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Knife Skills (#110 of 1)

Oscar 2018 Winner Predictions Documentary Short

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Oscar 2018 Winner Predictions: Documentary Short

Frank Stiefel

Oscar 2018 Winner Predictions: Documentary Short

In a recent interview with Food & Wine, Brandon Chrostowski, who lost his bid last year to become mayor of Cleveland, is described as an ex-con. “I believe I am on borrowed time,” Chrostowski told writer Jillian Kramer. And yet, per Kramer’s own words: “The details are fuzzy, but he got lucky; a judge let him go instead of serving him a 10-year sentence. He’s made it count.” It’s at this point, then, that you may wonder if Chrostowski is actually an ex-con. The details are about as fuzzy throughout Thomas Lennon’s Knife Skills, which documents Chrostowski’s efforts to open a French restaurant in Cleveland, Edwin’s, entirely employed by men and women who had recently been released from prison. “The short of it is, a restaurant saved my life,” the chef tells his prospective employees, though you will never learn exactly why.