Review: Mile 22

Mile 22’s action passes by as jumbled images from various vantage points, all edited together with no rhyme or reason.

Review: Mojave

The film offers audiences a bundle of fetishes dressed up as an existentialist thriller about the class system.

Review: Ted 2

The film is a redundant showcase for Seth MacFarlane’s racy, dick-centric sense of humor.

Review: The Gambler

A shrug-worthy stab at picturing the contemporary black market, delving into a fantasyland of luxe coastal casinos and neon-lit bathhouses.

Review: Champs

A collection of comments about winning, losing, perseverance, discipline, violence, compassion, exploitation, responsibility, and ambition.

Review: Lone Survivor

Like his prior The Kingdom, Peter Berg’s film pretends to dabble in a frothy moral ambiguity, swiftly betraying its true aims with trigger-happy jingoism.

Review: 2 Guns

Viewer/character solidarity only holds up for so long, and the film falls hard into twisty, nonsense territory, skipping over its stronger themes in the process.

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