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Disney Sing It: Family Hits Is Limp But Fun for the Family

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Disney Sing It: Family Hits Is Limp But Fun for the Family
Disney Sing It: Family Hits Is Limp But Fun for the Family

I’m going to just assume you’ve YouTubed at least one Disney song in your lifetime. Maybe you were singing with your kid, chasing nostalgia, or leading a libation-fueled rendition at some house party. You probably know the melody to “A Whole New World,” and can sing the chorus of “Hakuna Matata.” Disney has woven its inextricable thread into the collective pop-culture consciousness, so if you’re a member of the past few generations, it’s practically guaranteed you grew up with classic Disney films and their soundtracks.

Earlier this week, Disney Interactive Studios released Disney Sing It: Family Hits for Wii and PlayStation 3. It’s the latest in the company’s Sing It series, which has hitherto included music from such time-treasured, timeless classics as Hannah Montana and High School Musical. This time, Disney shifted the target audience from teenyboppers to a more universal crowd, with a varied song listing from decades of Disney movies.

Thirty songs from three Disney eras are honored: the classic period from the ’30s to ’60s, the “Renaissance” of the ’90s, and contemporary releases, which include Pixar. Gameplay is less karaoke and more of a sing-along, as the original vocals play in the background as you sing the lyrics on screen. Assuming you stay in pitch and don’t make Simba sound like a pubescent yodeler, you’ll nab a high score. The game requires at least one microphone, which you can pick up with the game for an extra 10 bucks. Simply plug the mic into the Wii’s USB slots and you’re ready to unleash your inner Donna Summer.