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Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2012: Reportero

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Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2012: <em>Reportero</em>
Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2012: <em>Reportero</em>

As in a classic Hawksian western, friendship and professionalism are tightly knotted in Bernardo Ruiz’s frontera documentary Reportero. Horrifying crime-scene footage bleeds seamlessly with sobering confessions from Ruiz’s impassioned subjects, many of them lifelong reporters for the notoriously tenacious Mexican weekly publication Zeta. While the mechanics of investigative journalism are essential to their commentary about narco violence and its impact on the Mexican press during the last three decades, each subject’s personal codes of camaraderie and loyalty provide an equally telling human subtext. Reportero doesn’t just illuminate a disturbing social trend in the modern Mexican experience; it reveals the deep-seeded memories of regret haunting those attempting to salvage freedom of speech on the front lines.