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You Can’t Do That on YouTube

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It’s easily the best thing she’s released in years and features one of her best vocals to date. No, it’s not Alanis Morissette’s new single, but it should be. The Canadian singer takes on the Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps,” transforming the, uh, Grammy-winning song into a disturbing, postmodern, piano-ballad barb. The video is more obviously cheeky, featuring exploding pillows and dripping mascara, but it’s Alanis’s über serious performance (reminiscent of “Uninvited” and “Your House”) that makes this worth watching over and over:

As Slant’s Jonathan Keefe mused via email: “Apparently, that’s what breaking up with Billy from Fifteen will drive someone to do, for better or worse.” (Those of you between the ages of, say, 25 and 32—or members of the Ryan Reynolds fan club—will know exactly what that means.) “My Humps” isn’t Alanis’s first foray into comedy; she appeared on MADtv a few years back, skewering teenyboppers everywhere with the faux single “Bubble Trouble” by her fictional little sister Delicious Morissette: