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A Life Remade Call Me Marianna

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A Life Remade: Call Me Marianna

Kraków Film Festival

A Life Remade: Call Me Marianna

Karolina Bielawska’s Call Me Marianna follows a fortysomething Polish woman in the process of finalizing her sex-change operation. Marianna must sue her parents to be allowed to go through with the sex change and is increasingly devastated by their refusal to accept her decision. Instead, she must turn to friends, whom she met while already living as a woman, for support. And although Marianna’s ex appears later in the film, as a forgiving, protective maternal figure, there’s always a lingering sense that some of her side of the story isn’t being fully voiced, signaling at both anger and repression. The children are never present, other than in photographs, and their distancing deepens our sense of Marianna’s alienation.