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Watch Sigur Rós Live in 360 Degrees

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Watch Sigur Rós Live in 360 Degrees

Sigur Rós takes on a more aggressive—or to quote our own Kevin Liedel in his review of the album, “more acute”—posture on their seventh effort, Kveikur, their first since becoming a threesome following the departure of Kjartan Sveinsson last year. The band will perform five songs from the album tomorrow, June 19th, at 2:50 EST during “Kveikur Live 360,” a special “360-degree interactive webcast” from Dresden, Germany. Fans will reportedly be able to watch the one-off show from 360 different angles of their choosing at the band’s official website.

Watch the trailer:


Sigur Rós’s world tour hits North America in September. Check out the tour dates here.