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Weekend sampler: The Messengers, East of Havana, Constellation, Tazza: The High Rollers

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Weekend sampler: <em>The Messengers</em>, <em>East of Havana</em>, <em>Constellation</em>, <em>Tazza: The High Rollers</em>

“A key scene in The Messengers finds an anxious mom, Denise (Penelope Ann Miller), waking up in the farmhouse her family has just moved into, and discovering that the hideous dark stain she scrubbed out of her bedroom wallpaper just yesterday has reappeared at full strength.” (For more, click here.)

“So much of American pop thrives on a bratty facsimile of courage that when you see the real deal, it’s a revelation. East of Havana is the real deal.” (For more, click here.)

“If earnestness equaled skill, Constellation would be a classic.” (For more, click here.)

Tazza is a Korean word referring to a gambler at the height of his powers. It could be applied to this film’s writer and director, Choi Dong Hoon, who transforms what could have been another chronology-scrambling time waster into a terrific film about the sensual energy and reckless optimism of youth.” (For more, click here.)

Matt Zoller Seitz is editor-in-chief and publisher of The House Next Door, a contributor to the The New York Times film section, and a former columnist for New York Press and The Star-Ledger.