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Curb Your Enthusiasm Recap Season 9, Episode 10, “Fatwa!”

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Recap: Season 9, Episode 10, “Fatwa!”

John P. Johnson/HBO

Curb Your Enthusiasm Recap: Season 9, Episode 10, “Fatwa!”

In the past, some season finales of Curb Your Enthusiasm have been kind to Larry David: They’ve seen him triumphantly salvaging a potentially disastrous restaurant opening (“The Grand Opening”) and saving a doomed musical (“Opening Night”). But even when Larry is in the right, when he deservedly wins a petty squabble or outwits an obnoxious celebrity, there’s a particular satisfaction in watching him reap the consequences of his own foot-in-mouthedness. And last night’s season-nine finale episode, “Fatwa!,” doesn’t cast Larry in a heroic light. Throughout, it indulges whole-heartedly in fiasco, and much to the detriment of Larry and everyone in his inner circle.