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Oscar 2012 Winner Predictions Animated Short

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Oscar 2012 Winner Predictions: Animated Short
Oscar 2012 Winner Predictions: Animated Short

Is it just us or can the Academy’s infatuation with The Artist be felt even in categories where the film isn’t nominated? Grant Orchard’s The Morning Stroll, about a chicken stopping a passerby on a city street dead in his tracks, first in a time when films were referred to as moving pictures, then in our present day, and finally in a post-apocalyptic tomorrow where zombies have come home to roost, is cute up to the point that its artistry adopts the very ADD it increasingly thumbs its nose at throughout. A sweeter, more quaint vision, Patrick Doyon’s Sunday is in essence also a study of human routine, only this one waxes nostalgic on the different world children and adults inhabit without a shred of condescension. Both Terence Davies and Bill Plympton would love it…and we know how many Oscars each of those filmmakers have.