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Watch: Star-Studded “On Columbine” Video Reflects on Two Decades of Gun Violence

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Watch: Star-Studded “On Columbine” Video Reflects on Two Decades of Gun Violence

The music video for “On Columbine,” a track from the star-studded concept album Guns: The Album, made its online premiere last March but understandably got lost in the flurry of media attention surrounding the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and the historic March for Our Lives demonstrations that followed. The song, featuring singer-songwriter Claudio Parrone Jr., and its accompanying video are moving meditations on America’s school shooting epidemic, featuring clips of three of the last four U.S. presidents lamenting the lives lost to gun violence (Donald Trump, meanwhile, can be heard, in a speech at the NRA last year, declaring an end to the “assault” on the Second Amendment).

“On Columbine” is the penultimate track on Guns: The Album, the brainchild of Braxton Molinaro and Jonathan Sokolow. Described as “a mix of filmic anthems, bold hip-hop, flashy show tunes, and more,” the album aims to chronicle the vast and ever-evolving points of view encompassing the American gun debate. “This hopefully breaks the mold and gives us more ways to communicate,” Molinaro says.

The album was recorded in Santa Monica, California with an eclectic group of artists, including Emmy winner Eric McCormack (Will and Grace), Tony nominee Terrence Mann (Sense 8), Oscar nominee Tess Harper (Breaking Bad), among others, while the music video, directed by Molinaro, features cameos by Frances Fisher (Masters of Sex) and Deborah Puette (Revolution). “There are so many incredibly talented people involved, with something visceral and visual to say,” Molinaro adds.

Watch “On Columbine” below:

Guns: The Album is available now on iTunes and most streaming platforms.