Review: Sylvio

Throughout Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney’s film, one may wonder if and when someone will wink at the camera.

Review: Ma

Celia Rowlson-Hall’s Ma has had its subtext dragged kicking and screaming to the surface by its writer-director.

Review: Funny Bunny

Alison Bagnall and her talented leads appear to effortlessly achieve a tone that’s tricky to sustain, one that abounds equally in absurdism and empathy.

Review: Felt

A hollow bit of violence exposes the film’s sense of empowerment as nothing more than a harmless sheep masquerading in wolf’s clothing.

Review: The Sacrament

Ti West has bitten off more of a premise than his classically modest barebones approach to horror movies can presently chew.

Review: Sun Don’t Shine

Amy Seimetz’s intoxicating slice of genre revisionism earns its “neo” prefix, envisioning a brightly sinister world where desperation is the new normal.

Review: Bad Fever

Rather than express any emotional truth of its own, Bad Fever merely adopts an attitude that resembles one.

Review: Open Five

Another character study concerned with stunted would-be artists facing romantic uncertainties that force them to contend with the idea of mainstream adulthood.