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Unmoved: Salvatore Stabile’s Where God Left His Shoes

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Unmoved: Salvatore Stabile’s <em>Where God Left His Shoes</em>
Unmoved: Salvatore Stabile’s <em>Where God Left His Shoes</em>

There’s a moment in Where God Left His Shoes, directed by Salvatore Stabile and starring John Leguizamo, which encapsulates its missteps as a film. It’s Christmas Eve in New York City and there’s a shot of a homeless shelter with a long line waiting to get in, accompanied on the soundtrack by “Christmas Time is Here”, the song from A Charlie Brown Christmas. What could have been a quietly effective scene, full of the tragic dichotomies of the situation (“Man, how bleak it must be to be in a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve?”) is ruined by the overly-obvious music choice. So instead of being moved, I felt tired and cranky, the way I always do when someone treats me like I’m not all that intelligent. Like: “Yeah, yeah, I get it, I get it. Whatever.”