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Sundance Film Festival 2013: jOBS

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Sundance Film Festival 2013: <em>jOBS</em>
Sundance Film Festival 2013: <em>jOBS</em>

Director Joshua Michael Stern’s jOBS tells the story of revered Apple CEO Steve Jobs with a wearying conventionality. The film begins with an iconic moment: Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) unveiling the first iPod to Apple employees in 2001. The music swells and his eyes glitter with pride as he’s treated to a raucous standing ovation, a god among men. The scene essentially serves as a visual metaphor for what the rest of the film will be: one long, overly enthusiastic standing ovation.

We suddenly flash back to Jobs’s college days in 1974, and from there first-time screenwriter Matt Whiteley’s script begins its relatively straightforward course. It chronicles Apple’s beginnings as a small basement-run startup, to the development of the seminal Lisa and Macintosh computers, to Jobs’s departure from the company, to his triumphant return in 1997. Each milestone is presented with the speed and impersonality of a Foxconn assembly line, with no moment’s import allowed to sink in.