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Watch the First Trailer for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born

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Watch the First Trailer for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born

Warner Bros. Pictures

Today, Warner Bros. Pictures premiered the first official trailer for the new remake of A Star Is Born. The film, which marks both the writing and directorial debut of actor Bradley Cooper and the first leading role for pop singer Lady Gaga, is an update of a story that’s made its way to the big screen three times before: first in 1937, starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March; then in 1954, starring Judy Garland and James Mason; and most recently in 1976, starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

The buzz surrounding Cooper’s A Star Is Born has been inconsistent at best, with fans predicting an Oscar nomination for Gaga (both Gaynor and Garland received nods for their roles but neither won) and effusive, curiously timed praise from Cooper buds Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence, among others, and, on the other end of the spectrum, rumors that the film is a dud, bolstered by an ever-shifting release date. The film is now set for a fall release, which suggests at least some optimism on the part of Warner Bros.

Based on the trailer alone, it seems the new A Star Is Born is likely to be neither a disaster nor a masterpiece. Strumming an acoustic guitar and sporting a scraggly beard, Cooper plays a country troubadour who discovers struggling singer Ally (Gaga) and encourages her to pursue her dream. “Almost every single person has told me they like the way I sounded but that they didn’t like the way I look,” says Gaga, who’s dressed down to look like the girl next door. But if she’s “unrecognizable,” as some headlines have already predictably proclaimed, the singer’s over-the-top bellowing is impossible to miss. Punches are thrown and tears are shed, but the middling trailer boasts few scenes that suggest the performances are bound for Oscar glory.

Watch the trailer below:

A Star Is Born is scheduled to hit theaters on October 5th.