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Revenge Of The Mekons (#110 of 1)

DOC NYC 2013: Revenge of the Mekons Review

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DOC NYC 2013: <em>Revenge of the Mekons</em> Review
DOC NYC 2013: <em>Revenge of the Mekons</em> Review

[Photo: Frank Swider]

An exemplary documentary about an exemplary band, Revenge of the Mekons tells the story of the eponymous group by not only situating them in their proper musical and historical context, but by offering a telling look at the octet’s working dynamic and by outlining the specific qualities that have made them such a significant entity for the better part of four decades. Formed in Leeds in 1977, these art-school leftists began as a can’t-play-their-instruments punk band before gradually finding their footing, thanks to the influence of English folk, American country, and Margaret Thatcher’s devastating suppression of the miners’ strike, around the mid ’80s. Reformulating their sound, the band produced 1985’s classic Fear and Whiskey, considered by many to be the founding text of alt-country, and have been refining their approach ever since, maintaining the same non-hierarchical membership of eight since the early ’90s.