Entertainment, 4/9/21, Limited)
The Last Right (Level 33 Entertainment, 4/9/21, Limited)
Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache (Abramorama, 4/9/21, Limited)
The Mali Cuba Connection (ArtMattan Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
Moffie (IFC Films, 4/9/21, Limited)
My True Fairytale (Gravitas Ventures, 4/9/21, Limited)
Slalom (Kino Lorber, 4/9/21, Limited)
A Tale of Summer (Janus Films, 4/9/21, Limited)
The Tunnel (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/9/21, Limited)
Voyagers (Lionsgate, 4/9/21, Limited)
Future People: The Family of Donor 5114 (Discovery+, 4/10/21, Limited)
Brewmance (Giant Pictures, 4/13/21, Limited)
The Inheritance (Uncork’d Entertainment, 4/13/21, Limited)
The Last Animals (1091 Pictures, 4/13/21, Limited)
The Banishing (Shudder, 4/15/21, Limited)
Arlo the Alligator Boy (Netflix, 4/16/21, Limited)
Beast Beast (Vanishing Angle, 4/16/21, Limited)
Beate (Corinth Films, 4/16/21, Limited)
Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts (Kino Lorber, 4/16/21, Limited)
Downstream to Kinshasa (Icarus Films, 4/16/21, LA)
For the Sake of Vicious (Epic Pictures, 4/16/21, Limited)
Gunda (Neon, 4/16/21, Limited)
Hope (KimStim, 4/16/21, Limited)
In the Earth (Neon, 4/16/21, Limited)
Jakob’s Wife (RLJE Films, 4/16/21, Limited)
Killer Among Us (Vertical Entertainment, 4/16/21, Limited)
Monday (IFC Films, 4/16/21, Limited)
Night of the Sicario (Saban Films, 4/16/21, Limited)
Reefa (Vertical Entertainment, 4/16/21, Limited)
Rookies (Shout! Studios, 4/16/21, Limited)
Sensation (GROFilm, 4/16/21, Limited)
A Tale of Autumn (Janus Films, 4/16/21, Limited)
Trigger Point (Screen Media Films, 4/16/21, Limited)
Vanquish (Lionsgate, 4/16/21, Limited)
We Broke Up (Vertical Entertainment, 4/16/21, Limited)
86 Melrose Avenue (Gravitas Ventures, 4/20/21, Limited)
At Night Comes Wolves (Gravitas Ventures, 4/20/21, Limited)
Death Ranch (Dark Temple Motion Pictures, 4/20/21, Limited)
The Marijuana Conspiracy (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/20/21, Limited)
Melrose Avenue (Gravitas Ventures, 4/20/21, Limited)
Boys from County Hell (Shudder, 4/22/21, Limited)
Stowaway (Netflix, 4/22/21, Limited)
8 Billion Angels (Abramorama, 4/23/21, Wide)
The Asset (Lionsgate, 4/23/21, Wide)
Bloodthirsty (Brainstorm Media, 4/23/21, Limited)
Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train (Aniplex America, 4/23/21, Limited)
The Mitchells vs. the Machines (Netflix, 4/23/21, Limited)
Mortal Kombat (HBO Max, 4/23/21, Limited)
My Wonderful Wanda (Zeitgeist Films, 4/23/21, Limited)
Paris Calligrammes (Icarus Films, 4/23/21, Limited)
Sisters with Transistors (Metrograph Pictures, 4/23/21, Limited)
Sweet River (Gravitas Ventures, 4/23/21, Limited)
Tiny Tim: King for a Day (Juno Films, 4/23/21, Limited)
Together Together (Bleeker Street, 4/23/21, Limited)
Wet Season (Strand Releasing, 4/23/21, Limited)
Wildcat (Saban Films, 4/23/21, Limited)
In Search of Darkness: Part II (Shudder, 4/26/21, Limited)
Best Summer Ever (Freestyle Digital Media, 4/26/21, Limited)
Andie The Great (Trinity Creative Group, 4/27/21, Limited)
Bad Witch (Gravitas Ventures, 4/27/21, Limited)
Best Summer Ever (Freestyle Digital Media, 4/27/21, Limited)
Here Are the Young Men (Well Go USA, 4/27/21, Limited)
Making Sense (IncludeAbility Inc., 4/27/21, Limited)
Murder Bury Win (Gravitas Ventures, 4/27/21, Limited)
Things Heard & Seen (Netflix, 4/27/21, Limited)
Unmarked (First Run Features, 4/27/21, Limited)
About Endlessness (Magnolia Pictures, 4/30/21, Limited)
Berlin Alexanderplatz (Kino Lorber, 4/30/21, Limited)
Cliff Walkers (CMC Pictures, 4/30/21, Limited)
The County (Dekanalog, 4/30/21, Limited)
The Disciple (Netflix, 4/30/21, Limited)
Four Good Days (Vertical Entertainment, 4/30/21, Limited)
Golden Arm (Utopia Distribution, 4/30/21, Limited)
Limbo (Focus Features, 4/30/21, Limited)
Marighella (ArtMattan Films, 4/30/21, Limited)
The Outside Story (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/30/21, Limited)
Percy vs. Goliath (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/30/21, Limited)
The Resort (Vertical Entertainment, 4/30/21, Limited)
Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (Amazon Studios, 4/30/21, Limited)
Triumph (Relativity Media, 4/30/21, Limited)
The Virtuoso (Lionsgate, 4/30/21, Limited)

MARCH 2021

Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell (Netflix, 3/1/21, Limited)
400 Bullets (Shout! Studios, 3/2/21, Limited)
Black Hole: The Edge of All We Know (Giant Pictures, 3/2/21, Limited)
Curse of the Blind Dead (Uncork’d Entertainment, 3/2/21, Limited)
Dementer (Dark Star Pictures, 3/2/21, Limited)
Koshien: Japan’s Field of Dreams (First Run Features, 3/2/21, Limited)
The Orphanage (1844 Entertainment, 3/2/21, Limited)
Sophie Jones (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 3/2/21, Limited)
Undertow (Trinity Creative Partnership, 3/2/21, Limited)
The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien (Gravitas Ventures, 3/2/21, Limited)
WWII : The Long Road Home (Trinity Creative Group, 3/2/21, Limited)
Moxie (Netflix, 3/3/21, Limited)
A Shape of Things to Come (Grasshopper Film, 3/3/21, Limited)
Lucky (Shudder, 3/3/21, Limited)
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (Paramount+, 3/4/21, Limited)
Adam (Strand Releasing, 3/5/21, Limited)

The Affair (Vertical Entertainment, 3/5/21, Limited)
Boogie (Focus Features, 3/5/21, Limited)
Chaos Walking (Lionsgate, 3/5/21, Wide)
Coming 2 America (Amazon Studios, 3/5/21, Limited)
The Devil Below (Vertical Entertainment, 3/5/21, Limited)
Dreamcatcher (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 3/5/21, Limited)
Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman (First Run Features, 3/5/21, Limited)
The Human Voice (Sony Pictures Classics, 3/5/21, Limited)
Keep an Eye Out (Dekanalog, 3/5/21, Limited)
Lost Course (Icarus Films, 3/5/21, Limited)
My Salinger Year (IFC Films, 3/5/21, Limited)
The People vs. Agent Orange (Films for Humanity, 3/5/21, Limited)
Pixie (Saban Films, 3/5/21, Limited)
Quo Vadis, Aida? (Super LTD, 3/5/21, Limited)
Rosa Luxemburg (Janus Films, 3/5/21, Limited)
Sometime Other Than Now (Gravitas Ventures, 3/5/21, Limited)
Son (RLJE Films, 3/5/21, Limited)
Raya and the Last Dragon (Walt Disney SPictures, 3/5/21, Wide)
Stray (Magnolia Pictures, 3/5/21, Limited)
The Winter Lake (Epic Pictures, 3/5/21, Limited)
Rain Beau’s End (LesFlicks, 3/8/21, Limited)
Adverse (Lionsgate, 3/9/21, Limited)
Crucified (Uncork’d Entertainment, 3/9/21, Limited)
The Dead of Night (Shout! Studios, 3/9/21, Limited)
My Beautiful Stutter (Discovery+, 3/9/21, Limited)
Stay Out of the F**king Attic (Shudder, 3/11/21, Limited)
Center Stage (Film Movement Classics, 3/12/21, Limited)
Come True (IFC Midnight, 3/12/21, Limited)
Cosmic Sin (Saban Films, 3/12/21, Limited)
Dark Web: Cicada 3301 (Grindstone Entertainment Group, 3/12/21, Limited)
Dutch (Faith Media Distribution, 3/12/21, Limited)
Honeydew (Dark Star Pictures, 3/12/21, Limited)
The Inheritance (Grasshopper Film, 3/12/21, Limited)
Insight (Gravitas Ventures, 3/12/21, Limited)
Long Live Rock: Celebrate the Chaos (Abramorama, 3/12/21, Limited)
Long Weekend (Stage 6 Films, 3/12/21, Limited)
Own the Room (Disney+, 3/12/21, Limited)
The Truffle Hunters (Sony Pictures Classics, 3/12/21, Limited)
Trust (Vertical Entertainment, 3/12/21, Limited)
Yes Day (Netflix, 3/12/21, Limited)
Jumbo (Dark Star Pictures, 3/16/21, Limited)
The Parish (Uncork’d Entertainment, 3/16/21, Limited)
Operation Varsity Blues (Netflix, 3/16/21, Limited)
Sacrilege (Devilworks, 3/16/21, Limited)
SAS: Red Notice (Vertical Entertainment, 3/16/21, Limited)
With: A Journey to the Slow Life (Indie Rights, 3/16/21, Limited)
After the Murder of Albert Lima (Crackle Plus, 3/18/21, Limited)
Groomed (Discovery+, 3/18/21, Limited)
Slaxx (Shudder, 3/18/21, Limited)
Zack Snyder’s Justice League (HBO Max, 3/18/21, Limited)
City of Lies (Saban Films, 3/19/21, Limited)
The Courier (Roadside Attractions, 3/19/21, Limited)
Doors (Epic Pictures, 3/19/21, Limited)
Enforcement (Magnet Releasing, 3/19/21, Limited)
The Fever (KimStim, 3/19/21, Limited)
Last Call (IFC Films, 3/19/21, Limited)
Luz (Dark Star Pictures, 3/19/21, Limited)
Happily (Saban Films, 3/19/21, Limited)
Phobias (Vertical Entertainment, 3/19/21, Limited)
The Tangle (Damn Warrior Productions and SitkaBlu Productions, 3/19/21, Limited)
Wojnarowicz (Kino Lorber, 3/19/21, Limited)
Olympia (Giant Pictures, 3/19/21, Limited)
Tell My Story (Cinema Libre Studio, 3/23/21, Limited)
Seaspiracy (Netflix, 3/24/21, Wide)
Miracle Fishing: Kidnapped Abroad (Discovery+, 3/28/21, Limited)
Violation (Shudder, 3/25/21, Limited)
Bad Trip (Netflix, 3/26/21, Limited)
Enhanced (Vertical Entertainment, 3/26/21, Limited)
The Good Traitor (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
Kuessipan (ArtMattan Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
Nina Wu (Film Movement, 3/26/21, Limited)
Nobody (Universal Pictures, 3/26/21, Wide)
Senior Moment (Screen Media Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
The Seventh Day (Vertical Entertainment, 3/26/21, Limited)
Shoplifters of the World (RLJE Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
Six Minutes to Midnight (IFC Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
A Tale of Springtime (Janus Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
The Toll (Saban Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
The Vault (Saban Films, 3/26/21, Limited)
A Week Away (Netflix, 3/26/21, Limited)
Tina (HBO Documentary Films, 3/27/21, Limited)
Francesco (Discovery+, 3/28/21, Limited)
Like a House on Fire (Game Theory Films, 3/30/21, Limited)
MakeSHIFT (Gravitas Ventures, 3/30/21, Limited)
Witness Infection (Freestyle Digital Media, 3/30/21, Limited)
Godzilla vs. Kong (Warner Bros., 3/31/21, Wide)


4×4 (Red Hound Films, 2/2/21, Limited)
First Blush (Gravitas Ventures, 2/2/21, Limited)
HellKat (Uncork’d Entertainment, 2/2/21, Limited)
Earwig and the Witch (GKIDS, 2/3/21, Limited)
A Nightmare Wakes (Shudder, 2/4/21, Limited)
Morgana (Juno Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
Bliss (Amazon Studios, 2/5/21, Limited)
Dara of Jasenovac (101 Studios, 2/5/21, Limited)
Falling (Quiver Entertainment, 2/5/21, Limited)
A Glitch in the Matrix (Magnolia Pictures, 2/5/21, Limited)
Happy Cleaners (Passion River Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
Heartworn Highways (Kino Lorber, 2/5/21, Limited)
The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw (Indican Pictures, 2/5/21, Limited)
Little Fish (IFC Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
Malcolm & Marie (Netflix, 2/5/21, Limited)
M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity (Kino Lorber, 2/5/21, Limited)
The Mimic (Gravitas Ventures, 2/5/21, Limited)
More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story (Love Project Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
Payback (Vertical Entertainment, 2/5/21, Limited)
PVT Chat (Dark Star Pictures, 2/5/21, Limited)
Rams (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
The Reckoning (RLJE Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
Reunion (Dark Sky Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
The Right One (Lionsgate, 2/5/21, Limited)
Sacrifice (Epic Pictures, 2/5/21, Limited)
Son of the South (Vertical Entertainment, 2/5/21, Limited)
The Story of Lovers Rock (ArtMattan Films, 2/5/21, Limited)
Strip Down, Rise Up (Netflix, 2/5/21, Limited)
Two of Us (Magnolia Pictures, 2/5/21, Limited)
The Wanting Mare (Gravitas Ventures, 2/5/21, Limited)
Happy Times (Artsploitation Films, 2/9/21, Limited)
Heavy (Electric Entertainment, 2/9/21, Limited)
The Legend of Fall Creek (Uncork’d Entertainment, 2/9/21, Limited)
Murderous Trance (MVD Entertainment Group, 2/9/21, Limited)
Sator (1091 Pictures, 2/9/21, Limited)
Tazmanian Devil (1091 Pictures, 2/9/21, Limited)
Twilight’s Kiss (Strand Releasing, 2/9/21, Limited)
Adverse (Grindstone Entertainment Group, 2/12/21, Limited)
Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Lionsgate, 2/12/21, Limited)
I Blame Society (Cranked Up, 2/12/21, Limited)
Breaking News in Yuba County (American International Pictures, 2/12/21, Limited)
Bullied (Global Digital Releasing, 2/12/21, Limited)
Cowboys (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2/12/21, Limited)
Dead Pigs (MUBI, 2/12/21, Limited)
Demonlover (Janus Films, 2/12/21, Limited)
Fear of Rain (Lionsgate, 2/12/21, Limited)
French Exit (Sony Pictures Classics, 2/12/21, Limited)
Judas and the Black Messiah (Warner Bros., 2/12/21, Limited)
Land (Focus Features, 2/12/21, Limited)
Lapsis (Film Movement, 2/12/21, Limited)
Leona (Menemsha Films, 2/12/21, Limited)
The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (Amazon Studios, 2/12/21, Limited)
Me You Madness (STX Films, 2/12/21, Limited)
The Mauritanian (STX Films, 2/12/21, Limited)
Music (Vertical Entertainment, 2/12/21, Limited)
Paradise Cove (Quiver Distribution, 2/12/21, Limited)
Ruth: Justice Ginsburg in her own Words (Virgil Films, 2/12/21, Limited)
Show Me What You Got (Level Forward’s Labz Live and Screen Forward, 2/12/21, Limited)
Things Don’t Stay Fixed (Indican Pictures, 2/12/21, Limited)
To All the Boys: Always and Forever (Netflix, 2/12/21, Limited)
The World to Come (Bleecker Street, 2/12/21, Limited)
Weekenders (1091 Pictures, 2/12/21, Limited)
A Writer’s Odyssey (CMC Pictures, 2/12/21, Limited)
Young Hearts (Blue Fox Entertainment, 2/12/21, Limited)
Alice Fades Away (1091 Pictures, 2/16/21, Limited)
Crestone (Utopia, 2/16/21, Limited)
Death Trip (Gravitas Ventures, 2/16/21, Limited)
Myth of a Colorblind France (First Run Features, 2/16/21, Limited)
17 Blocks (MTV Documentary Films, 2/19/21, Limited)
Blithe Spirit (IFC Films, 2/19/21, Limited)
Body Brokers (Vertical Entertainment, 2/19/21, Limited)
Burn It All (Vertical Entertainment, 2/19/21, Limited)
Days of the Bagnold Summer (Greenwich Entertainment, 2/19/21, Limited)
A First Farewell (Cheng Cheng Films, 2/19/21, Limited)
Flora & Ulysses (Disney+, 2/19/21, Limited)
I Care a Lot (Netflix, 2/19/21, Limited)
Le Franc (Metrograph Pictures, 2/19/21, Limited)
The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun (Metrograph Pictures, 2/19/21, Limited)
Mafia Inc. (Film Movement, 2/19/21, Limited)
Nomadland (Netflix, 2/19/21, Limited)
Silk Road (Lionsgate, 2/19/21, Limited)
Sin (Corinth Films, 2/19/21, Limited)
The Sinners (Brainstorm Media, 2/19/21, Limited)
Test Pattern (Kino Lorber, 2/19/21, Limited)
Truth to Power (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 2/19/21, Limited)
The Violent Heart (Gravitas Ventures, 2/19/21, Limited)
Donna: Stronger Than Ever (Gravitas Ventures, 2/23/21, Limited)
The House That Rob Built (1091 Pictures, 2/23/21, Limited)
Last Call (Mill Creek Entertainment, 2/23/21, Limited)
Pelé (Netflix, 2/23/21, Limited)
The Pond (Shout! Studios, 2/23/21, Limited)
Rage (Gravitas Ventures, 2/23/21, Limited)
My Darling Supermarket (Cinema Tropical, 2/24/21, Limited)
Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry (Apple TV+, 2/26/21, Limited)
Cherry (Apple TV+, 2/26/21, Limited)
Crisis (Quiver Distribution, 2/26/21, Limited)
The Father (Sony Pictures Classics, 2/26/21, Limited)
My Zoe (Blue Fox Entertainment, 2/26/21, Limited)
Night of the Kings (Neon, 2/26/21, Limited)
The Obituary of Tunde Johnson (Wolfe Releasing, 2/26/21, Limited)
Safer at Home (Vertical Entertainment, 2/26/21, Limited)
Sex, Drugs & Bicycles (Gravitas Ventures, 2/26/21, Limited)
Stealing School (Vertical Entertainment, 2/26/21, Limited)
‘Til Kingdom Come (Abramorama, 2/26/21, Limited)
Tom and Jerry (Warner Bros., 2/26/21, Limited)
Tyger Tyger (Gravitas Ventures, 2/26/21, Limited)
The United States Vs. Billie Holiday (Hulu, 2/26/21, Limited)
The Vigil (IFC Midnight, 2/26/21, Limited)


The Minimalists: Less Is Now (Netflix, 1/1/21, Limited)
Shadow in the Cloud (Vertical Entertainment, 1/1/21, Limited)
Zombie Bro (Indican Pictures, 1/1/21, Limited)
Audrey (Bohemia Media, 1/5/21, Limited)
Happy Face (Dark Star Pictures, 1/5/21, Limited)
Sacred Cow (Uncork’d Entertainment, 1/5/21, Limited)
My Rembrandt (Strand Releasing, 1/6/21, Limited)
Beautiful Something Left Behind (MTV Documentary Films, 1/8/21, Limited)
Blizzard of Souls (Film Movement, 1/8/21, Limited)
The Capote Tapes (Endeavor Content, 1/8/21, Limited)
If Not Now, When? (Vertical Entertainment, 1/8/21, Limited)
The Reason I Jump (Kino Lorber, 1/8/21, Limited)
Redemption Day (Saban Films, 1/8/21, Limited)
Stars Fell on Alabama (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/8/21, Limited)
Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (Netflix, 1/11/21, Limited)
Average Joe (Indican Pictures, 1/12/21, Limited)
The Bid (GVN Releasing, 1/12/21, Limited)
Curse of Aurore (Freestyle Digital Media, 1/12/21, Limited)
Go/Don’t Go (Gravitas Ventures, 1/12/21, Limited)
Don’t Tell a Soul (Saban Films, 1/13/21, Limited)
Bloody Hell (Entertainment Squad, 1/14/21, Limited)
Hunted (Shudder, 1/14/21, Limited)
Locked Down (hbO Max, 1/14/21, Limited)
Acasa, My Home (Zeitgeist Films and Kino Lorber, 1/15/21, Limited)
The Delivered (Quiver Entertainment, 1/15/21, Limited)
The Dig (Netflix, 1/15/21, Limited)
Film About a Father Who (Cinema Guild, 1/15/21, Limited)
Goodbye, Butterfly (Gravitas Ventures, 1/15/21, Limited)
Love Sarah (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/15/21, Limited)
Mandabi (Janus Films, 1/15/21, Limited)
The Marksman (Open Road Films, 1/15/21, Limited)
MLK/FBI (IFC Films, 1/15/21, Limited)
My Little Sister (Film Movement, 1/15/21, Limited)
Outside the Wire (Netflix, 1/15/21, Limited)
Rock Camp: The Movie (Giant Pictures, 1/15/21, Limited)
Some Kind of Heaven (Magnolia Pictures, 1/15/21, Limited)
The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (Hulu, 1/15/21, Limited)
The Wake of Light (Axis Pacific Filmworks, 1/15/21, Limited)
La Casa (Epic Pictures, 1/19/21, Limited)
Stallone, Frank That Is (Cinema 83, 1/19/21, Limited)
The Strong Ones (Breaking Glass Pictures, 1/19/21, Limited)
The Village in the Woods (4 Digital Media, 1/19/21, Limited)
The Salt of Tears (Distrib Films, 1/20/21, Limited)
Flinch (Ardor Pictures, 1/20/21, Limited)
Agent Revelation (Quiver Distribution, 1/22/21, Limited)
Atlantis (Grasshopper Film, 1/22/21, Limited)
Baby Done (Gravitas Ventures, 1/22/21, Limited)
Born a Champion (Lionsgate, 1/22/21, Limited)
Breaking Fast (Vertical Entertainment, 1/22/21, Limited)
Brothers by Blood (Vertical Entertainment, 1/22/21, Limited)
Coming Clean (Hope Productions, 1/22/21, LA)
Healing from Hate: Battle for the Soul of a Nation (Freestyle Digital Media, 1/22/21, Limited)
Identifying Features (Kino Lorber, 1/22/21, Limited)
In & Of Itself (Hulu, 1/22/21, Limited)
No Man’s Land (IFC Films, 1/22/21, Limited)
Notturno (Super LTD, 1/22/21, Limited)
Our Friend (Gravitas Ventures and Universal, 1/22/21, Limited)
PG: Psycho Goreman (RLJE Films, 1/22/21, Limited)
Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (Greenwich Entertainment, 1/22/21, Limited)
Spoor (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/22/21, Limited)
The White Tiger (Netflix, 1/22/21, Limited)
You Will Die at Twenty (Film Movement, 1/22/21, Limited)
9th Circuit Cowboy (American Film Foundation, 1/26/21, Limited)
Caged (Shout! Studios, 1/26/21, Limited)
The Judge – Character, Cases, Courage (Gravitas Ventures, 1/26/21, Limited)
#LIKE (Giant Pictures, 1/26/21, Limited)
A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem (1091 Pictures, 1/26/21, Limited)
Wrong Turn (Saban Films, 1/26/21, Limited)
The Funeral Home (Uncork’d Entertainment, 1/29/21, Limited)
Penguin Bloom (Netflix, 1/29/21, Limited)
Beginning (MUBI, 1/29/21, Limited)
Dear Comrades (Neon, 1/29/21, Limited)
Finding Ohana (Netflix, 1/29/21, Limited)
Haymaker (Gravitas Ventures, 1/29/21, Limited)
Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream (KimStim, 1/29/21, NY)
The Little Things (Warner Bros., 1/29/21, Limited)
The Mirror (Janus Films, 1/29/21, Limited)
The Night (IFC Midnight, 1/29/21, Limited)
Palmer (Apple TV+, 1/29/21, Limited)
The Reunited States (Dark Star Pictures, 1/29/21, Limited)
Saint Maud (A24, 1/29/21, Limited)
Savage (Quiver Distribution, 1/29/21, Limited)
Savage State (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1/29/21, Limited)
Softie (Icarus Films, 1/29/21, Limited)
Supernova (Bleecker Street, 1/29/21, Limited)
True Mothers (Film Movement, 1/29/21, Limited)
What Happened Was… (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 1/29/21, Limited)


Alt Space (1091 Pictures, 12/1/20, Limited)
Backwoods (Gravitas Ventures, 12/1/20, Limited)
Disco (1091 Pictures, 12/1/20, Limited)
Doin’ My Drugs (Freestyle Releasing, 12/1/20, Limited)
Dune Drifter (4Digital Media, 12/1/20, Limited)
King of Knives (Gravitas Ventures, 12/1/20, Limited)
The Loss Adjuster (Trinity Creative Partnership, 12/1/20, Limited)
The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo (1091 Pictures, 12/1/20, Limited)
Thirst (Uncork’d Entertainment, 12/1/20, Limited)
Kill It and Leave This Town (Outsider Pictures, 12/3/20, Limited)
Tripping with Nils Frahm (MUBI, 12/3/20, Limited)
76 Days (MTV Documentary Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
All My Life (Universal Pictures, 12/4/20, Limited)
Another Round (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
Billie (Greenwich Entertainment, 12/4/20, Limited)
Black Bear (Momentum Pictures, 12/4/20, Limited)
Castle Freak (RLJE Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
The Changin’ Times of Ike White (Kino Lorber, 12/4/20, Limited)
Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan (Magnolia Pictures, 12/4/20, Limited)
Dear Santa (IFC Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
Elyse (Gravitas Ventures, 12/4/20, Limited)
Godmothered (Disney+, 12/4/20, Limited)
Half Brothers (Focus Features, 12/4/20, Limited)
Ikarie XB-1 (Janus Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
I’m Your Woman (Amazon Studios, 12/4/20, Limited)
It’s Huge (Indican Pictures, 12/4/20, Limited)
In the Mood for Love (Janus Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
The Legend of Baron To’a (Gravitas Ventures, 12/4/20, Limited)
Love, Weddings & Other Disasters (Saban Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
Luxor (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
Mayor (Film Movement, 12/4/20, Limited)
Minor Premise (Utopia, 12/4/20, Limited)
Music Got Me Here (First Run Features, 12/4/20, Limited)
Nomadland (Searchlight Pictures, 12/4/20, Limited)
Sing Me a Song (Gravitas Ventures, 12/4/20, Limited)
Survival Skills (Cranked Up Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
Wander (Saban Films, 12/4/20, Limited)
What Lies Below (Vertical Entertainment, 12/4/20, Limited)
Deep in Vogue (FilmRise, 12/8/20, Limited)
Guitar Man (J&R Adventures, 12/8/20, Limited)
The Last Champion (Redburn Street Pictures, 12/8/20, Limited)
Monsters of Man (11:11 Entertainment, 12/8/20, Limited)
My Darling Vivian (The Film Collaborative, 12/8/20, Limited)
My Day (Trinity Creative Partnership, 12/8/20, Limited)
Alabama Snake (HBO Max, 12/9/20, Limited)
PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money (Abramorama, 12/9/20, Limited)
Funny Boy (Netflix, 12/10/20, Limited)
Let Them All Talk (HBO Max, 12/10/20, Limited)
Archenemy (RLJE Films, 12/11/20, Limited)
Assassins (Greenwich Entertainment, 12/11/20, Limited)
Don’t Click (Gravitas Ventures, 12/11/20, Limited)
Farewell Amor (IFC Films, 12/11/20, Limited)
Finding Yingying (MTV Documentary Films, 12/11/20, Limited)
Giving Voice (Netflix, 12/11/20, Limited)
Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (Magnet Releasing, 12/11/20, Limited)
Minari (A24, 12/11/20, Limited)
On-Gaku: Our Sound (GKIDS, 12/11/20, Limited)
Queer Japan (Altered Innocence, 12/11/20, Limited)
Parallel (Vertical Entertainment, 12/11/20, Limited)
The Prom (Netflix, 12/11/20, Limited)
Safety (Disney+, 12/11/20, Limited)
Songbird (STX Films, 12/11/20, Limited)
The Stand In (Saban Films, 12/11/20, Limited)
Through the Night (Long Shot Factory, 12/11/20, Limited)
To the Ends of the Earth (KimStim, 12/11/20, NY)
Wetware (Gravitas Ventures, 12/11/20, Limited)
Wild Mountain Thyme (Bleecker Street, 12/11/20, Limited)
Wander Darkly (Lionsgate, 12/11/20, Limited)
The Weasel’s Tale (Outsider Pictures, 12/11/20, Limited)
Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness (Film Movement, 12/11/20, Limited)
The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (HBO Max, 12/11/20, Limited)
Breaking Surface (Music Box Films, 12/15/20, Limited)
The Curse of Hobbes House (4Digital Media, 12/15/20, Limited)
Hello World (Gravitas Ventures, 12/15/20, Limited)
The Last Blockbuster (1091 Pictures, 12/15/20, Limited)
The Last Sermon (Gravitas Ventures, 12/15/20, Limited)
My First and Last Film (Live Wire Productions, 12/15/20, Limited)
The Opening Act (RLJE Films, 12/15/20, Limited)
Paint (Gravitas Ventures, 12/15/20, Limited)
Forget Me Not (Trinity Creative Partnership, 12/17/20, Limited)
Bad Impulse (Gravitas Ventures, 12/18/20, Limited)
The Belovs (Film Forum, 12/18/20, Limited)
Breach (Saban Films, 12/18/20, Limited)
Climate of the Hunter (Dark Star Pictures, 12/18/20, Limited)
Fatale (Lionsgate, 12/18/20, Limited)
The Father (Sony Pictures Classics, 12/18/20, Limited)
Greenland (STX Films, 12/18/20, Limited)
Hunter Hunter (IFC Films, 12/18/20, Limited)
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Netflix, 12/18/20, Limited)
Max Cloud (Well Go USA, 12/18/20, Limited)
Modern Persuasion (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/18/20, Limited)
Monster Hunter (Screen Gems, 12/18/20, Limited)
Museum Town (Kino Lorber, 12/18/20, Limited)
Nasrin (Virgil Films, 12/18/20, Limited)
Sister of the Groom (Saban Films, 12/18/20, Limited)
Skylines (Vertical Entertainment, 12/18/20, Limited)
Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day (First Run Features, 12/18/20, Limited)
Tazzeka (ArtMattan Productions, 12/18/20, Limited)
Tiger Within (Film Art Planet, 12/18/20, Limited)
Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You (Netflix, 12/21/20, Limited)
Getaway (Uncork’d Entertainment, 12/22/20, Limited)
The Midnight Sky (Netflix, 12/23/20, Limited)
The Dissident (Briarcliff Entertainment, 12/25/20, Limited)
News of the World (Universal Pictures, 12/25/20, Limited)
One Night in Miami (Amazon Studios, 12/25/20, Limited)
Pinocchio (Roadside Attractions, 12/25/20, Limited)
Promising Young Woman (Focus Features, 12/25/20, Limited)
Soul (Walt Disney Pictures, 12/25/20, Limited)
Sylvie’s Love (Amazon Studios, 12/25/20, Limited)
We Can Be Heroes (Netflix, 12/25/20, Limited)
Wonder Woman 1984 (Warner Bros., 12/25/20, Limited)
Two Ways Home (Gravitas Ventures, 12/29/20, Limited)
Herself (Amazon Studios, 12/30/20, Limited)
Pieces of a Woman (Netflix, 12/30/20, Limited)


Darkness in Tenement 45 (Wood Entertainment, 11/3/20, Limited)
Emily and the Magical Adventure (Uncork’d Entertainment, 11/3/20, Limited)
Love in Dangerous Times (Dark Star Pictures, 11/3/20, Limited)
That Good Night (Trinity Creative Partnership, 11/3/20, Limited)
They Reach (Uncork’d Entertainment, 11/3/20, Limited)
Operation Christmas Drop (Netflix, 11/5/20, Limited)
18 to Party (Asterion Pictures, 11/6/20, Limited)
The Dark and the Wicked (RLJE Films and Shudder, 11/6/20, Limited)
Call Me Brother (Leomark Studios, 11/6/20, Limited)
The Informer (Vertical Entertainment, 11/6/20, Limited)
Jungleland (Lionsgate, 11/6/20, Limited)
Kindred (IFC Midnight, 11/6/20, Limited)
Koko-di Koko-da (Dark Star Pictures, 11/6/20, Limited)
Let Him Go (Focus Features, 11/6/20, Wide)
Mortal (Saban Films, 11/6/20, Limited)
Proxima (Vertical Entertainment, 11/6/20, Limited)
Sky Blossom (Prisca Project, 11/6/20, LA)
Smooth Talk (Janus Films, 11/6/20, Limited)
Triggered (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/6/20, Limited)
True to the Game 2 (Imani Media Group, 11/6/20, Limited)
Contracts (Indiecan Entertainment, 11/10/20, Limited)
Dark Figures (Gravitas Ventures, 11/10/20, Limited)
Dating Amber (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/10/20, Limited)
Maybe Next Year (Wavelength, 11/10/20, Limited)
Recon (Brainstorm Media, 11/10/20, Limited)
The Retreat (Uncork’d Entertainment, 11/10/20, Limited)
Sasquatch Among Wildmen (Uncork’d Entertainment, 11/10/20, Limited)
Sleepless Beauty (Epic Pictures, 11/10/20, Limited)
Transference: A Love Story (1091 Pictures, 11/10/20, Limited)
Where She Lies (Gravitas Ventures, 11/10/20, Limited)
Blind (Uncork’d Entertainment, 11/11/20, Limited)
Coded Bias (Metrograph, 11/11/20, NY)
Free Time (Grasshopper Film, 11/11/20, NY)
Hillbilly Elegy (Neflix, 11/11/20, Limited)
Lowdown Dirty Criminals (Dark Sky Films, 11/11/20, Limited)
Markie in Milwaukee (Icarus Films, 11/11/20, NY)
My Summer As a Goth (123 Go Films, 11/11/20, Limited)
Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists (IndieCollect, 11/11/20, NY)
All Joking Aside (Quiver Distribution, 11/13/20, Limited)
Ammonite (Neon, 11/13/20, Limited)
Blindfire (Kandoo Releasing, 11/13/20, Limited)
Chick Fight (Quiver Distribution, 11/13/20, Limited)
The Climb (Sony Pictures Classics, 11/13/20, Limited)
Come Away (Relativity Media, 11/13/20, Limited)
Dead Reckoning (Shout! Studios, 11/13/20, Limited)
Dirty God (Dark Star Pictures, 11/13/20, Limited)
Divine Love (Outsider Pictures, 11/13/20, Limited)
Echo Boomers (Saban Films, 11/13/20, Limited)
Ending Disease (Passion River Films, 11/13/20, Limited)
Fatman (Saban Films, 11/13/20, Limited)
Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds (Apple+, 11/13/20, Limited)
Francisca (Grasshopper Film, 11/13/20, Limited)
Freaky (Universal Pictures, 11/13/20, Limited)
The Giant (Vertical Entertainment, 11/13/20, Limited)
I Am Greta (Hulu, 11/13/20, Limited)
It Cuts Deep (Dark Sky Films, 11/13/20, Limited)
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Netflix, 11/13/20, Limited)
Last Three Days (Gravitas Ventures, 11/13/20, Limited)
The Life Ahead (Netflix, 11/13/20, Limited)
Mank (Netflix, 11/13/20, Limited)
Monsoon (Strand Releasing, 11/13/20, Limited)
Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack (Film Movement, 11/13/20, Limited)
The Ride (Roadside Attractions, 11/13/20, Limited)
Wolfwalkers (GKIDS, 11/13/20, Limited)
1 Night in San Diego (1091 Pictures, 11/17/20, Limited)
Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales (Red Hound Films, 11/17/20, Limited)
Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait (1922 Films, 11/17/20, Limited)
Dreamland (Paramount Home Entertainment, 11/17/20, Limited)
Ghosts of the République (Gravitas Ventures, 11/17/20, Limited)
Light Years (Gravitas Ventures, 11/17/20, Limited)
Monstrum (RLJE Films, 11/17/20, Limited)
Playhouse (Devilworks, 11/17/20, Limited)
Truth Is The Only Client (Gravitas Ventures, 11/17/20, Limited)
Born to Be (Kino Lorber, 11/18/20, Limited)
The Princess Switch: Switched Again (Netflix, 11/19/20, Limited)
Collective (Magnolia Pictures, 11/20/20, Limited)
Embattled (IFC Films, 11/20/20, Limited)
Girl (Screen Media Films, 11/20/20, Limited)
Hearts and Bones (Gravitas Ventures, 11/20/20, Limited)
Jiu Jitsu (The Avenue, 11/20/20, Limited)
Koshien: Japan’s Field of Dreams (First Run Features, 11/20/20, Limited)
The Last Vermeer (TriStar Pictures, 11/20/20, Limited)
Sound of Metal (Amazon Studios, 11/20/20, Limited)
Run (Hulu, 11/20/20, Limited)
Soros (Abramorama, 11/20/20, Limited)
Team Marco (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/20/20, Limited)
The Twentieth Century (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 11/20/20, Limited)
Vanguard (Gravitas Ventures, 11/20/20, Limited)
In Wonder (Netflix, 11/23/20, Limited)
Buddy Games (Saban Films, 11/24/20, Limited)
A Chef’s Voyage (First Run Features, 11/24/20, Limited)
Saul & Ruby’s Holocaust Survivor Band (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/24/20, Limited)
Sweet Parents (Quiver Distribution, 11/24/20, Limited)
The Walrus and the Whistleblower (Gravitas Ventures, 11/24/20, Limited)
The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Netflix, 11/25/20, Limited)
The Croods: The New Age (Universal Pictures, 11/25/20, Limited)
Happiest Season (Hulu, 11/25/20, Limited)
Insert Coin (Cargo Film & Releasing, 11/25/20, Limited)
The Mystery of D.B. Cooper (HBO Documentary Films, 11/25/20, Limited)
Stardust (IFC Films, 11/25/20, Limited)
Uncle Frank (Amazon Studios, 11/25/20, Limited)
Mosul (Netflix, 11/26/20, Limited)
Superintelligence (HBO Max, 11/26/20, Limited)
Black Beauty (Disney+, 11/26/20, Limited)
Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (Netflix, 11/27/20, Limited)
Princess of the Row (Gravitas Ventures, 11/27/20, Limited)
Zappa (Magnolia Pictures, 11/27/20, Limited)
Free Lunch Express (Right and Funny Productions, TBD, Limited)


Jiang Ziya (Well Go USA, 10/1/20, Limited)
Scare Me (Shudder, 10/1/20, Limited)
2067 (RLJE Films, 10/2/20, Limited)
12 Hour Shift (Magnet Releasing, 10/2/20, Limited)
Acute Misfortune (Dark Star Pictures, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Antenna (Dark Star Pictures, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Call (Cinedigm, 10/2/20, Limited)
A Call to Spy (IFC Films, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw (Epic Pictures, 10/2/20, Limited)
Daddy’s Girl (Cleopatra Entertainment, 10/2/20, Limited)
Death of Me (Saban Films, 10/2/20, Limited)
Department of Injustice (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Devil to Pay (Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures, 10/2/20, Limited)
Dick Johnson Is Dead (Netflix, 10/2/20, Limited)
Do Not Reply (Gravitas Ventures, 10/2/20, Limited)
Eternal Beauty (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Forty-Year-Old Version (Netflix, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Great American Lie (Vertical Entertainment, 10/2/20, Limited)
Halloween Party (Red Hound Films, 10/2/20, Limited)
Herb Alpert Is… (Abramorama, 10/2/20, Limited)
Hosts (Dark Sky Films, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Keeper (Menemsha Films, 10/2/20, Limited)
Let’s Scare Julie (Shout! Studios, 10/2/20, Limited)
Once Upon a River (Film Movement, 10/2/20, Limited)
On the Rocks (A24, 10/2/20, Limited)
Out of the Fight (Gravitas Ventures, 10/2/20, Limited)
Possessor (Neon, 10/2/20, Limited)
The Rising Hawk (Shout! Studios, 10/2/20, Limited)
Save Yourselves! (Bleecker Street, 10/2/20, Limited)
Spontaneous (Paramount Pictures, 10/2/20, Limited)
Then Came You (Vertical Entertainment, 10/2/20, Limited)
Tokyo Home Stay Massacre (Leomark Studios, 10/2/20, Limited)
David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (Netflix, 10/4/20, Limited)
South Terminal (MUBI, 10/5/20, Limited)
Yes (Stonecutter Media, 10/5/20, Limited)
American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules (UPHE, 10/6/20, Limited)
Black Box (Amazon Prime Video, 10/6/20, Limited)
Chasing the Present (1091 Pictures, 10/6/20, Limited)
Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words (Blue Fox Entertainment, 10/6/20, Limited)
The Dance (1091 Pictures, 10/6/20, Limited)
The Lie (Amazon Prime Video, 10/6/20, Limited)
Naughty Books (1091 Pictures, 10/6/20, Limited)
The Ringmaster (1091 Pictures, 10/6/20, Limited)
Souvenirs (Trinity Creative Partnership, 10/6/20, Limited)
Tanner Hall Forever (1091 Pictures, 10/6/20, Limited)
Treason (1091 Pictures, 10/6/20, Limited)
Aggie (Strand Releasing, 10/7/20, Limited)
Books of Blood (Hulu, 10/7/20, Limited)
Hubie Halloween (Netflix, 10/7/20, Limited)
Charm City Kings (HBO Max, 10/8/20, Limited)
Hate (Janus Films, 10/8/20, Limited)
Wine Crush (First Run Features, 10/8/20, Limited)
Cagefighter (Screen Media Films, 10/9/20, Limited)
The Doorman (Lionsgate, 10/9/20, Limited)
F11 and Be There (First Run Features, 10/8/20, Limited)
Major Arcana (Good Deed Entertainment, 10/9/20, Limited)
Mighty Ira (FIRE, 10/9/20, Limited)
The Planters (1091 Pictures, 10/9/20, Limited)
Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton (ArtAffects Entertainment, 10/9/20, Limited)
A Rainy Day in New York (MPI Media Group and Signature Entertainment, 10/9/20, Limited)
Time (Amazon Studios, 10/9/20, Limited)
Unthinkable (Unified Pictures, 10/9/20, Limited)
The Wall of Mexico (Dark Star Pictures, 10/9/20, Limited)
The War with Grandpa (101 Studios, 10/9/20, Wide)
Henchmen (Vertical Entertainment, 10/9/20, Limited)
Monster Force Zero (Wild Eye Releasing, 10/9/20, Limited)
Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad (1091 Pictures, 10/9/20, Limited)
Song Lang (Breaking Glass Pictures, 10/9/20, Limited)
The Special (Red Hound Films, 10/9/20, Limited)
Wine and War (Wine and War LLC, 10/9/20, Limited)
The Wolf of Snow Hollow (Orion Classics, 10/9/20, Limited)
Yellow Rose (Stage 6 Films, 10/9/20, Limited)
Bane: Holding These Moments (1091 Pictures, 10/13/20, Limited)
Evil Eye (Amazon Films, 10/13/20, Limited)
The More You Ignore Me (Vega Baby Releasing, 10/13/20, Limited)
Nocturne (Amazon Films, 10/13/20, Limited)
The Painter (1844 Entertainment, 10/13/20, Limited)
The Second Sun (1844 Entertainment, 10/13/20, Limited)
Totally Under Control (Neon, 10/13/20, Limited)
The Wall of Mexico (Dark Star Pictures, 10/13/20, Limited)
When the Storm Fades (1091 Pictures, 10/13/20, Limited)
In Case of Emergency (Kino Lorber, 10/14/20, Limited)
2 Hearts (Freestyle Releasing, 10/16/20, Limited)
The Accidental President (Intervention, 10/16/20, Limited)
Belly of the Beast (PBS, 10/16/20, Limited)
Clouds (Disney+, 10/16/20, Limited)
The Devil Has a Name (Momentum Pictures, 10/16/20, Limited)
Don’t Look Back (Gravitas Ventures, 10/16/20, Limited)
J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius (Uncork’d Entertainment, 10/16/20, Limited)
Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something (Greenwich Entertainment, 10/16/20, Limited)
Honest Thief (Briarcliff and Open Road Films, 10/16/20, Limited)
Martin Eden (Kino Lorber, 10/16/20, Limited)
Monochrome (Tempest Studios, 10/16/20, Limited)
Nainsukh (MUBI, 10/16/20, Limited)
The Opening Act (RLJE Films, 10/16/20, Limited)
Rebecca (Netflix, 10/16/20, Limited)
She Is the Ocean (Blue Fox Entertainment, 10/16/20, Limited)
Shithouse (IFC Films, 10/16/20, Limited)
This Is Not a Movie: Robert Fisk and the Politics of Truth (KimStim, 10/16/20, Limited)
Twiceborn (Freestyle Digital Media, 10/16/20, Limited)
UFC 1: Origins (Gunpowder & Sky, 10/16/20, Limited)
White Riot (Film Movement, 10/16/20, Limited)
American Utopia (HBO Max, 10/17/20, Limited)
After So Many Days (Gravitas Ventures, 10/20/20, Limited)
Amigo Skate, Cuba (Indican Pictures, 10/20/20, Limited)
Dedalus (First Run Features, 10/20/20, Limited)
Drowning (Gravitas Ventures, 10/20/20, Limited)
Expulsion (Colossal Content, 10/20/20, Limited)
Ghabe (GVN Releasing, 10/20/20, Limited)
House of Shadows (Trinity Creative Partnership, 10/20/20, Limited)
Redwood Massacre: Annihilation (Uncork’d Entertainment, 10/20/20, Limited)
Scare Package (RLJE Films, 10/20/20, Limited)
SEAT 20D (First Run Features, 10/20/20, Limited)
The State of Texas vs. Melissa (FilmRise, 10/20/20, Limited)
The Sounding (Giant Pictures, 10/20/20, Limited)
Tar (1091 Pictures, 10/20/20, Limited)
Beasts Clawing at Straws (Artsploitation Films, 10/21/20, Limited)
White Noise (The Atlantic, 10/21/20, Limited)
Malina (MUBI, 10/22/20, Limited)
Roald Dahl’s The Witches (HBO Max, 10/22/20, Limited)
After We Collided (Open Road Films, 10/23/20, Limited)
Bad Hair (Hulu, 10/23/20, Limited)
Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (Amazon Studios, 10/23/20, Limited)
Coming Home Again (Outsider Pictures, 10/23/20, Limited)
The Empty Man (20th Century Studios, 10/23/20, Wide)
Friendsgiving (Saban Films, 10/23/20, Limited)
Ham on Rye (Factory 25, 10/23/20, Limited)
Haunting of the Mary Celeste (Vertical Entertainment, 10/23/20, Limited)
The Man Who Mends Women (ArtMattan Films, 10/23/20, Limited)
Over the Moon (Netflix, 10/23/20, Limited)
The Place of No Words (Gravitas Ventures, 10/23/20, Limited)
Radium Girls (Juno Films, 10/23/20, Limited)
Synchronic (Well Go USA, 10/23/20, Limited)
The Antidote (Cinetic Media, 10/23/20, Limited)
Barefoot: The Mark Baumer Story (1091 Pictures, 10/27/20, Limited)
Fishbowl (Gravitas Ventures, 10/27/20, Limited)
Terra Willy (Viva Kids, 10/27/20, Limited)
City Hall (Zipporah Films, 10/28/20, Limited)
Holidate (Netflix, 10/28/20, Limited)
Alone with Her Dreams (Corinth Films, 10/30/20, Limited)
Attack of the Demons (Dark Star Pictures, 10/30/20, Limited)
Come Play (Focus Features, 10/30/20, Limited)
Damnation (Arbelos, 10/30/20, Limited)
The Donut King (Greenwich Entertainment, 10/30/20, Limited)
Fire Will Come (KimStim, 10/30/20, NY)
His House (Netflix, 10/30/20, Limited)
Madre (Strand Releasing, 10/30/20, Limited)
Spell (Paramount Players, 10/30/20, Limited)
The True Adventures of Wolfboy (Vertical Entertainment, 10/30/20, Limited)
US Kids (Alamo Drafthouse, 10/30/20, Limited)


The 2nd (Momentum Pictures, 9/1/20, Limited)
Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest (Shout! Studios, 9/1/20, Limited)
Blood Quantum (RLJE Films, 9/1/20, Limited)
Breaking the Chain (Virgil Films, 9/1/20, Limited)
Gatsby in Connecticut: The Untold Story (Vision Films, 9/1/20, Limited)
I Hate New York (1844 Entertainment, 9/1/20, Limited)
Immortal (Stonecutter Distribution, 9/1/20, Limited)
The Mole Agent (Gravitas Ventures, 9/1/20, Limited)
A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (Uncork’d Entertainment, 9/1/20, Limited)
Odd Man Rush (Gravitas Ventures, 9/1/20, Limited)
Robin’s Wish (Vertical Entertainment, 9/1/20, Limited)
Terrified (RLJE Films, 9/1/20, Limited)
Time Loop (Trinity Creative Partnership, 9/1/20, Limited)
Tom of Your Life (Gravitas Ventures, 9/1/20, Limited)
Chuck Berry (MVD Entertainment, 9/2/20, Limited)
Isadora’s Children (MUBI, 9/2/20, Limited)
Love, Guaranteed (Netflix, 9/3/20, Limited)
Tenet (Warner Bros., 9/3/20, Limited)
The Andorra Hustle (Merola Productions, 9/4/20, Limited)
The Argument (Gravitas Ventures, 9/4/20, Limited)
Beau Travail (Janus Films, 9/4/20, Limited)
Boyfriends and Girlfriends (Metrograph Pictures, 9/4/20, Limited)
Critical Thinking (Vertical Entertainment, 9/4/20, Limited)
Feels Good Man (Ready Fictions, 9/4/20, Limited)
Guest House (Lionsgate and Grindstone, 9/4/20, Limited)
I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Netflix, 9/4/20, Limited)
Measure for Measure (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 9/4/20, Limited)
Mulan (Disney+, 9/4/20, Limited)
My Prince Edward (Cheng Cheng Films, 9/4/20, Limited)
Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro (Epic Pictures, 9/4/20, Limited)
The Owners (RLJE Films, 9/4/20, Limited)
Sicilia! (Grasshopper Film, 9/4/20, Limited)
Still Here (Blue Fox Entertainment, 9/4/20, Limited)
Beast Within (Stone Cutter, 9/8/20, Limited)
Evil Under the Skin (Midnight Releasing, 9/8/20, Limited)
Gather (Illumine, 9/8/20, Limited)
Immortal (Different Duck Films, 9/8/20, Limited)
Machine (Gravitas Ventures, 9/8/20, Limited)
Range Runners (Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment, 9/8/20, Limited)
Up on the Glass (Gravitas Ventures, 9/8/20, Limited)
All In: The Fight for Democracy (Amazon Studios, 9/9/20, Limited)
Cuties (Netflix, 9/9/20, Limited)
Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President (Greenwich Entertainment, 9/9/20, Limited)
The Social Dilemma (Netflix, 9/9/20, Limited)
Suspension (Icarus Films, 9/9/20, Limited)
The Babysitter: Killer Queen (Netflix, 9/10/20, Limited)
Unpregnant (HBO Max, 9/10/20, Limited)
4 Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle (Metrograph Pictures, 9/11/20, Limited)
Army of Lovers in the Holy Land (Chapter Two Films, 9/11/20, Limited)
Broken Hearts Gallery (TriStar Pictures, 9/11/20, Limited)
Buoyancy (Kino Lorber, 9/11/20, Limited)
Find Your Voice (Indican Pictures, 9/11/20, Limited)
I Am Woman (Quiver Distribution, 9/11/20, Limited)
I Met a Girl (Gravitas Ventures, 9/11/20, Limited)
Killed My Wife (Red Hound Films, 9/11/20, Limited)
Our Time Machine (Walking Iris Media and POV, 9/11/20, Limited)
Red, White & Wasted (Dark Star Pictures, 9/11/20, Limited)
Rent-A-Pal (IFC Midnight, 9/11/20, Limited)
Sibyl (Music Box Films, 9/11/20, Limited)
Summerland (Superchill, 9/14/20, Limited)
The Black Emperor of Broadway (Vision Films and Egeli Productions, 9/15/20, Limited)
A Dark Path (Trinity Creative Partnership, 9/15/20, Limited)
Fear Pharm (Indican Pictures, 9/15/20, Limited)
The Grizzlies (Elevation Pictures, 9/15/20, Limited)
Guilt (GVN Releasing, 9/15/20, Limited)
Killer Therapy (4Digital Media, 9/15/20, Limited)
The Last Laugh (High Octane Pictures, 9/15/20, Limited)
Luz: The Flower of Evil (Dark Sky Films, 9/15/20, Limited)
Wheels (1091 Pictures, 9/15/20, Limited)
The Devil All the Time (Netflix, 9/16/20, Limited)
The Secrets We Keep (Bleecker Street, 9/16/20, Limited)
Thank You and Good Night (Janus Films, 9/16/20, Limited)
The Lighthouse (MUBI, 9/17/20, Limited)
My Name Is Pedro (Sweet180, 9/17/20,NY)
Residue (Array, 9/17/20,NY)
Alone (Magnet Releasing, 9/18/20, Limited)
Antebellum (Lionsgate, 9/18/20, Wide)
The Aviator’s Wife (Metrograph Pictures, 9/18/20, Limited)
Blackbird (Screen Media Films, 9/18/20, Limited)
A Chef’s Voyage (First Run Features, 9/18/20, Limited)
Faust (KimStim, 9/18/20, Limited)
God of the Piano (Film Movement, 9/18/20, Limited)
H is for Happiness (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 9/18/20, Limited)
Infidel (Cloudburst Entertainment, 9/18/20, Limited)
I’ve Got Issues (Gravitas Ventures, 9/18/20, Limited)
Last Call (Mutiny Pictures, 9/18/20, Limited)
Lost Girls and Love Hotels (Astrakan Releasing, 9/18/20, Limited)
Mambo Man (Corinth Films, 9/18/20, Limited)
The Nest (IFC Films, 9/18/20, Limited)
No Escape (Vertical Entertainment, 9/18/20, Limited)
The Racer (Gravitas Ventures, 9/18/20, Limited)
Ravers (Capital Motion Picture Group, 9/18/20, Limited)
Rialto (Breaking Glass Pictures, 9/18/20, Limited)
Softie (LBx Africa, 9/18/20, Limited)
Space Dogs (Icarus Films, 9/18/20, Limited)
Teenage Badass (Freestyle Digital Media, 9/18/20, Limited)
The Way I See It (Focus Features, 9/18/20, Limited)
Don’t Read This on a Plane (Gravitas Ventures, 9/22/20, Limited)
Extra Innings (Breaking Glass Pictures, 9/22/20, Limited)
Iceland Is the Best (Gravitas Ventures, 9/22/20, Limited)
Jay Sebring….Cutting to the Truth (Shout! Studios, 9/22/20, Limited)
Kiss the Ground (Big Picture Ranch, 9/22/20, Limited)
Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story (Shout! Studios, 9/22/20, Limited)
Enola Holmes (Netflix, 9/23/20, Limited)
I’ll Be Around (Indie Rights, 9/23/20, Limited)
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (Zeitgeist Films, 9/23/20, Limited)
Bird Island (MUBI, 9/24/20, Limited)
All Roads to Pearla (Gravitas Ventures, 9/25/20, Limited)
The Artist’s Wife (Strand Releasing, 9/25/20, Limited)
Ava (Vertical Entertainment, 9/25/20, Limited)
Dead (1091 Pictures, 9/25/20, Limited)
The Disrupted (Passion River Films and 8 Above, 9/25/20, Limited)
Draupadi Unleashed (Passion River, 9/25/20, Limited)
Foster Boy (Gravitas Ventures, 9/25/20, Limited)
Kajillionaire (Focus Features, 9/25/20, Limited)
The Last Shift (Stage 6 Films, 9/25/20, Limited)
LX 2048 (Quiver Distribution, 9/25/20, Limited)
Misbehaviour (Shout! Studios, 9/25/20, Limited)
Myth of a Colorblind France (First Run Features, 9/25/20, Limited)
Native Son (Kino Lorber, 9/25/20, Limited)
Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles (IFC Films, 9/25/20, Limited)
Push (WG Films and Argot Pictures, 9/25/20, Limited)
Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation (Saban Films, 9/25/20, Limited)
She’s in Portland (Freestyle Releasing, 9/25/20, Limited)
Shortcut (Gravitas Ventures, 9/25/20, Limited)
The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Netflix, 9/25/20, Limited)
We Are Many (Area 23a Films and Iambic Dream Films, 9/25/20, Limited)
The Ground Between Us (Together Films, 9/26/20, Limited)
Alien Addiction (Gravitas Ventures, 9/29/20, Limited)
Inez & Doug & Kira (1091 Pictures, 9/29/20, Limited)
Sno Babies (Better Noise Films, 9/29/20, Limited)
American Murder: The Family Next Door (Netflix, 9/30/20, Limited)
Blood on the Wall (National Geographic Documentary Films, 9/30/20, Limited)
The Boys in the Band (Netflix, 9/30/20, Limited)
The Glorias (Roadside Attractions and LD Entertainment, 9/30/20, Limited)


CRSHD (1091 Pictures, 8/4/20, Limited)
Day 13 (Breaking Glass Pictures, 8/4/20, Limited)
Love Flower (Fancy Baseball, 8/4/20, Limited)
Nothing but the Blood (Gravitas Ventures, 8/4/20, Limited)
Red Penguins (Universal Pictures, 8/4/20, Limited)
Senior Love Triangle (Gravitas Ventures, 8/4/20, Limited)
Skin Walker (Cleopatra Entertainment, 8/4/20, Limited)
The Stand: How One Gesture Shook the World (1091 Pictures, 8/4/20, Limited)
Star Light (1091 Pictures, 8/4/20, Limited)
What We Found (Freestyle Digital Releasing, 8/4/20, Limited)
La Llorona (Shudder, 8/6/20, Limited)
Black Water: Abyss (Black Water: Abyss, 8/7/20, Limited)
Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine (Greenwich Entertainment, 8/7/20, Limited)
The Green Years (Grasshopper Film, 8/7/20, Limited)
Howard (Disney+, 8/7/20, Limited)
How to Fake a War (Vertical Entertainment, 8/7/20, Limited)
I Used to Go Here (Gravitas Ventures, 8/7/20, Limited)
Made in Italy (IFC Films, 8/7/20, Limited)
Max Reload and the Nether Blasters (MVD Entertainment Group, 8/7/20, Limited)
Out Stealing Horses (Magnolia Pictures, 8/7/20, Limited)
Paydirt (Uncork’d Entertainment, 8/7/20, Limited)
Psychomagic, a Healing Art (ABKCO, 8/7/20, Limited)
River City Dumbeat (Owsley Brown Presents, 8/7/20, Limited)
SamSam (Blue Fox Entertainment, 8/7/20, Limited)
The Secret Garden (STX Films, 8/7/20, Limited)
She Dies Tomorrow (Neon, 8/7/20, Limited)
Song Without a Name (Film Movement, 8/7/20, Limited)
Spinster (Vertical Entertainment, 8/7/20, Limited)
Sunless Shadows (Cinema Guild, 8/7/20, Limited)
The Tax Collector (RLJE Films, 8/7/20, Limited)
A Thousand Cuts (PBS, 8/7/20, Limited)
Trump Card (Cloudburst Distribution, 8/7/20, Limited)
Uncle Peckerhead (Epic Pictures, 8/7/20, Limited)
Waiting for the Barbarians (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 8/7/20, Limited)
You Never Had It: An Evening With Bukowski (Kino Lorber, 8/7/20, Limited)
Invasion Earth (Midnight Releasing, 8/8/20, Limited)
Limbo (Uncork’d Entertainment, 8/8/20, Limited)
Gripped: Climbing Killer Pillar (1091 Pictures, 8/8/20, Limited)
The Dark End of the Street (Gravitas Ventures, 8/8/20, Limited)
Big Fur (1091 Pictures, 8/11/20, Limited)
Dead Fred (Trinity Creative Partnership, 8/11/20, Limited)
Kat and the Band (Trinity Creative Partnership, 8/11/20, Limited)
Monstrous (Uncork’d Entertainment, 8/11/20, Limited)
Pearl (Quiver Distribution, 8/11/20, Limited)
Jazz on a Summer’S Day (Kino Lorber, 8/11/20, Limited)
Apocalypse ‘45 (Abramorama, 8/14/20, Limited)
The Bay of Silence (Vertical Entertainment, 8/14/20, Limited)
Before the Fire (Dark Sky Films, 8/14/20, Limited)
Boys State (Apple+, 8/14/20, Limited)
Change of Life (Grasshopper Film, 8/14/20, Limited)
Endless (Quiver Distribution, 8/14/20, Limited)
Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story (Gravitas Ventures, 8/14/20, Limited)
Martin Margiela: In His Own Words (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 8/14/20, Limited)
Murder in the Woods (REZINATE Pictures, 8/14/20, Wide)
The One and Only Ivan (Disney+, 8/14/20, Wide)
Project Power (Netflix, 8/14/20, Limited)
Represent (Music Box Films, 8/14/20, Limited)
The Silencing (Saban Films, 8/14/20, Limited)
Sound of Metal (Amazon Studios, 8/14/20, Limited)
Spree (RLJE Films, 8/14/20, Limited)
Sputnik (IFC Midnight, 8/14/20, Limited)
Starting at Zero (Abramorama, 8/14/20, Limited)
The Barge People (RLJE Films, 8/18/20, Limited)
Behind the Line: Escape to Dunkirk (Trinity Creative Partnership, 8/18/20, Limited)
Bombardier Blood (Believe Limited, 8/18/20, Limited)
Clownface (Wild Eye Releasing, 8/18/20, Limited)
Emperor (Universal Pictures, 8/18/20, Limited)
Escape: Puzzle of Fear (Uncork’d Entertainment, 8/18/20, Limited)
A Life of Endless Summers: The Bruce Brown Story (1091 Pictures, 8/18/20, Limited)
Open 24 Hours (4Digital Media, 8/18/20, Limited)
Pretending I’m a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story (Wood Entertainment, 8/18/20, Limited)
Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies (Quiver Distribution, 8/18/20, Limited)
Tracks (1091 Pictures, 8/18/20, Limited)
Coup 53 (Amirani Media, 8/19/20, Limited)
Wonders in the Suburbs (MUBI, 8/19/20, Limited)
Random Acts of Violence (Shudder, 8/20/20, Limited)
The 24th (Vertical Entertainment, 8/21/20, Limited)
African Violet (Venera Films, 8/21/20, Limited)
The August Virgin (Outsider Pictures, 8/21/20, Limited)
Chemical Hearts (Amazon Studios, 8/21/20, Limited)
Cut Throat City (Well Go USA, 8/21/20, Limited)
Dark Circle (First Run Features, 8/21/20, Limited)
Desert One (Greenwich Entertainment, 8/21/20, Limited)
Hard Kill (Vertical Entertainment, 8/21/20, Limited)
The Honeymoon Phase (Dark Sky Films, 8/21/20, Limited)
János Vitéz (Arbelos, 8/21/20, Limited)
Love Express: The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk (Altered Innocence, 8/21/20, Limited)
The Pale Door (RLJE Films, 8/21/20, Limited)
Route One (Icarus Films, 8/21/20, Limited)
The Sleepover (Netflix, 8/21/20, Limited)
Son of the White Mare (Arbelos, 8/21/20, Limited)
Stage Mother (Momentum Pictures, 8/21/20, Limited)
Tesla (IFC Films, 8/21/20, Limited)
Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (Well Go USA, 8/21/20, Limited)
Unhinged (Solstice Studios, 8/21/20, Limited)
The Vanished (Saban Films, 8/21/20, Limited)
Watch List (Dark Star Pictures, 8/21/20, Limited)
Words on Bathroom Walls (Roadside Attractions and LD Entertainment, 8/21/20, Limited)
Benjamin (Artsploitation Films, 8/25/20, Limited)
DieRy (Mailer Tuchman Media, 8/25/20, Limited)
The Prey (Dark Star Pictures, 8/25/20, Limited)
Anbessa (MUBI, 8/26/20, Limited)
Lingua Franca (Array, 8/26/20, Limited)
Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin (Music Box Films, 8/26/20, Limited)
Rising Phoenix (Netflix, 8/26/20, Limited)
Unfit: The Psychology Of Donald Trump (Bronson Park Films, 8/26/20, Limited)
All Together Now (Netflix, 8/28/20, Limited)
Bill & Ted Face the Music (MGM, 8/28/20, Limited)
The Binge (Hulu, 8/28/20, Limited)
Centigrade (IFC Midnight, 8/28/20, Limited)
Driven to Abstraction (Grasshopper Film, 8/28/20, Limited)
Entwined (Dark Star Pictures, 8/28/20, Limited)
Epicentro (Kino Lorber, 8/28/20, Limited)
The Faceless Man (Freedom Cinema, 8/28/20, Limited)
Fatima (Picturehouse, 8/28/20, Limited)
The Garden Left Behind (Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures, 8/28/20, Limited)
Get Duked! (Amazon Studios, 8/28/20, Limited)
Ghost Tropic (Cinema Guild, 8/28/20, Limited)
The Hole (Big World Pictures, 8/28/20, Limited)
House of Cardin (Submarine Entertainment, 8/28/20, Limited)
Matthias & Maxine (MUBI, 8/28/20, Limited)
The New Mutants (20th Century Studios, 8/28/20, Wide)
The Personal History of David Copperfield (Focus Features, 8/28/20, Limited)
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe (Disney+, 8/28/20, Limited)
Rogue (Lionsgate, 8/28/20, Limited)
You Cannot Kill David Arquette (Super LTD, 8/28/20, Limited)

JULY 2020

David Foster: Off the Record (Netflix, 7/1/20, Limited)
The Invincibles (MUBI, 7/2/20, Limited)
Black Magic for White Boys (MPI Media Group, 7/3/20, Limited)
Bungalow (Grasshopper Film, 7/3/20, Limited)
Hamilton (Disney+, 7/3/20, Limited)
Homewrecker (Dark Star Pictures, 7/3/20, Limited)
John Lewis: Good Trouble (Magnolia Pictures, 7/3/20, Limited)
The Outpost (Screen Media Films, 7/3/20, Limited)
The Truth (IFC Films, 7/3/20, Limited)
Family Romance, LLC (MUBI, 7/4/20, Limited)
Belzebuth (Shudder, 7/7/20, Limited)
Browse (FilmRise, 7/7/20, Limited)
Elvis from Outer Space (Giant Pictures, 7/7/20, Limited)
Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo (Universal Pictures, 7/7/20, Limited)
The Medicine (1091 Pictures, 7/7/20, Limited)
Secret Weapon (4Digital Media, 7/7/20, Limited)
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1091 Pictures, 7/7/20, Limited)
Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly (First Run Features, 7/8/20, Limited)
Mucho Mucho Amor (Netflix, 7/8/20, Limited)
The Beach House (Shudder, 7/9/20, Limited)
Archive (Vertical Entertainment, 7/10/20, Limited)
Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (Utopia, 7/10/20, Limited)
Carmilla (Film Movement, 7/10/20, Limited)
A Deadly Legend (Gravitas Ventures, 7/10/20, Limited)
First Cow (A24, 7/10/20, Limited)
Greyhound (Apple TV+, 7/10/20, Limited)
Guest of Honour (Kino Lorber, 7/10/20, Limited)
The Old Guard (Netflix, 7/10/20, Limited)
Never Too Late (Blue Fox Entertainment, 7/10/20, Limited)
Olympia (Abramorama, 7/10/20, Limited)
Palm Springs (Neon and Hulu, 7/10/20, Limited)
Parallax (The Primal Group, 7/10/20, Limited)
Relic (IFC Midnight, 7/10/20, Limited)
Tito (Factory 25, 7/10/20, Limited)
The Tobacconist (Menemsha Films, 7/10/20, Limited)
Volition (Giant Pictures, 7/10/20, Limited)
We Are Little Zombies (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 7/10/20, Limited)
Widow of Silence (Oration, 7/10/20, Limited)
Junun (MUBI, 7/13/20, Limited)
Game of Death (Cleopatra Entertainment, 7/14/20, Limited)
Useless Humans (Quiver Distribution, 7/16/20, Limited)
Fatal Affair (Netflix, 7/16/20, Limited)
Blessed Child (Obscured Pictures, 7/17/20, Limited)
Deany Bean Is Dead (Global Digital Releasing, 7/17/20, Limited)
Dirt Music (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 7/17/20, Limited)
Easy Does It (Gravitas Ventures, 7/17/20, Limited)
Father Soldier Son (Netflix, 7/17/20, Limited)
Flannery (Film Forum, 7/17/20, Limited)
Ghosts of War (Vertical Entertainment, 7/17/20, Limited)
Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On (Abramorama, 7/17/20, Limited)
Mayak (Andreevsky Flag Film Company and Anniko Films, 7/17/20, Limited)
A Nice Girl Like You (Vertical Entertainment, 7/17/20, Limited)
The Painted Bird (IFC Films, 7/17/20, Limited)
Two Ways to Go West (Global Digital Releasing, 7/17/20, Limited)
Battle Scars (Prolific Pictures, 7/21/20, Limited)
The Grand Unified Theory of Harold Bloom (1091 Pictures, 7/21/20, Limited)
Holy Trinity (Full Spectrum Features, 7/24/20, Limited)
The Room (Shudder, 7/24/20, Limited)
Amulet (Magnet Releasing, 7/24/20, Limited)
Babysplitters (Gravitas Ventures, 7/24/20, Limited)
Days of the Whale (Outsider Pictures, 7/24/20, Limited)
Fisherman’s Friends (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 7/24/20, Limited)
Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful (Kino Marquee, 7/24/20, Limited)
Most Wanted (Saban Films, 7/24/20, Limited)
Rad (Utopia, 7/24/20, Limited)
Radioactive (Amazon Studios, 7/24/20, Limited)
Retaliation (Saban Films, 7/24/20, Limited)
The Rental (IFC Films, 7/24/20, Limited)
Yes, God, Yes (Vertical Entertainment, 7/24/20, Limited)
Nose to Tail (1091 Pictures, 7/28/20, Limited)
Stockton on My Mind (HBO Max, 7/28/20, Limited)
Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind (Greenwich Entertainment, 7/29/20, Limited)
Shine Your Eyes (Netflix, 7/29/20, Limited)
Woodland (Freestyle Digital Media, 7/29/20, Limited)
Again Once Again (MUBI, 7/29/20, Limited)
The Big Ugly (Vertical Entertainment, 7/31/20, Limited)
The Cuban (Brainstorm Media, 7/31/20, Limited)
The Fight (Magnolia Pictures, 7/31/20, Limited)
A Girl Missing (Film Movement, 7/31/20, Limited)
Marley (Blue Fox Entertainment, 7/31/20, Limited)
Rebuilding Paradise (National Geographic Documentary Films, 7/31/20, Limited)
The Secret: Dare to Dream (Lionsgate, 7/31/20, Limited)
The Shadow of Violence (Saban Films, 7/31/20, Limited)
Summerland (IFC Films, 7/31/20, Limited)

JUNE 2020

Olla (MUBI, 6/1/20, Limited)
Feral (1091 Pictures, 6/2/20, Limited)
The Infiltrators (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 6/2/20, Limited)
The Price of Desire (Giant Pictures, 6/2/20, Limited)
School Spirits (Freestyle Releasing, 6/2/20, Limited)
2040 (Together Films, 6/2/20, Limited)
The Aerialist (Indie Rights, 6/2/20, Limited)
Spelling the Dream (Netflix, 6/3/20, Limited)
And We Go Green (RadicalMedia, 6/4/20, Limited)
MS Slavic 7 (MUBI, 6/4/20, Limited)
1 Angry Black Man (Freestyle Releasing, 6/5/20, Limited)
Becky (Quiver Distribution, 6/5/20, Limited)
The Collini Case (MPI Media Group, 6/5/20, Limited)
The Dinner Party (Uncork’d Entertainment, 6/5/20, Limited)
Dreamland (Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures, 6/5/20, Limited)
Hammer (Vertical Entertainment, 6/5/20, Limited)
Judy & Punch (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 6/5/20, Limited)
The Last Days of American Crime (Netflix, 6/5/20, Limited)
Shirley (Neon, 6/5/20, Limited)
Tommaso (Kino Lorber, 6/5/20, Limited)
Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day (First Run Features, 6/5/20, Limited)
We Are Freestyle Love Supreme (Hulu, 6/5/20, Limited)
Yourself and Yours (Cinema Guild, 6/5/20, Limited)
Here Awhile (1091 Pictures, 6/9/20, Limited)
Return to Hardwick (Gravitas Ventures, 6/9/20, Limited)
Seadrift (First Run Features, 6/9/20, Limited)
This Teacher (Breaking Glass Pictures, 6/9/20, Limited)
A Thousand Miles Behind (Level 33 Entertainment, 6/9/20, Limited)
You Don’t Nomi (RLJE Films, 6/9/20, Limited)
Artemis Fowl (Disney+, 6/12/20, Limited)
The Ascent (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 6/12/20, Limited)
Aviva (Outsider Pictures and Strand Releasing, 6/12/20, Limited)
Black Ops (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 6/12/20, Limited)
Da 5 Bloods (Netflix, 6/12/20, Limited)
Darkness Falls (Vertical Entertainment, 6/12/20, Limited)
Exit Plan (Screen Media Films, 6/12/20, Limited)
For They Know Not What They Do (First Run Features, 6/12/20, Limited)
Gulabo Sitabo (Amazon Prime, 6/12/20, Limited)
Hill of Freedom (Grasshopper film, 6/12/20, Limited)
Infamous (Vertical Entertainment, 6/12/20, Limited)
The Killing Floor (Film Movement, 6/12/20, Limited)
The King of Staten Island (Universal Pictures, 6/12/20, Limited)
Marona’s Fantastic Tale (GKIDS, 6/12/20, Limited)
Mr. Topaze (Film Movement Classics, 6/12/20, Limited)
My First and Last Film (Live Wire Productions, 6/12/20, Limited)
Sometimes Always Never (Blue Fox Entertainment, 6/12/20, Limited)
The Soul Collector (Shout! Studios, 6/12/20, Limited)
The Surrogate (Monument Releasing, 6/12/20, Limited)
Driven (Uncork’d Entertainment, 6/16/20, Limited)
Mope (Quiver Distribution, 6/16/20, Limited)
Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth (1091 Pictures, 6/16/20, Limited)
The Short History of the Long Road (FilmRise, 6/16/20, Limited)
Tainted (Epic Pictures, 6/16/20, Limited)
7500 (Amazon Studios, 6/18/20, Limited
Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn (HBO, 6/18/20, Limited)
The Day After I’m Gone (MUBI, 6/18/20, Limited))
Babyteeth (IFC Films, 6/19/20, Limited)
Creating a Character: The Moni Yakim Legacy (First Run Features, 6/19/20, Limited)
Disclosure (Netflix, 6/19/20, Limited)
I Am Vengeance: Retaliation (Saban Films, 6/19/20, Limited)
Miss Juneteenth (Vertical Entertainment, 6/19/20, Limited)
Mr. Jones (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 6/19/20, Limited)
Picture of His Life (Oded Horowitz and Panorama Films, 6/19/20, Limited)
The Pollinators (1091 Pictures, 6/19/20, Limited)
Queen of Lapa (Factory 25, 6/19/20, Limited)
Wasp Network (Netflix, 6/19/20, Limited)
Woman on the Beach (Grasshopper Film, 6/19/20, Limited)
You Should Have Left (Universal Pictures, 6/19/20, Wide)
Daddy Issues (Gravitas Ventures, 6/23/20, Limited)
The Dead and the Others (MUBI, 6/23/20, Limited)
Devil’s Night (Kyyba Films, 6/23/20, Limited)
The Ghost of Peter Sellers (1091 Pictures, 6/23/20, Limited)
Nobody Knows I’m Here (Netflix, 6/23/20, Limited)
Two Heads Creek (The Horror Collective, 6/23/20, Limited)
The 11th Green (Joma Films, 6/26/20, Limited)
All I Can Say (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 6/26/20, Limited)
The Audition (Strand Releasing, 6/26/20, Limited)
Beats (Music Box Films, 6/26/20, Limited)
Followed (Global View Entertainment, 6/26/20, Limited)
House of Hummingbird (Well Go USA, 6/26/20, Limited)
Irresistible (Focus Features, 6/26/20, Limited)
My Spy (Amazon Studios, 6/26/20, Limited)
No Small Matter (Abramorama, 6/26/20, Limited)
A Regular Woman (Corinth Films, 6/26/20, Limited)
Run with the Hunted (Vertical Entertainment, 6/26/20, Limited)
Shanghai Triad (Film Movement, 6/30/20, Limited)
Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America (Open Door Productions LLC, 6/28/20, Limited)
Baby Frankenstein (Wild Eye Releasing, 6/30/20, Limited)
Beyond Skiing Everest (1091 Pictures, 6/30/20, Limited)
Eating Up Easter (Music Box Films, 6/30/20, Limited)
Force of Nature (Lionsgate, 6/30/20, Limited)
Skyman (Gravitas Ventures, 6/30/20, Limited)
Viena and the Fantomes (UPHE, 6/30/20, Limited)
Welcome to Chechnya (HBO, 6/30/20, Limited)

MAY 2020

Bull (Samuel Goldwyn Pictures, 5/1/20, Limited)
Capital in the Twenty-First Century (Kino Lorber, 5/1/20, Limited)
Closeness (Kino Lorber, 5/1/20, Limited)
Deerskin (Greenwich Entertainment, 5/1/20, Limited)
The Flood (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 5/1/20, Limited)
For the Love of Jesse (Bridgestone Multimedia, 5/1/20, Limited)
The Infiltrators (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 5/1/20, Limited)
Liberté (Cinema Guild, 5/1/20, Limited)
Our Mothers (Outsider Pictures, 5/1/20, Limited)
Sword of God (Film Movement, 5/1/20, Limited)
The Wretched (IFC Midnight, 5/1/20, Limited)
Beanpole (MUBI, 5/1/20, Limited)
Arkansas (Lionsgate, 5/5/20, Limited)
Blue Story (Paramount Pictures, 5/5/20, Limited)
Human Zoo (from Wild Eye Releasing, 5/5/20, Limited)
Jack in the Box (4Digital Media, 5/5/20, Limited)
Lancaster Skies (Shout! Studios, 5/5/20, Limited)
Raising Buchanan (Gravitas Ventures, 5/5/20, Limited)
Working Man (Brainstorm Media, 5/5/20, Limited)
Becoming (Netlifx, 5/6/20, Limited)
The Delicacy (SOMM TV, 5/7/20, Limited)
Driveways (FilmRise, 5/7/20, Limited)
Batsh*t Bride (Freestyle Releasing, 5/8/20, Limited)
Crshd (Lightyear Entertainment, 5/8/20, Limited)
Clementine (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 5/8/20, Limited)
A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (Film Movement, 5/8/20, Limited)
How to Build a Girl (IFC Films, 5/8/20, Limited)
The Legion (Saban Films, 5/8/20, Limited)
On a Magical Night (Strand Releasing, 5/8/20, Limited)
Rewind (Independent Lens, 5/8/20, Limited)
Spaceship Earth (Neon, 5/8/20, Limited)
Sweetness in the Belly (Gravitas Ventures, 5/8/20, Limited)
Valley Girl (Orion Pictures, 5/8/20, Limited)
Walkaway Joe (Quiver Distribution, 5/8/20, Limited)
Capone (Vertical Entertainment, 5/12/20, Limited)
The Wrong Missy (Netflix, 5/13/20, Limited)
Caro Diario (Film Movement, 5/15/20, Limited)
Fourteen (Grasshopper Film, 5/15/20, Limited)
Proximity (Shout! Studios, 5/15/20, Limited)
Scoob! (Warner Bros., 5/15/20, Limited)
Seberg (Amazon Studios, 5/15/20, Limited)
The Wolf House (KimStim, 5/15/20, Limited)
American Trial: The Eric Garner Story (Passion River, 5/18/20, Limited)
Torpedo U-235 (Epic Pictures, 5/21/20, Limited)
Land of Little Rivers (Cinema Libre Studio, 5/21/20, Limited)
StarDog and TurboCat (Viva Pictures, 5/21/20, Limited)
Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy (Greenwich Entertainment, 5/22/20, Limited)
The Haunted (Vertical Entertainment, 5/22/20, Limited)
Inheritance (Vertical Entertainment, 5/22/20, Limited)
Joan of Arc (KimStim, 5/22/20, Limited)
The Lovebirds (Netflix, 5/22/20, Limited)
Lucky Grandma (Good Deed Entertainment, 5/22/20, Limited)
Man in Camo (Freestyle Releasing, 5/22/20, Limited)
Military Wives (Bleecker Street, 5/22/20, Limited)
Mysteries of Lisbon (Music Box Films, 5/22/20, Limited)
The Painter and the Thief (Lionsgate, 5/22/20, Limited)
Survive the Night (Lionsgate, 5/22/20, Limited)
A Towering Task (First Run Features, 5/22/20, Limited)
The Trip to Greece (IFC Films, 5/22/20, Limited)
Villain (Saban Films, 5/22/20, Limited)
Crystal Swan (MUBI, 5/23/20, Limited)
Funny Pains (Passion River Films, 5/26/20, Limited)
I Will Make You Mine (Gravitas Ventures, 5/26/20, Limited)
Screened Out (Dark Star Pictures, 5/26/20, Limited)
Angelfish (Dark Star Pictures, 5/27/20, Limited)
I’m No Longer Here (Netflix, 5/27/20, Limited)
On the Record (HBO Max, 5/27/20, Limited)
Around the World When You Were My Age (MUBI, 5/28/20, Limited)
Botero (Corinth Films, 5/29/20, Limited)
Debt Collectors (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 5/29/20, Limited)
End of Sentence (Gravitas Ventures, 5/29/20, Limited)
The Grey Fox (Kino Lorber, 5/29/20, Limited)
The High Note (Focus Features, 5/29/20, Limited)
Papicha (Distrib Films, 5/29/20, Limited)
Stage: The Culinary Internship (Cargo Film & Releasing, 5/29/20, Limited)
Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own (Icarus Films, 5/29/20, Limited)
The Vast of Night (Amazon Studios, 5/29/20, Limited)

APRIL 2020

Nona, If They Soak Me, I’ll Burn Them (MUBI, 4/2/20, Limited)
Almost Love (Vertical Entertainment, 4/3/20, Limited)
Butt Boy (Epic Pictures, 4/3/20, Limited)
Clover (Freestyle Digital Releasing, 4/3/20, Limited)
It Started As a Joke (Gravitas Ventures, 4/3/20, Limited)
The Other Lamb (IFC Films, 4/3/20, Limited)
Rogue Warfare: The Hunt (Saban Films, 4/3/20, Limited)
About a Teacher (Hanan Harchol Productions LLC, 4/3/20, Limited)
The Grand Bizarre (MUBI, 4/9/20, Limited)
Blush (Gravitas Ventures, 4/10/20, Limited)
The Lost Husband (Quiver Distribution, 4/10/20, Limited)
Sea Fever (Gunpowder & Sky, 4/10/20, Limited)
Stray Dolls (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/10/20, Limited)
Tape (Full Moon Films, 4/10/20, Limited)
Trolls World Tour (Universal Pictures, 4/10/20, Wide)
We Summon the Darkness (Saban Films, 4/10/20, Limited)
Why Don’t You Just Die (Arrow Films, 4/10/20, Limited)
Bias (1091 Pictures, 4/14/20, Wide)
Abe (Blue Fox Entertainment, 4/17/20, Limited)
Bad Therapy (Gravitas Ventures, 4/17/20, Limited)
Behind You (Vertical Entertainment, 4/17/20, Limited)
Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint (Zeitgeist Films, 4/17/20, Limited)
The Quarry (Lionsgate and Grindstone, 4/17/20, Limited)
Selah and the Spades (Amazon Studios, 4/17/20, Limited)
Sergio (Netflix, 4/17/20, Limited)
A White, White Day (Film Movement, 4/17/20, Limited)
Ghost Town Anthology (MUBI, 4/21/20, Limited)
Himalyan Ice (1091 Pictures, 4/21/20, Limited)
Circus of Books (Netflix, 4/22/20, Limited)
1BR (Dark Sky Films, 4/24/20, Limited)
Braking for Whales (Gravitas Ventures, 4/24/20, Limited)
Extraction (Netflix, 4/24/20, Limited)
Someone, Somewhere (Distrib Films, 4/24/20, Limited)
Thousand Pieces of Gold (Kino Marquee, 4/24/20, Limited)
To the Stars (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 4/24/20, Limited)
The True History of the Kelly Gang (IFC Films, 4/24/20, Limited)
Blood Quantum (Shudder, 4/28/20, Limited)
Until the Birds Return (1091 Pictures, 4/28/20, Limited)
Vanilla (Gravitas Ventures, 4/28/20, Limited)
Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story (Netflix, 4/29/20, Limited)
A Secret Love (Netflix, 4/29/20, Limited)
Dangerous Lies (Netflix, 4/30/20, Limited)
Russian Youth (MUBI, 4/30/20, Limited)

MARCH 2020

Sorry We Missed You (Zeitgeist Films and Kino Lorber, 3/4/20, NY)
Bacurau (Kino Lorber, 3/6/20, Limited)
Beneath Us (MultiVisionnaire Media, 3/6/20, Limited)
The Booksellers (Greenwich Entertainment, 3/6/20, Limited)
The Burnt Orange Heresy (Sony Pictures Classics, 3/6/20, Limited)
The Dark Red (Dark Sky Films, 3/6/20, Limited)
Escape from Pretoria (Momentum Pictures, 3/6/20, Limited)
Extra Ordinary (Cranked Up Films, 3/6/20, Limited)
Final Kill (Cinedigm, 3/6/20, Limited)
First Cow (A24, 3/6/20, Limited)
Go Back to China (Gravitas Ventures, 3/6/20, Limited)
Hope Gap (Screen Media Films, 3/6/20, Limited)
Made in Hong Kong (Metrograph Pictures, 3/6/20, Limited)
Onward (Walt Disney Pictures, 3/6/20, Wide)
Run This Town (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 3/6/20, Limited)
Sometimes Always Never (Blue Fox Entertainment, 3/6/20, Limited)
Swallow (IFC Films, 3/6/20, Limited)
Transference (Epic Pictures, 3/6/20, LA)
The Way Back (Warner Bros., 3/6/20, Wide)
The Wild Goose Lake (Film Movement, 3/6/20, NY)
Big Time Adolescence (Neon and Hulu, 3/13/20, Limited)
Bloodshot (Columbia Pictures, 3/13/20, Wide)
The Grizzlies (Elevation Pictures, 3/13/20, Limited)
Heimat Is a Space in Time (Icarus Films, 3/13/20, NY)
Human Nature (Greenwich Entertainment, 3/13/20, Limited)
The Hunt (Universal Pictures, 3/13/20, Wide)
Inside the Rain (Sky Island Films, 3/13/20, Limited)
I Still Believe (Lionsgate, 3/13/20, Wide)
Lost Girls (Netflix, 3/13/20, Limited)
Lost Transmissions (Gravitas Ventures, 3/13/20, Limited)
Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Focus Features, 3/13/20, Limited)
The Postcard Killings (RLJE Films, 3/13/20, Limited)
Ride Like a Girl (Saban Films, 3/13/20, Limited)
The Roads Not Taken (Bleecker Street, 3/13/20, Limited)
Slay the Dragon (Magnolia Pictures, 3/13/20, Limited)
Stargirl (Disney+, 3/13/20, Limited)
Tuscaloosa (Cinedigm, 3/13/20, Limited)
The Banker (Apple TV+, 3/20/20, Limited)
Blow the Man Down (Amazon Studios, 3/20/20, Limited)
Hooking Up (Saban Films, 3/20/20, Limited)
Human Capital (Vertical Entertainment, 3/20/20, Limited)
Phoenix, Oregon (Aspiration Entertainment, 3/20/20, Limited)
There’s Something in the Water (Netflix, 3/20/20, Limited)
Banana Split (Vertical Entertainment, 3/27/20, Limited)
Resistance (IFC Films, 3/27/20, Limited)
Vivarium (Saban Films, 3/27/20, Limited)


2/1 (Gravitas Ventures, 2/7/20, Limited)
And Then We Danced (Music Box Films, 2/7/20, Limited)
Birds of Prey (Warner Bros., 2/7/20, Wide)
Cane River (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 2/7/20, Limited)
Come to Daddy (Saban Films, 2/7/20, Limited)
Jiang Ziya (Well Go USA, 2/7/20, Limited)
The Lodge (Neon, 2/7/20, Limited)
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (Cohen Media Group, 2/7/20, NY)
Waiting for Anya (Vertical Entertainment, 2/7/20, Limited)
Your Name (Funimation, 2/7/20, NY)
The Doors: Break on Thru – A Celebration of Ray Manzarek (Trafalgar Releasing, 2/12/20, NY)
To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (Netflix, 2/12/20, Limited)
After Midnight (Cranked Up, 2/14/20, Limited)
Buffaloed (Magnolia Pictures, 2/14/20, Limited)
Camp Cold Brook (Shout! Studios, 2/14/20, Limited)
Come As You Are (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2/14/20, Limited)
The Cordillera of Dreams (Icarus Films, 2/14/20, NY)
Downhill (Searchlight Pictures, 2/14/20, Limited)
Fantasy Island (Columbia Pictures, 2/14/20, Wide)
First Lady (ArtAffects Entertainment, 2/14/20, Limited)
Impossible Monsters (Cinema Village, 2/14/20, NY)
L’innocente (Film Movement, 2/14/20, NY/LA)
I Was at Home, But… (Cinema Guild, 2/14/20, NY)
The Kidness of Strangers (Vertical Entertainment, 2/14/20, Limited)
The Misogynists (Factory 25, 2/14/20, NY)
Olympic Dreams (IFC Films, 2/14/20, Limited)
Ordinary Love (Bleecker Street, 2/14/20, Limited)
The Photograph (Universal Pictures, 2/14/20, Wide)
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Neon, 2/14/20, Limited)
The Rest of Us (Gravitas Ventures, 2/14/20, Limited)
A Simple Wedding (Blue Fox Entertainment, 2/14/20, Limited)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Paramount Pictures, 2/14/20, Wide)
Spy Intervention (Cinedigm, 2/14/20, Limited)
The Times of Bill Cunningham (Greenwich Entertainment, 2/14/20, Limited)
You Go to My Head (First Run Features, 2/14/20, NY)
What About Love (XLI Studios, 2/14/20, Wide)
Corpus Christi (Film Movement, 2/19/20, NY)
The State Against Mandela and the Others (Artification, 2/19/20, NY)
Balloon (Distrib Films, 2/21/20, NY)
Brahms: The Boy II (STX Films, 2/21/20, Wide)
Cabaret Maxime (The Metrograph, 2/21/20, NY)
The Call of the Wild (20th Century Fox, 2/21/20, Wide)
Come and See (Janus Films, 2/21/20, NY)
Emma (Focus Features, 2/21/20, Limited)
Goldie (Film Movement, 2/21/20, Limited)
The Last Thing He Wanted (Netflix, 2/21/20, Limited)
My Boyfriend’s Meds (Pantelion Films, 2/21/20, Wide)
The Night Clerk (Saban Films, 2/21/20, Limited)
Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band (Magnolia Pictures, 2/21/20, Limited)
Premature (IFC Films, 2/21/20, Limited)
Seberg (Amazon Studios, 2/21/20, Limited)
Standing Up, Falling Down (Shout! Factory, 2/21/20, Limited)
Vitalina Varela (Grasshopper Film, 2/21/20, NY)
Young Ahmed (Kino Lorber, 2/21/20, Limited)
Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street (Virgil Films, 2/27/20, LA)
Blood on Her Name (Vertical Entertainment, 2/28/20, Limited)
Burden (101 Studios, 2/28/20, Limited)
Disappearance at Clifton Hill (IFC Films, 2/28/20, Limited)
A Fine Line (Zoel Productions, 2/28/20, NY)
Greed (Sony Pictures Classics, 2/28/20, NY/LA)
Guns Akimbo (Saban Films, 2/28/20, Limited)
The Invisible Man (Universal Pictures, 2/28/20, Wide)
The Jesus Rolls (Screen Media Films, 2/28/19, Limited)
Saint Frances (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 2/28/20, Limited)
Straight Up (Strand Releasing, 2/28/20, NY)
Tread (Gravitas Ventures, 2/28/20, Limited)
Wendy (Searchlight Pictures, 2/28/20, Limited)
The Whistlers (Magnolia Pictures, 2/28/20, Limited)


Advocate (Film Movement, 1/3/20, NY)
The Grudge (Screen Gems, 1/3/20, Wide)
System K (Artification, 1/8/20, NY)
Afterward (1091 Pictures, 1/10/20, NY)
Chhapaak (Fox Star Studios, 1/10/20, Limited)
The Corrupted (Saban Films, 1/10/20, Limited)
Earth (KimStim, 1/10/20, Limited)
Inherit the Viper (Lionsgate, 1/10/20, Limited)
Like a Boss (Paramount Pictures, 1/10/20, Wide)
Les Misérables (Amazon Studios, 1/10/20, Limited)
The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson (Quiver Distribution, 1/10/20, Limited)
Reality Queen (High Octane Pictures, 1/10/20, NY)
The Sonata (Screen Media Films, 1/10/20, Limited)
Three Christs (IFC Films, 1/10/20, Limited)
Underwater (20th Century Fox, 1/10/20, Wide)
The Woman Who Loves Giraffes (Zeitgeist Films, 1/10/20, NY)
Ashlight (Capelight Picturs, 1/17/20, Limited)
Bad Boys for Life (Columbia Pictures, 1/17/20, Wide)
Disturbing the Peace (Momentum Pictures, 1/17/20, Limited)
Dolittle (Universal Pictures, 1/17/20, Wide)
Feedback (Blue Fox Entertainment, 1/17/20, Limited)
The Host (Vertical Entertainment, 1/17/20, Limited)
Intrigo: Death of an Author (Lionsgate, 1/17/20, Limited)
Troop Zero (Amazon Studios, 1/17/20, Limited)
VHYes (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 1/17/20, Limited)
The Wave (Epic Pictures, 1/17/20, Limited)
Weathering with You (GKIDS, 1/17/20, Limited)
Guns of the Trees (Anthology Film Archives, 1/23/20, NY)
Color Out of Space (RLJE Films, 1/24/20, Limited)
Elsewhere (Freestyle Releasing, 1/24/20, Limited)
Emerald Run (Avail Entertainment, 1/24/20, Limited)
The Gentlemen (STX Films, 1/24/20, Wide)
Get Gone (Cleopatra Entertainment, 1/24/20, Limited)
I Wish I Knew (Kino Lorber, 1/24/20, NY)
John Henry (Saban Films, 1/24/20, Limited)
The Last Full Measure (Roadside Attractions, 1/24/20, Limited)
The Man Standing Next (Capelight Pictures, 1/24/20, LA)
Quezon’s Game (Star Cinema, 1/24/20, Limited)
The Rescue (CMC Pictures, 1/24/20, Limited)
The Turning (Universal Pictures, 1/24/20, Wide)
Zombi Child (Film Movement, 1/24/20, NY)
Beanpole (Kino Lorber, 1/29/20, NY)
The Assistant (Bleecker Street, 1/31/20, Limited)
Coda (Gravitas Ventures, 1/31/20, Limited)
Gretel & Hansel (Orion Pictures, 1/31/20, Wide)
Incitement (Greenwich Entertainment, 1/31/20, NY)
José (Outsider Pictures, 1/31/20, NY)
Miss Americana (Netflix, 1/31/20, Limited)
New York, New York (Park Circus, 1/31/20, NY)
The Rhythm Section (Paramount Pictures, 1/31/20, Wide)
The Traitor (Sony Pictures Classics, 1/31/20, Limited)


Empty Metal (Factory 25, 12/5/19, NY)
The Aeronauts (Amazon Studios, 12/6/19, Limited)
After Class (Gravitas Ventures, 12/6/19, Limited)
The Banker (Apple, 12/6/19, Limited)
Daniel Isn’t Real (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 12/6/19, Limited)
The Disappearance of My Mother (Kino Lorber, 12/6/19, NY)
En Brazos de un Asesino (Pantelion Films, 12/6/19, Limited)
A German Youth (Big World Pictures, 12/6/19, NY)
Grand Isle (Screen Media Films, 12/6/19, Limited)
Playmobil: The Movie (STX Films, 12/6/19, Wide)
In Fabric (A24, 12/6/19, Limited)
Knives and Skin (IFC Films, 12/6/19, Limited)
Little Joe (Magnolia Pictures, 12/6/19, Limited)
The Mandela Effect (Gravitas Ventures, 12/6/19, LA)
Midnight Family (1091 Pictures, 12/6/19, Limited)
A New Christmas (Cinedigm, 12/6/19, Limited)
I See You (Saban Films, 12/6/19, Limited)
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Neon, 12/6/19, Limited)
Trauma Center (Lionsgate, 12/6/19, Limited)
When Lambs Become Lions (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 12/6/19, NY)
The Wolf Hour (Brainstorm Media, 12/6/19, Limited)
6 Underground (Netflix, 12/13/19, Limited)
Black Christmas (Universal Pictures, 12/13/19, Wide)
Bombshell (Lionsgate, 12/13/19, Wide)
Chinese Portrait (Cinema Guild, 12/13/19, NY)
Code 8 (Vertical Entertainment, 12/13/19, Limited)
Cunningham (Magnolia Pictures, 12/13/19, Limited)
Colewell (Gravitas Ventures, 12/13/19, Limited)
The Great War (Saban Films, 12/13/19, Limited)
A Hidden Life (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 12/13/19, Limited)
Jumanji: The Next Level (Columbia Pictures, 12/13/19, Wide)
Line of Descent (Gravitas Ventures, 12/13/19, Limited)
Mob Town (Saban Films, 12/13/19, Limited)
Rabid (Shout! Studios, 12/13/19, Limited)
Richard Jewell (Warner Bros., 12/13/19, Wide)
Seberg (Amazon Studios, 12/13/19, Limited)
Uncut Gems (A24, 12/13/19, Limited)
We Summon the Darkness (Saban Films, 12/13/19, Limited)
Broken Dreams (Smoking Mirror Productions, 12/20/19, NY)
Cats (Universal Pictures, 12/20/19, Wide)
The Europeans (Cohen Media Group, 12/20/19, NY)
Invisible Life (Amazon Studios, 12/20/19, Limited)
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Walt Disney Pictures, 12/20/19, Wide)
1917 (Universal Pictures, 12/25/19, Wide)
Ip Man 4: The Finale (Well Go USA, 12/25/19, Limited)
Just Mercy (Warner Bros., 12/25/19, Wide)
Little Women (Columbia Pictures, 12/25/19, Wide)
The Song of Names (Sony Pictures Classics, 12/25/19, Limited)
Spies in Disguise (20th Century Fox, 12/25/19, Wide)
What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael (Juno Films, 12/25/19, NY)
Clemency (Neon, 12/27/19, Limited)


Adopt a Highway (RLJE Films, 11/1/19, Limited)
American Dharma (Utopia, 11/1/19, Limited)
American Son (Netflix, 11/1/19, Limited)
Arctic Dogs (Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures, 11/1/19, Wide)
Badland (Cinedigm, 11/1/19, Limited)
Cubby (Breaking Glass Pictures, 11/1/19, Limited)
Earthquake Bird (Netflix, 11/1/19, Limited)
Eminence Hill (Uncork’d Entertainment, 11/1/19, Limited)
The Etruscan Smile (Lightyear Entertainment, 11/1/19, NY)
Harriet (Focus Features, 11/1/19, Limited)
Inside Game (Raw Milk and iDreamMachine, 11/1/19, Limited)
The Irishman (Netflix, 11/1/19, Limited)
Light from Light (Grasshopper Film, 11/1/19, NY)
Motherless Brooklyn (Warner Bros., 11/1/19, Wide)
Mrs. Lowry & Son (Cleopatra Entertainment, 11/1/19, NY)
Spell (Dark Star Pictures, 11/1/19, Limited)
Terminator: Dark Fate (Paramount Pictures, 11/1/19, Wide)
To Be of Service (First Run Features, 11/1/19, NY)
Marriage Story (Netflix, 11/6/19, Limited)
16 Bars (Lightyear Entertainment, 11/8/19, Limited)
Acceleration (Cinedigm, 11/8/19, Limited)
The All-Americans (Delirio Films, 11/8/19, Limited)
The Apollo (HBO Documentary Films, 11/8/19, Limited)
Cold Brook (Vertical Entertainment, 11/8/19, Limited)
Crown Vic (Screen Media Films, 11/8/19, NY)
Danger Close (Saban Films, 11/8/19, Limited)
Doctor Sleep (Warner Bros., 11/8/19, Wide)
A Fish in the Bathtub (Cohen Media Group, 11/8/19, NY)
Good Girls Get High (Go90, 11/8/19, Limited)
Honey Boy (Amazon Studios, 11/8/19, Wide)
The Kingmaker (Showtime, 11/8/19, Limited)
Klaus (Netflix, 11/8/19, Limited)
Last Christmas (Universal Pictures, 11/8/19, Wide)
Let It Snow (Netflix, 11/8/19, Limited)
Love Is Blind (Uncork’d Entertainment, 11/8/19, Limited)
Midway (Summit Entertainment, 11/8/19, Wide)
Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man (Kew Media Group, 11/8/19, LA)
My Home in India (Cinema Village, 11/8/19, NY)
Playing with Fire (Paramount Pictures, 11/8/19, Wide)
Primal (Lionsgate, 11/8/19, Limited)
Sunday Girl (Crestmont Pictures, 11/8/19, NY)
Tokyo Twilight (Janus Films, 11/8/19, NY)
Watson (Participant Media, 11/8/19, NY)
Lady and the Tramp (Disney+, 11/12/19, Limited)
Mickey and the Bear (Utopia, 11/13/19, NY)
Atlantics (Netflix, 11/15/19, Limited)
Bluebird (Cleopatra Entertainment, 11/15/19, Limited)
Charlie’s Angels (Columbia Pictures, 11/15/19, Wide)
Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops (Cinema Village, 11/15/19, NY)
Everybody’s Everything (Gunpowder & Sky, 11/15/19, Limited)
Feast of the Seven Fishes (Shout! Studios, 11/15/19, Limited)
Ford v Ferrari (20th Century Fox, 11/15/19, Wide)
The Good Liar (Warner Bros., 11/15/19, Wide)
The Hottest August (Grasshopper Film, 11/15/19, NY/LA)
Line of Duty (Saban Films, 11/15/19, Limited)
I Lost My Body (Netflix, 11/15/19, Limited)
The Portal (Cinema Village, 11/15/19, NY)
Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project (Kino Lorber, 11/15/19, Limited)
A Reindeer’s Journey (Screen Media Films, 11/15/19, Limited)
The Report (Amazon Studios, 11/15/19, Limited)
Scandalous (Magnolia Pictures, 11/15/19, Limited)
Sequestrada (Strand Releasing, 11/15/19, NY/LA)
The Shed (RLJE Films, 11/15/19, NY)
To Kid or Not to Kid (Helpman Productions, 11/15/19, NY)
Turkey Bowl (Lionsgate, 11/15/19, Limited)
The Warrior Queen of Jhansi (Roadside Attractions, 11/15/19, Limited)
Waves (A24, 11/15/19, Limited)
3022 (Saban Films, 11/22/19, Limited)
21 Bridges (STX Films, 11/22/19, Wide)
Age Out (Gravitas Ventures, 11/22/19, Limited)
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (TriStar Pictures, 11/22/19, Limited)
Citizen K (Greenwich Entertainment, 11/22/19, LA)
The Courier (Lionsgate, 11/22/19, Limited)
Dark Waters (Focus Features, 11/22/19, Limited)
Duet for Cannibals (Metrograph Pictures, 11/22/19, NY)
Frozen II (Walt Disney Pictures, 11/22/19, Wide)
Hala (Apple TV+, 11/22/19, Limited)
Shooting the Mafia (Cohen Media Group, 11/22/19, Limited)
Varda by Agnès (Janus Films, 11/22/19, Limited)
When Lambs Become Lions (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 11/22/19, LA)
63 Up (BritBox, 11/27/19, NY)
Knives Out (Lionsgate, 11/27/19, Wide)
Queen & Slim (Universal Pictures, 11/27/19, Wide)
The Two Popes (Netflix, 11/27/19, Limited)
After Parkland (Kino Lorber, 11/29/19, Limited)
Cavale (Subliminal Films, 11/29/19, NY)
Feast of the Epiphany (Reverse Shot, 11/29/19, NY)
Melody Makers (Cleopatra Entertainment, 11/29/19, Limited)
My Friend the Polish Girl (Subliminal Films, 11/29/19, NY)
Temblores (Film Movement, 11/29/19, NY)
White Snake (GKIDS, 11/29/19, Limited)
Ximei (Cinema Village, 11/29/19, NY)


Celebration (KimStim, 10/2/19, NY)
Collisions (Widdershins Film, 10/4/19, LA)
Cuck (Gravitas Ventures, 10/4/19, Limited)
Dilili In Paris (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 10/4/19, Limited)
Dolemite Is My Name (Netflix, 10/4/19, Limited)
Gregory’s Girl (Film Movement, 10/4/19, NY)
Joker (Warner Bros., 10/4/19, Wide)
Harpoon (Epic Pictures, 10/4/19, Limited)
In the Tall Grass (Netflix, 10/4/19, Limited)
A Kid from Coney Island (Village East, 10/4/19, NY)
Low Tide (A24, 10/4/19, Limited)
Lucy in the Sky (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 10/4/19, Limited)
Memory: The Origins of Alien (Screen Media Films, 10/4/19, Limited)
On the President’s Orders (PBS Frontline, 10/4/19, NY)
Pain and Glory (Sony Pictures Classics, 10/4/19, Limited)
The Parts You Lose (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 10/4/19, Limited)
Pretenders (Cleopatra Entertainment, 10/4/19, Limited)
Rogue Warfare (Saban Films, 10/4/19, Limted)
Semper Fi (Lionsgate, 10/4/19, Limited)
Wallflower (Passion River Films, 10/4/19, NY)
Wrinkles the Clown (Magnet Releasing, 10/4/19, Limited)
The Addams Family (MGM, 10/11/19, Wide)
Along Came the Devil 2 (Gravitas Ventures, 10/11/19, Limited)
Cinderella and the Secret Prince (Shout! Studios, 10/11/19, Limited)
The Dead Center (Arrow Films, 10/11/19, Limited)
Emanuel (Village East, 10/11/19, Village East)
Fantastic Fungi (Village East, 10/11/19, NY)
Fractured (Netflix, 10/11/19, Limited)
Gemini Man (Paramount Pictures, 10/11/19, Wide)
A German Youth (Big World Pictures, 10/11/19, LA)
Gift (Matson Films, 10/11/19, NY)
The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash (Double Exposure, 10/11/19, NY)
Holiday Hell (Uncork’d Entertainment, 10/11/19, LA)
In My Room (Grasshopper Film, 10/11/19, NY)
Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus (Kino Lorber, 10/11/19, NY)
Jexi (CBS Films, 10/11/19, Wide)
The King (Netflix, 10/11/19, Limited)
Lucky Day (Lionsgate, 10/11/19, Limited)
Mary (RLJE Films, 10/11/19, Limited)
Mister America (Magnolia Pictures, 10/11/19, Limited)
Parasite (Neon, 10/11/19, Limited)
Echoes of Fear (Artist Rights Distribution, 10/11/19, LA)
Jay & Silent Bob Reboot (Saban Films, 10/16/19, Limited)
Stuffed (Music Box Films, 10/16/19, NY)
By the Grace of God (Music Box Films, 10/18/19, Limited)
The Captain (Well Go USA, 10/18/19, NY)
The Cave (National Geographic Documentary Films, 10/18/19, NY)
Cyrano, My Love (Roadside Attractions, 10/18/19, Limited)
The Dark Place (Breaking Glass Pictures, 10/18/19, NY)
The Elephant Queen (Apple TV+, 10/18/19, Limited)
Fiddlin’ (Utopia, 10/18/19, NY/LA)
Greener Grass (IFC Midnight, 10/18/19, Limited)
Jojo Rabbit (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 10/18/19, Limited)
The Lighthouse (A24, 10/18/19, Limited)
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Walt Disney Pictures, 10/18/19, Wide)
Miss Virginia (Vertical Entertainment, 10/18/19, Limited)
Rezo (Stage Russia, 10/18/19, NY)
Sátántangó (Arbelos, 10/18/19, NY)
Serendipity (Cohen Media Group, 10/18/19, NY/LA)
Tell Me Who I Am (Netflix, 10/18/19, Limited)
Trick (RLJE Films, 10/18/19, Limited)
Zombieland 2: Double Tap (Columbia Pictures, 10/18/19, Wide)
Black and Blue (Screen Gems, 10/25/19, Wide)
Burning Cane (Array, 10/25/19, NY)
The Cat and the Moon (FilmRise, 10/25/19, NY/LA)
Countdown (STX Films, 10/25/19, Wide)
Downtown 81 (Metrograph Pictures, 10/25/19, NY)
Farming (Momentum Pictures, 10/25/19, Limited)
Frankie (Sony Pictures Classics, 10/25/19, Limited)
The Gallows Act II (Lionsgate, 10/25/19, Limited)
Gay Chorus Deep South (MTV Documentary Films, 10/25/19, LA)
The Girl on the Third Floor (Dark Sky Films, 10/25/19, Limited)
The Great Alaskan Race (P12 Films, 10/25/19, Limited)
The Current War (101 Studios, 10/25/19, Limited)
The Kill Team (A24, 10/25/19, Limited)
Liberty: Mother of Exiles (Screen Media Films, 10/25/19, NY)
Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound (Matson Films, 10/25/19, NY/LA)
Paradise Hills (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 11/1/19, Limited)
Portals (Double Exposure, 10/25/19, NY)
Synonyms (Kino Lorber, 10/25/19, Limited)
Rattlesnake (Netflix, 10/25/19, Limited)
Ximei (AC Films, 10/25/19, LA)
Western Stars (Warner Bros., 10/25/19, Limited)
Redoubt (Grasshopper Film, 10/30/19, NY)
The World Is Full of Secrets (Anthology Film Archives, 10/31/19, NY)


Ága (Big World Pictures, 9/4/19, NY)
Becoming Nobody (Love Serve Remember Films, 9/6/19, NY/LA/SF)
Blink of an Eye (1091 Pictures, 9/6/19, Limited)
Boy Genius (Gravitas Ventures, 9/6/19, Limited)
Chhichhore (FIP, 9/6/19, Limited)
Edie (Music Box Films, 9/6/19, Limited)
Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel (Menemsha Films, 9/6/19, NY/LA)
I’m Leaving Now (Cinema Guild, 9/6/19, NY)
It: Chapter Two (Warner Bros., 9/6/19, Wide)
The Last Photograph (Freestyle Releasing, 9/6/19, Limited)
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (Greenwich Entertainment, 9/6/19, Limited)
Millennium Actress (Eleven Arts, 9/6/19, NY)
Ms. Purple (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 9/6/19, Limited)
Ne Zha (Well Go USA, 9/6/19, Limited)
Night Hunter (Saban Films, 9/6/19, Limited)
Promise at Dawn (Menemsha Films, 9/6/19, NY)
Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins (Magnolia Pictures, 9/6/19, Limited)
Rapid Response (Atlas Distribution Company, 9/6/19, Limited)
Satanic Panic (RLJE Films, 9/6/19, Limited)
Say Amen, Somebody (Milestone Films, 9/6/19, NY)
Strange But True (Lionsgate, 9/6/19, Limited)
Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 9/6/19, Limited)
The Whistler (Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures, 9/6/19, Limited)
Chained for Life (Kino Lorber, 9/11/19, NY)
3 Days with Dad (Unified Pictures, 9/13/19, NY)
América (MoMI, 9/13/19, NY)
Another Day in the Life (GKIDS, 9/13/19, NY/LA)
The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos (CJ Entertainment, 9/13/19, LA)
Candy Corn (Epic Pictures, 9/13/19, Limited)
Can You Keep a Secret? (Vertical Entertainment, 9/13/19, Limited)
Chasing Einstein (Atlas Distribution Company, 9/13/19, Limited)
D-Day (Cinedigm, 9/13/19, Limited)
Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements (Abramorama, 9/13/19, NY)
Depraved (IFC Films, 9/13/19, Limited)
Freaks (Well Go USA, 9/13/19, Limited)
The Goldfinch (Warner Bros., 9/13/19, Wide)
The Harvesters (Altered Innocence, 9/13/19, NY)
Haunt (Momentum Pictures, 9/13/19, Limited)
Hustlers (STX Films, 9/13/19, Limited)
Imprisoned (Cinema Libre Studio, 9/13/19, NY)
Liam: As It Was (Screen Media Films, 9/13/19, Limited)
Monos (Neon, 9/13/19, Limited)
One Cut of the Dead (Shudder, 9/13/19, NY/LA)
Redistribution (Metrograph, 9/13/19, NY)
Riot Girls (Cranked Up Films, 9/13/19, Limited)
Seeds (Dark Star Pictures, 9/13/19, Limited)
Stand Tall (Netflix, 9/13/19, Limited)
The Sound of Silence (IFC Films, 9/13/19, Limited)
Tattoo Uprising (First Run Features, 9/13/19, NY)
3 from Hell (Saban Films, 9/16/19, Limited)
Midnight Traveler (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 9/18/19, NY)
7 Days to Vegas (Saban Films, 9/20/19, Limited)
Ad Astra (20th Century Fox, 9/20/19, Wide)
Always in Season (Sundance Institute, 9/20/19, Limited)
Ambition (Unique Features, 9/20/19, Limited)
American Dreamer (Saban Films, 9/20/19, Limited)
Auggie (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 9/20/19, Limited)
Bloodline (Momentum Pictures, 9/20/19, Limited)
Britt-Marie Was Here (Cohen Media Group, 9/20/19, Limited)
Corporate Animals (Screen Media Films, 9/20/19, Limited)
Diego Maradona (HBO Sports, 9/20/19, Limited)
Don’t Be Nice (Juno Films, 9/20/19, NY)
Downton Abbey (Focus Features, 9/20/19, Wide)
Loro (Sundance Selects, 9/20/19, Limited)
Midnight Diner (Well Go USA, 9/20/19, Limited)
Promare (GKIDS, 9/20/19, NY/LA)
Rambo: Last Blood (Lionsgate, 9/20/19, Wide)
Running with the Devil (Quiver Distribution, 9/20/19, Limited)
Send Me to the Clouds (Cheng Cheng Films, 9/20/19, LA)
Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks (Well Go USA, 9/20/19, Limited)
Trauma Is a Time Machine (Vertical Entertainment, 9/20/19, NY/LA)
Villains (Alter, 9/20/19, Limited)
Where’s My Roy Cohn? (Sony Pictures Classics, 9/20/19, NY)
Zeroville (myCinema, 9/20/19, Limited)
10 Minutes Gone (Lionsgate, 9/27/19, Limited)
Abominable (Universal Pictures, 9/27/19, Wide)
Bliss (Dark Sky Films, 9/27/19, Limited)
The Curse of Buckout Road (Vertical Entertainment, 9/27/19, Limited)
The Day Shall Come (IFC Films, 9/27/19, Limited)
The Death of Dick Long (A24, 9/27/19, Limited)
First Love (Well Go USA, 9/27/19, NY/LA)
The Golden Glove (Strand Releasing, 9/27/19, NY)
In the Shadow of the Moon (Netflix, 9/27/19, Limited)
Jim Allison: Breakthrough (DADA Films, 9/27/19, Limited)
Judy (Roadside Attractions, 9/27/19, Limited)
The Lake Vampire (Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures, 9/27/19, Limited)
The Laundromat (Netflix, 9/27/19, Limited)
Série Noire (Rialto Pictures, 9/27/19, NY)
Sister Aimee (1091 Pictures, 9/27/19, Limited)


15 Minutes of War (Blue Fox Entertainment, 8/2/19, Limited)
Consequences (Uncork’d Entertainment, 8/2/19, Limited)
Coyote Lake (Cranked Up Films, 8/2/19, Limited)
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (Universal Pictures, 8/2/19, Wide)
Is That You? (Breaking Glass Pictures, 8/2/19, LA)
Joan the Maid (Cohen Media Group, 8/2/19, NY)
Ladyworld (Cleopatra Entertainment, 8/2/19, Limited)
La Flor (Grasshopper Film, 8/2/19, NY)
Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa (Ammo Content, 8/2/19, Limited)
Love, Antosha (mTuckman Media, 8/2/19, LA)
Luce (Neon, 8/2/19, Limited)
Madness in the Method (Cinedigm , 8/2/19, Limited)
The Nightingale (IFC Midnight, 8/2/19, Limited)
Old Boyfriends (Rialto Pictures, 8/2/19, NY)
Otherhood (Netflix, 8/2/19, Limited)
The Operative (Vertical Entertainment, 8/2/19, Limited)
Piranhas (Music Box Films, 8/2/19, NY)
A Score to Settle (RLJE Films, 8/2/19, Limited)
Stages (Cinema Village, 8/2/19, Limited)
Teacher (Cinedigm , 8/2/19, LA)
Tel Aviv on Fire (Cohen Media Group, 8/2/19, Limited)
Them That Follow (The Orchard, 8/2/19, Limited)
This Is Not Berlin (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 8/2/19, NY)
After the Wedding (Sony Pictures Classics, 8/9/19, Limited)
The Art of Racing in the Rain (20th Century Fox, 8/9/19, Wide)
Brian Banks (Bleecker Street, 8/9/19, Limited)
Corporate Animals (Screen Media Films, 8/9/19, Limited)
The Cremator (Janus Films, 8/9/19, NY)
Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Paramount Pictures, 8/9/19, Wide)
ECCO (Citadel Film Group, 8/9/19, Limited)
Every Time I Die (Gravitas Ventures, 8/9/19, Limited)
Ode to Joy (IFC Films, 8/9/19, Limited)
One Child Nation (Amazon Studios, 8/9/19, Limited)
The Kitchen (Warner Bros., 8/9/19, Wide)
Light of My Life (Saban Films, 8/9/19, Limited)
Nekrotronic (Momentum Pictures, 8/9/19, Limited)
The Peanut Butter Falcon (Roadside Attractions, 8/9/19, Limited)
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (CBS Films, 8/9/19, Wide)
Socrates (Breaking Glass Pictures, 8/9/19, LA)
This Changes Everything (Good Deed Entertainment, 8/9/19, NY/LA)
The Tracker (Lionsgate, 8/9/19, Limited)
Vision Portraits (Stimulus Pictures, 8/9/19, NY)
The Angry Birds Movie 2 (Columbia Pictures, 8/14/19, Wide)
Los Reyes (Grasshopper Film, 8/14/19, NY)
Adam (Wolfe Releasing, 8/14/19, Limited)
Scared of Revolution (Film Movement, 8/15/19, NY)
47 Meters Down: Uncaged (Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures, 8/16/19, Limited)
The Amazing Johnathan Documentary (Hulu, 8/16/19, Limited)
Aquarela (Sony Pictures Classics, 8/16/19, Limited)
Blinded by the Light (New Line Cinema, 8/16/19, Wide)
Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (GKIDS, 8/16/19, Limited)
Cold Case Hammarskjöld (Magnolia Pictures, 8/16/19, Limited)
The Divine Fury (Well Go USA, 8/16/19, Limited)
Driven (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Group, 8/16/19, Limited)
End of the Century (Cinema Guild, 8/16/19, NY)
Good Boys (Universal Pictures, 8/16/19, Wide)
Gwen (RLJE Films, 8/16/19, Limited)
Kingdom (FUNimation Films, 8/16/19, Limited)
Low Low (Halfway Crooks Entertainment LLC, 8/16/19, LA)
Olivia (Distrib Films, 8/16/19, NY)
One Last Night (ASA Pictures, 8/16/19, Limited)
The Second Sun (Village East, 8/16/19, Limited)
What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire? (KimStim, 8/16/19, NY)
Where’d You Go, Bernadette (Annapurna Pictures, 8/16/19, Wide)
American Factory (Netflix, 8/21/19, Limited)
Ready or Not (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 8/21/19, Limited)
Angel Has Fallen (Summit Entertainment, 8/23/19, Wide)
Brittany Runs a Marathon (Amazon Studios, 8/23/19, Wide)
Burn (Momentum Pictures, 8/23/19, Limited)
Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 8/23/19, Limited)
Friedkin Uncut (Ambi Distribution, 8/23/19, NY)
Genesis (Film Movement, 8/23/19, NY)
Give Me Liberty (Music Box Films, 8/23/19, Limited)
The Harder They Come (Shout! Factory, 8/23/19, NY)
Jacob’s Ladder (Vertical Entertainment, 8/23/19, Limited)
Jawline (Hulu, 8/23/19, Limited)
Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (Abramorama, 8/23/19, NY)
Overcomer (Affirm Films, 8/23/19, Wide)
Tone-Deaf (Saban Films, 8/23/19, Limited)
Vita & Virginia (IFC Films, 8/23/19, Limited)
Look Mom I Can Fly (Netflix, 8/28/19, Limited)
The Miracle of the Little Prince (Film Movement, 8/28/19, NY)
Angel of Mine (Lionsgate, 8/30/19, Limited)
Before You Know It (1091 Pictures, 8/30/19, Limited)
Bennett’s War (Forrest Films, 8/30/19, Limited)
Don’t Let Go (OTL Releasing , 8/30/19, Wide)
The Fanatic (Quiver Entertainment, 8/30/19, Limited)
Itsy Bitsy (Shout! Studios, 8/30/19, Limited)
Killerman (Blue Fox Entertainment, 8/30/19, Limited)
The Load (Grasshopper Film, 8/30/19, NY)
My Boyfriend’s Meds (Pantelion Films, 8/30/19, Wide)
Official Secrets (IFC Films, 8/30/19, Limited)
Saaho (Yash Raj Films, 8/30/19, Wide)
Spider in the Web (Vertical Entertainment, 8/30/19, Limited)
[email protected] Caen (Pantelion Films, 8/30/19, Limited)

JULY 2019

Spider-Man: Far from Home (Columbia Pictures, 7/2/19, Wide)
Audition (Arrow Films, 7/3/19, NY)
Midsommar (A24, 7/3/19, Limited)
The Cat Rescuers (IFC Center, 7/5/19, NY)
Cold Blood (Screen Media Films, 7/5/19, Limited)
Ishtar (Paramount Pictures, 7/5/19, NY)
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (Roadside Attractions, 7/5/19, Limited)
My Days of Mercy (Green Point Media, 7/5/19, Limited)
Phil (Quiver Distribution, 7/5/19, Limited)
The Return of Martin Guerre (Quad Cinema, 7/5/19, NY)
Skin in the Game (Kandoo Films, 7/5/19, Limited)
Ray & Liz (KimStim, 7/10/19, NY)
American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel (Abramorama, 7/12/19, Limited)
The Art of Self-Defense (Bleeker Street, 7/12/19, Limited)
Crawl (Paramount Pictures, 7/12/19, Wide)
Darlin’ (Dark Sky Films, 7/12/19, Limited)
Desolate (Uncork’d Entertainment, 7/12/19, Limited)
The Farewell (A24, 7/12/19, Limited)
Firecrackers (Good Deed Entertainment, 7/12/19, Limited)
Loqueesha (Indie Rights, 7/12/19, LA)
Lying and Stealing (Vertical Entertainment, 7/12/19, Limited)
Miss Arizona (Cinedigm, 7/12/19, Limited)
Point Blank (Netflix, 7/12/19, Limited)
Rojo (Distrib Films, 7/12/19, NY)
Saving Zoë (Blue Fox Entertainment, 7/12/19, Limited)
Sea of Shadows (National Geographic Films, 7/12/19, Limited)
Stuber (20th Century Fox, 7/12/19, Wide)
Summer Night (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 7/12/19, Limited)
Sweet Requiem (Juno Films, 7/12/19, Limited)
Sword of Trust (IFC Films, 7/12/19, NY)
Trespassers (IFC Midnight, 7/12/19, Limited)
Above the Shadows (Gravitas Ventures, 7/19/19, Limited)
At War (Cinema Libre Studio, 7/19/19, Limited)
Bottom of the 9th (Saban Films, 7/19/19, Limited)
Cassandro, The Exotico! (Film Movement, 7/19/19, NY)
Chain of Death (Cleopatra Entertainment, 7/19/19, Limited)
David Crosby: Remember My Name (Sony Pictures Classics, 7/19/19, Limited)
A Faithful Man (Kino Lorber, 7/19/19, Limited)
I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians (Big World Pictures, 7/19/19, NY)
Into the Ashes (RLJE Films, 7/19/19, Limited)
Iron Sky: The Coming Race (Vertical Entertainment, 7/19/19, Limited)
Jirga (Lightyear Entertainment, 7/19/19, Limited)
The Lion King (Walt Disney Pictures, 7/19/19, Wide)
Luz (Screen Media Films, 7/19/19, NY/LA)
Rosie (Blue Fox Entertainment, 7/19/19, Limited)
She’s Just a Shadow (Breaking Glass Pictures, 7/19/19, Limited)
Streetwise (Janus Films, 7/19/19, NY)
Supervized (Freestyle Releasing, 7/19/19, Limited)
Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell (Janus Films, 7/19/19, NY)
Angels Are Made of Light (Grasshopper Film, 7/24/19, NY)
The Great Hack (Netflix, 7/24/19, Limited)
Astronaut (Quiver Distribution, 7/24/19, Limited)
Chalk (Metrograph, 7/26/19, NY)
Dead Water (Saban Films, 7/26/19, Limited)
For Sama (PBS, 7/26/19, Limited)
The Ground Beneath My Feet (Strand Releasing, 7/26/19, NY)
Honeyland (Neon, 7/26/19, NY)
The Killers (Universal Pictures, 7/26/19, NY)
Mike Wallace Is Here (Magnolia Pictures, 7/26/19, Limited)
The Mountain (Kino Lorber, 7/26/19, Limited)
Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood (Columbia Pictures, 7/26/19, Wide)
The Red Sea Diving Resort (Netflix, 7/26/19, Limited)
See You Soon (Vertical Entertainment, 7/26/19, Limited)
Skin (A24, 7/26/19, Limited)
Jay Myself (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 7/31/19, NY)

JUNE 2019

Bharat (Viva Pictures, 6/5/19, Limited)
All Is Well (Netflix, 6/6/19, Limited)
16 Shots (Showtime, 6/7/19, NY/LA)
Black Godfather (Netflix, 6/7/19, Limited)
Burn Your Maps (Vertical Entertainment, 6/7/19, Limited)
The Child Remains (Uncork’d Entertainment, 6/7/19, Limited)
Dark Phoenix (20th Century Fox, 6/7/19, Wide)
Framing John Delorean (Sundance Selects, 6/7/19, NY)
Funan (GKIDS, 6/7/19, NY)
Ghost Fleet (Abramorama, 6/7/19, Limited)
I Am Mother (Netflix, 6/7/19, Limited)
Katie Says Goodbye (Vertical Entertainment, 6/7/19, Limited)
The Last Black Man in San Francisco (A24, 6/7/19, Limited)
Late Night (Amazon Studios, 6/7/19, Limited)
The Lavender Scare (Full Exposure Films, 6/7/19, NY)
Leto (Gunpowder & Sky, 6/7/19, NY)
Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk (Gravitas Ventures, 6/7/19, Limited)
Nureyev (CineLife Entertainment, 6/7/19, NY)
Papi Chulo (Blue Fox Entertainment, 6/7/19, Limited)
Pavarotti (CBS Films, 6/7/19, Limited)
The Raft (Metrograph Pictures, 6/7/19, NY)
The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Universal Pictures, 6/7/19, Wide)
This One’s for the Ladies (Neon, 6/7/19, Limited)
Vault (Grindstone Entertainment Group, 6/7/19, RI)
Lying and Stealing (Vertical Entertainment, 6/12/19, Limited)
The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (DADA Films, 6/12/19, Limited)
Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story (Netflix, 6/12/19, Limited)
American Woman (Roadside Attractions and Vertical Entertainment, 6/14/19, Limited)
Back to the Fatherland (First Run Features, 6/14/19, NY)
Being Frank (The Film Arcade, 6/14/19, NY/LA)
Blackbear (Gravitas Ventures, 6/14/19, Limited)
Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes (Eagle Rock Entertainment, 6/14/19, NY)
Clinton Road (Midnight Releasing, 6/14/19, Limited)
Daughter of the Wolf (Vertical Entertainment, 6/14/19, Limited)
The Dead Don’t Die (Focus Features, 6/14/19, Limited)
Deep Murder (Screen Media Films, 6/14/19, NY)
Fantastica: A Boonie Bears Adventure (Viva Pictures, 6/14/19, NY)
Hampstead (IFC Films, 6/14/19, Limited)
Head Count (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 6/14/19, Limited)
In the Aisles (Music Box Films, 6/14/19, NY)
Men in Black International (Columbia Pictures, 6/14/19, Wide)
Our Time (Monument Releasing, 6/14/19, NY)
The Outsider (Cinedigm, 6/14/19, Limited)
Paris Is Burning (Janus Films, 6/14/19, Limited)
Plus One (RLJE Films, 6/14/19, Limited)
Say My Name (Electric Entertainment, 6/14/19, Limited)
Shaft (Warner Bros., 6/14/19, Wide)
The Edge of Democracy (Netflix, 6/19/19, Limited)
Anna (Lionsgate, 6/21/19, Wide)
Before Stonewall (First Run Features, 6/21/19, NY)
A Bigger Splash (Metrograph Pictures, 6/21/19, NY)
Child’s Play (MGM, 6/21/19, Wide)
The Command (Saban Films, 6/21/19, Limited)
Ever After (Juno Film, 6/21/19, NY)
The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir (Cradle Walk Pictures, 6/21/19, Limited)
Holy Lands (Cinedigm, 6/21/19, NY)
The Quiet One (Sundance Selects, 6/21/19, Limited)
Madam Yankelova’s Fine Literature Club (Rock Salt Releasing, 6/21/19, LA)
Nightmare Cinema (Good Dead Entertainment, 6/21/19, Limited)
Round of Your Life (Ammo Content, 6/21/19, Limited)
Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (Magnolia Pictures, 6/21/19, NY/LA)
Toy Story 4 (Walt Disney Pictures, 6/21/19, Wide)
Werewolf Ninja Philosopher (CINEMAflix, 6/21/19, NY)
Wild Rose (Neon, 6/21/19, Limited)
The Chambermaid (Kino Lorber, 6/26/19, NY)
The 16th Episode (Gravitas Ventures, 6/28/19, Limited)
Annabelle Comes Home (Warner Bros., 6/28/19, Wide)
Better Days (Well Go USA, 6/28/19, Limited)
The Big Lebowski (Universal Pictures, 6/28/19, NY)
Chulas Fronteras and El Mero Corazon (Argot Pictures, 6/28/19, NY)
Euphoria (Red Apollo Group, 6/28/19, Limited)
Killers Anonymous (Grindstone Entertainment Group, 6/28/19, Limited)
Maiden (Sony Pictures Classics, 6/28/19, Limited)
Mine 9 (Emphatic Films, 6/28/19, NY)
Ophelia (IFC Films, 6/28/19, Limited)
The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith (ArtEffects Entertainment, 6/28/19, Limited)
The Other Story (Strand Releasing, 6/28/19, NY/LA)
The Plagiarists (KimStim, 6/28/19, NY)
The Queen (Kino Lorber, 6/28/19, NY)
The Refuge (KS Pictures, 6/28/19, Limited)
Three Peaks (Greenwich Entertainment, 6/28/19, NY)
Yesterday (Universal Pictures, 6/28/19, Wide)

MAY 2019

Munafik 2 (Netflix, 5/1/19, Limited)
Ask Dr. Ruth (Hulu, 5/3/19, Limited)
Bardo Blues (Freestyle Digital Media, Limited)
Bolden (Abramorama, Limited)
El Chicano (Briarcliff Entertainment, 5/3/19, Limited)
Clara (Screen Media Films, 5/3/19, Limited)
The Convent (Vertical Entertainment, Limited)
Dead Trigger (Saban Films, Limited)
Decade of Fire (Red Nut Films, 5/3/19, NY)
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Netflix, 5/3/19, Limited)
Hesburgh (O’Malley Creadon Productions, Limited)
Knock Down the House (Netflix, 5/3/19, Limited)
Tell It to the Bees (Good Deed Entertainment, 5/3/19, Limited)
The Intruder (Screen Gems, 5/3/19, Wide)
The Last Summer (Netflix, Limited)
Long Shot (Summit Entertainment, 5/3/19, Wide)
Meeting Gorbachev (The Orchard, 5/3/19, Limited)
Non-Fiction (Sundance Selects, 5/3/19, Limited)
Quartet (Quad Cinema, 5/3/19, NY)
Room for Rent (Uncork’d Entertainment, 5/3/19, Limited)
Savage (Well Go USA, 5/3/19, Limited)
Shadow (Well Go USA, 5/3/19, Limited)
UglyDolls (STX Films, 5/3/19, Wide)
The Silence of Others (Argot Pictures, 5/8/19, NY)
Wine Country (Netflix, 5/8/19, Limited)
All Is True (Sony Pictures Classics, 5/10/19, Limited)
The Biggest Little Farm (Neon, 5/10/19, Limited)
Charlie Says (IFC Films, 5/10/19, Limited)
General Magic (Gravitas Ventures, 5/10/19, Limited)
The Hustle (MGM, 5/10/19, Limited)
Just Say Goodbye (Leomark Studios, 5/10/19, Limited)
My Son (Cohen Media Group, 5/10/19, NY/LA)
Our Evil (Cinema Tropical, 5/10/19, LA)
Pasolini (Kino Lorber, 5/10/19, NY)
Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Warner Bros., 5/10/19, Wide)
Poms (STX Films, 5/10/19, Limited)
The Professor and the Madman (Vertical Entertainment, 5/10/19, Wide)
The Serengeti Rules (Abramorama, 5/10/19, NY)
The Skin of the Teeth (TLA Releasing, 5/10/19, NY)
Tolkien (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 5/10/19, Wide)
The Third Wife (Film Movement, 5/15/19, NY)
A Dog’s Journey (Universal Pictures, 5/17/19, Wide)
All Creatures Here Below (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 5/17/19, Limited)
Amaurosis (Subliminal Films, 5/17/19, LA)
Aniara (Magnet Releasing, 5/17/19, Limited)
Asako I & II (Grasshopper Film, 5/17/19, NY)
Ask for Jane (levelFILM, 5/17/19, Limited)
Extracurricular Activities (1091 Pictures, 5/17/19, LA)
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (Summit Entertainment, 5/17/19, Wide)
The Meanest Man in Texast (Ammo Content, 5/17/19, Limited)
Perfect (Brainfeeder Films, 5/17/19, NY)
Photograph (Amazon Studios, 5/17/19, Limited)
The Professor (Saban Films, 5/17/19, Limited)
Q BALL (Fox Sports Films, 5/17/19, NY)
See You Yesterday (Netflix, 5/17/19, Limited)
The Souvenir (A24, 5/17/19, Limited)
The Sun Is Also a Star (Warner Bros., 5/17/19, Wide)
Trial by Fire (Roadside Attractions, 5/17/19, Limited)
Walking on Water (Kino Lorber, 5/17/19, Limited)
The Wandering Soap Opera (Cinema Guild, 5/17/19, NY)
We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Brainstorm Media, 5/17/19, Limited)
The Tomorrow Man (Bleecker Street, 5/22/19, Limited)
Aladdin (Walt Disney Pictures, 5/24/19, Wide)
Assimilate (Gravitas Ventures, 5/24/19, Limited)
Avengement (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 5/24/19, Limited)
Barbara Rubin & the Exploding NY Underground (Juno Films, 5/24/19, NY)
Booksmart (Annapurna Pictures, 5/24/19, Wide)
Brightburn (Screen Gems, 5/24/19, Wide)
Burning with Beto (HBO, 5/24/19, NY)
Diamantino (Kino Lorber, 5/24/19, Limited)
Echo in the Canyon (Greenwich Entertainment, 5/24/19, Limited)
Funny Story (Blue Fox Entertainment, 5/24/19, Limited)
Isabelle (Vertical Entertainment, 5/24/19, Limited)
The Perfection (Netflix, 5/24/19, Limited)
The Proposal (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 5/24/19, NY)
Rim of the World (Netflix, 5/24/19, Limited)
The Spy Behind Home Plate (mTuckman Media, 5/24/19, DC)
Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation (PBS Distribution, 5/24/19, NY)
The Garden (Zeitgeist Films, 5/29/19, NY)
Leaving Home, Coming Home (Greenwich Entertainment, 5/29/19, NY)
Always Be My Maybe (Netflix, 5/31/19, Limited)
Domino (Saban Films, 5/31/19, Limited)
The Fall of the American Empire (Sony Pictures Classics, 5/31/19, Limited)
For the Birds (IFC Center, 5/31/19, NY)
Get Home Safe (Universal Pictures, 5/31/19, Wide)
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Warner Bros., 5/31/19, Wide)
Halston (1091 Pictures, 5/31/19, NY)
The Image You Missed (Metrograph, 5/31/19, NY)
Ma (Universal Pictures, 5/31/19, Wide)
Mouthpiece (Crucial Things and First Generation Films, 5/31/19, NY)
Renegade Dreamers (Cinema Village, 5/31/19, NY)
Rocketman (Paramount Pictures, 5/31/19, Wide)
Too Late to Die Young (KimStim, 5/31/19, NY)
XY Chelsea (Showtime Networks, 5/31/19, NY)
Yomeddine (Strand Releasing, 5/31/19, LA/NY)

APRIL 2019

Christ Stopped at Eboli (Rialto Pictures, 4/3/19, NY)
Wall (National Film Board of Canada, 4/3/19, NY)
Acres and Acres (Gravitas Venures, 4/5/19, Limited)
Amazing Grace (Neon, 4/5/19, Limited)
The Best of Enemies (STX Films, 4/5/19, Wide)
Berserk (Freestyle Digital Media, 4/5/19, Limited)
Blowin’ Up (Once in a Blue Films, 4/5/19, NY)
Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise (Cinema Village, 4/5/19, NY)
Division 19 (Uncork’d Entertainment, 4/5/19, Limited)
The Fate of Lee Khan (Film Movement Classics, 4/5/19, NY)
The Haunting of Sharon Tate (Saban Films, 4/5/19, Limited)
The Head Hunter (Vertical Entertainment, 4/5/19, Limited)
High Life (A24, 4/5/19, Limited)
Penguin Highway (Eleven Arts, 4/5/19, NY)

Peterloo (Amazon Studios, 4/5/19, Limited)
Pet Sematary (Paramount Pictures, 4/5/19, Wide)
The Public (Universal Pictures Content Group, 4/5/19, Limited)
Reinventing Rosalee (Glasshouse Entertainment, 4/5/19, NY)
Shazam! (Warner Bros., 4/5/19, Wide)
Storm Boy (Good Deed Entertainment, 4/5/19, Limited)
Suburban Birds (Cinema Guild, 4/5/19, NY)
Unicorn Store (Netflix, 4/5/19, Limited)
The Wind (IFC Midnight, 4/5/19, Limited)
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (Screen Media Films, 4/10/19, Limited)
Sauvage (Strand Releasing, 4/10/19, NY)
The Silence (Netflix, 4/10/19, Limited)
After (Aviron Pictures, 4/12/19, Limited)
American Warfighter (Gravitas Venures, 4/12/19, Limited)
The Chaperone (Masterpiece films, 4/12/19, SF)
A Dark Place (Shout! Studios, 4/12/19, Limited)
Dogman (Magnolia Pictures, 4/12/19, Limited)
Girls of the Sun (Cohen Media Group, 4/12/19, Limited)
Hellboy (Lionsgate, 4/12/19, Wide)
Her Smell (Gunpower & Sky, 4/12/19, NY)
Little (Universal Pictures, 4/12/19, Wide)
Long Day’s Journey into Night (Kino Lorber, 4/12/19, NY)
Mary Magdalene (IFC Films, 4/12/19, Limited)
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (Well Go USA, 4/12/19, Limited)
Mia and the White Lion (Ledafilms, 4/12/19, Limited)
Missing Link (Annapurna Pictures, 4/12/19, Wide)
The Most Dangerous Year (Passion River Films, 4/12/19, NY)
The Perfect Date (Netflix, 4/12/19, Limited)
Rottentail (Ammo Content, 4/12/19, Limited)
Satan & Adam (Cargo Film & Releasing, 4/12/19, NY)
Stockholm (Dark Star Pictures, 4/12/19, Limited)
Teen Spirit (LD Entertainment and Bleecker Street, 4/12/19, Limited)
A Very Curious Girl (Quad Cinema, 4/12/19, NY)
Wild Nights with Emily (Greenwich Entertainment, 4/12/19, Limited)
William (DADA Films, 4/12/19, Limited)
Breakthrough (20th Century Fox, 4/17/19, Wide)
Hail Satan? (Magnolia Pictures, 4/17/19, NY)
Homecoming (Netflix, 4/17/19, Limited)
Penguins (Disneynature, 4/17/19, Limited)
Breaking Habits (Good Deed Entertainment, 4/19/19, Limited)
The Curse of La Llorona (Warner Bros., 4/19/19, Wide)
Drunk Parents (Vertical Entertainment, 4/19/19, Limited)
Family (The Film Arcade, 4/19/19, Limited)
Fast Color (Lionsgate, 4/19/19, Limited)
Grass (Cinema Guild, 4/19/19, NY)
High on the Hog (Indican Pictures, 4/19/19, Limited)
Instant Dreams (Synergetic Distribution, 4/19/19, NY)
Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student’s Journey (Gathr Films, 4/19/19, Limited)
Little Woods (Neon, 4/19/19, Limited)
Meanest Man in Texas (Ammo Content, 4/19/19, Limited)
Naples in Veils (Breaking Glass Pictures, NY/LA)
Rafiki (Film Movement, 4/19/19, Limited)
Red Joan (IFC Films, 4/19/19, Limited)
Someone Great (Netflix, 4/19/19, Limited)
Stuck (MJW Films and Eammon Films, 4/19/19, Limited)
Under the Silver Lake (A24, 4/19/19, Limited)
Grass Is Greener (Netflix, 4/20/19, Limited)
Carmine Street Guitars (Film Forum, 4/24/19, NY)
Avengers: Endgame (Walt Disney Pictures, 4/26/19, Wide)
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (Zeitgeist Films, NY)
Body at Brighton Rock (Magnet Releasing, 4/26/19, Limited)
Chasing Portraits (First Run Features, 4/26/19, NY)
Hyenas (Metrograph Pictures, 4/26/19, NY)
If the Dancer Dances (Monument Releasing, 4/26/19, NY)
I Trapped the Devil (IFC Midnight, 4/26/19, Limited)
J.T. Leroy (Universal Pictures Content Group, 4/26/19, Limited)
Marilyn (Breaking Glass Pictures, 4/26/19, LA)
Okko’s Inn (GKIDS, 4/26/19, Limited)
Ploey (Viva Pictures, 4/26/19, Limited)
Queen of Diamonds (Arbelos Release, 4/26/19, NY)
The White Crow (Sony Pictures Classics, 4/26/19, Limited)

MARCH 2019

Beers of Joy (Gravitas Ventures, 3/1/19, Limited)
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Netflix, 3/1/19, Limited)

The Cannibal Club (Uncork’d Entertainment, 3/1/19, LA/SF)
Climax (A24, 3/1/19, Limited)
Furie (Well Go USA, 3/1/19, Limited)
Giant Little Ones (Vertical Entertainment, 3/1/19, NY)
Greta (Focus Features, 3/1/19, Limited)
The Hole in the Ground (A24, 3/1/19, Limited)
The Hours and Times (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 3/1/19, NY)
Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People (First Run Features, 3/1/19, NY)
Level 16 (Dark Sky Films, 3/1/19, Limited)
Mapplethorpe (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 3/1/19, Limited)
The Mystery of Picasso (Milestone Films, 3/1/19, NY)
Saint Judy (Blue Fox Entertainment, 3/1/19, Limited)
Some Like It Hot (Park Circus, 3/1/19, NY)
Something (Subspin Productions, 3/1/19, NY)
Stray (Screen Media Films, 3/1/19, Limited)
Transit (Music Box Films, 3/1/19, NY)
Tuftland (Subliminal Films, 3/1/19, Limited)
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral (Paramount Pictures, 3/1/19, Wide)
Vourate Geitonoi: The Movie (Vourate Productions, 3/1/19, NY)
The Wedding Guest (IFC Films, 3/1/19, Limited)
We Die Young (Lionsgate Home Entertainment, 3/1/19, Limited)
Only (Vertical Entertainment, 3/1/19, Limited)
Woman at War (Magnolia Pictures, 3/8/19, Limited)
3 Faces (Kino Lorber, 3/8/19, NY)
Among the Shadows (Momentum Pictures, 3/8/19, Limited)
Babylon (Kino Lorber Repertory, 3/8/19, NY)
Captain Marvel (Walt Disney Pictures, 3/8/19, Wide)
An Elephant Sitting Still (KimStim, 3/8/19, NY)
Black Mother (Grasshopper Film, 3/8/19, NY)
Ferrante Fever (Greenwich Entertainment, 3/8/19, NY)
Gloria Bell (A24, 3/8/19, Limited)
I’m Not Here (Gravitas Ventures, 3/8/19, Limited)
Island of the Hungry Ghosts (Sentient Art Film, 3/8/19, NY)
Juanita (Netflix, 3/8/19, Limited)
The Kid (Lionsgate, 3/8/19, Limited)
Room at the Top (Park Circus, 3/8/19, NY)
Two Plains & a Fancy (Spectacle, 3/8/19, NY)
Rezo and Tale of Tales (Film Forum, 3/13/19, NY)
Triple Frontier (Netflix, 3/13/19, Limited)
The Aftermath (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 3/15/19, Limited)
Ash Is Purest White (Cohen Media Group, 3/15/19, NY)
Captive State (Focus Features, 3/15/19, Wide)
Chimera Strain (Vertical Entertainment, 3/15/19, Limited)
Combat Obscura (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 3/15/19, NY)
The Eyes of Orson Welles (Janus Films, 3/15/19, NY)
Faith, Hope & Love (ArtAffects Entertainment, 3/15/19, Limited)
Finding Steve McQueen (Momentum Pictures, 3/15/19, Limited)
Five Feet Apart (CBS Films, 3/15/19, Wide)
Girl (Netflix, 3/15/19, Limited)
The Hummingbird Project (The Orchard, 3/15/19, Limited)
Iceman (Film Movement, 3/15/19, NY)
The Juniper Tree (Arbelos Films, 3/15/19, NY)
Knife + Heart (Altered Innocence, 3/15/19, NY)
The Mustang (Focus Features, 3/15/19, Limited)
Never Grow Old (Saban Films, 3/15/19, Limited)
No Manches Frida 2 (Pantelion Films, 3/15/19, Limited)
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (Warner Bros., 3/15/19, Wide)
Starfish (Yellow Tail Pictures, NY)
Wonder Park (Paramount Pictures, 3/15/19, Wide)
Yardie (Rialto Pictures, 3/15/19, Limited)
Buddy (Grasshopper Film, 3/20/19, NY)
The Dirt (Netflix, 3/22/19, Limited)
Dragged Across Concrete (Summit Entertainment, 3/22/19, Limited)
Hotel Mumbai (Bleecker Street, 3/22/19, Limited)
Maze (Lightyear Entertainment, 3/22/19, Limited)
Out of Blue (IFC Films, 3/22/19, Limited)
Ramen Shop (Strand Releasing, 3/22/19, NY)
Relaxer (Oscilloscope Laboratories, 3/22/19, NY)
Roll Red Roll (Together Films, NY)
Slut in a Good Way (Comedy Dynamics, 3/22/19, Limited)
Sunset (Sony Pictures Classics, 3/22/19, NY/LA)
Tigerland (Discovery, 3/22/19, LA)
Trading Paint (Saban Films, 3/22/19, Limited)
Triple Threat (Well Go USA, 3/22/19, Limited)
Us (Universal Pictures, 3/22/19, Wide)
Wheely (Blue Fox Entertainment, 3/22/19, Limited)
Working Woman (Zeitgeist Films, 3/27/19, NY)
American Relapse (Double Exposure, 3/29/19, NY)
Back Fork (Uncork’d Entertainment, 3/29/19, Limited)
The Beach Bum (Neon, 3/29/19, Limited)
The Brink (Magnolia Pictures, 3/29/19, Limited)
The Chaperone (PBS Films, 3/29/19, NY)
Diane (IFC Films, 3/29/19, NY/LA)
Dumbo (Walt Disney Pictures, 3/29/19, Wide)
The Field Guide to Evil (SuperLtd, 3/29/19, Limited)
The Highwaymen (Netflix, 3/29/19, Limited)
The Last (Plainview Pictures, 3/29/19, NY)
The Legend of Cocaine Island (Netflix, 3/29/19, Limited)
Lost & Found (Gravitas Ventures, 3/29/19, NY)
Making Babies (Huber Bros. Productions, 3/29/19, Limited)
Screwball (Greenwich Entertainment, 3/29/19, Limited)
Sobibor (Samuel Goldwyn Films, 3/29/19, Limited)
Super Deluxe (PrimeMedia, 3/29/19, Limited)
Unplanned (Pure Flix Entertainment, 3/29/19, Limited)
A Vigilante (Saban Films, 3/29/19, Limited)
White Chamber (Dark Sky Films, 3/29/19, Limited)

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