Review: Tully

There’s a newfound depth to the way Diablo Cody conveys the myriad pressures that plague her protagonist.

Review: Lucky

John Carroll Lynch’s Lucky is an impeccably acted yet sentimental film that’s bashful about said sentimentality.

Review: James White

Josh Mond’s film confronts the hard realities of a world in which few make it to maturity without their share of scars, and no one makes it out of adulthood alive.

Review: Digging for Fire

Reminiscent of Woody Allen’s Manhattan Murder Mystery, it utilizes a pulp conceit as a shorthand for the regrets that bubble up in a marriage.

Review: Fort Bliss

The complicated psychological realities of army personnel require a tougher directorial treatment than the maudlin melodrama presented here.

Review: Parkland

The Peter Landesman film’s overt politics are minimal, aside from defaulting to the myth of John F. Kennedy as a martyr for something.

Review: Touchy Feely

Lynn Shelton crafts a film of astonishingly sustained mood, tying its beguiling atmosphere to the mental states of her characters.

Review: The Conjuring

Though James Wan’s latest claims to be based on a true story, in truth it’s based on every horror film that’s come before it.