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Blade Runner: The Final Cut (#110 of 2)

On the Circuit: Blade Runner: The Final Cut

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On the Circuit: <em>Blade Runner: The Final Cut</em>
On the Circuit: <em>Blade Runner: The Final Cut</em>

Is there anything more to see, anything left to say about Blade Runner? More to see, yes. That’s always the case with the great ones, and the fact that there isn’t much left to say about Ridley Scott’s sci-fi cult classic doesn’t contradict the first claim; it illuminates it. “More of the same” is a very good thing in this case.

The Final Cut is remastered from original 35mm elements and transferred to High Definition digital video at 4K (4096 horizontal pixel) resolution. Projected in HD at 24 frames a second for this year’s New York Film Festival, this Blade Runner has no visible grain, dirt or scratches, stuttering frames, reel-change “cigarette burns” or soft-focus moments when the film gets loose in the projector gate. Funny how I thought I’d miss all those things, their “organic” qualities, but this restoration gives us a pristine image without sacrificing warmth. The picture even fooled our editor, who at first thought he was looking at a 35mm projection. This Blade Runner removes every barrier to getting lost in Scott’s fire-and-rain Los Angeles short of presenting it as interactive theater.

Here are 10 images, sounds and ideas from Blade Runner that stand out in 2007 and/or HD: