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As Lilith (#110 of 1)

True/False Film Fest 2010: The Mirror, As Lilith, and Disorder

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True/False Film Fest 2010: <em>The Mirror</em>, <em>As Lilith</em>, and <em>Disorder</em>
True/False Film Fest 2010: <em>The Mirror</em>, <em>As Lilith</em>, and <em>Disorder</em>

Three weeks ago I received an e-mail invitation from Chris Boeckmann, who I’d briefly corresponded with previously about an incredibly negative review I’d written; he seemed to dig it. What I didn’t know was that Chris is an associate programmer at True/False Film Fest, and the reason I didn’t know that is because I’d never heard of it. True/False is a documentary festival in Columbia, Missouri whose seventh installment I just attended; in his e-mail, Chris noted that some of his favorite films from previous years now essentially only exist as reviews, and he wanted people to come write about the films to try to preserve them. So I was invited to come, and when I looked at the line-up, I noticed five of the titles were the big buzz films of Sun-/Slam- dance I was interested in. Then I looked at Chris’ Facebook page (This Is How We Live Now) and saw that his listed favorite films spoke to a taste I could definitely get behind. I was pretty positive there’d be no poky, dutiful activist documentaries which expect you to congratulate them for their bad video and good intentions. Also, New York is an incredibly claustrophobic place oftentimes; the last three months, for a variety of reasons, have been incredibly brutal. I suppose I should tell you they gave me a free hotel room, which definitely helped. So I said yes about 20 minutes later.