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Drowning by Numbers: The Number 23

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Drowning by Numbers: <em>The Number 23</em>
Drowning by Numbers: <em>The Number 23</em>

I’m sure there must have been an episode of Sesame Street where the friendly neighborhood of cheerful humans and adorable puppets wanted to throttle the Count, a character obsessive in his love to count things. Throughout The Number 23, a psychological thriller/puzzle movie where Jim Carrey is driven into a state of heightened lunacy by seeing the magical number 23 everywhere (“You and I met when we were 23!”; “Your license plate begins with the numbers two…three!”; “I was born on February 3…2/3!”), I started thinking of our friend the Count. If he had been cast in the role instead of Jim Carrey, The Number 23 might have been a useful exercise for children of all ages instead of a childish exercise that, in lieu of depth, is content to wallow in protracted, circuitous babble.