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Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s Children of the Sun

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Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s <em>Children of the Sun</em>
Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s <em>Children of the Sun</em>

Belgian theater and opera director Ivo van Hove—a familiar name to those who get their Off Broadway fix at BAM and New York Theatre Workshop—has been the artistic director of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the Netherlands’s largest rep company, for close to a decade, and it shows in his latest self-assured production, Kinderen van de Zon. For those of you who don’t speak Dutch (and I don’t so I had to catch a performance that included English “surtitles” projected a tad too high above centerstage), the title translates to Children of the Sun, Maxim Gorki’s timeless classic about the intelligentsia’s doomed disconnect—and retreat from—the realities of the common man. (Yup, I am now going to review in English a Russian play done in Dutch. Take that, NYC theater critics back home!)