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Poster Lab: Django Unchained

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Poster Lab: <em>Django Unchained</em>
Poster Lab: <em>Django Unchained</em>

To be perfectly honest, the first official poster for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained is primarily featured here because its reveal is something of an event. One doesn’t stare at this thing and marvel at its breathtaking design; it’s all about the art of the tease. It’s certainly somewhat impressive that the image needn’t have a title to get people jazzed—the name of cinema’s most revered pop auteur is magnetic enough. Like a cult answer to the superhero posters that simply brandish a gleaming logo, this one-sheet is both confident in and dependent upon Tarantino’s ardent fan base, its adamant minimalism validated by the need for something—anything—that’s officially linked to the production (two weeks ago, a rough and raw still of Christoph Waltz on set was visual crack for bloggers). The poster looks very Tarantino-esque, and it’s surely in the spirit of what we’ve come to know of the film (Jamie Foxx’s freed slave treks through the Deep South with Waltz’s doctor to face down Leo DiCaprio’s slave owner), but it largely feels like steak for the dogs, who’ve made no small announcement of their collective hunger.