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Watch a Recap of Season One of Mr. Robot

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Watch a Recap of Season One of Mr. Robot

The inaugural season of USA Network’s ferocious hacking drama Mr. Robot hit like a revelation, with imagery and angles that came to symbolize the disjointed reality through which computer genius Elliot (Golden Globe and SAG Award nominee Rami Malek) lives, increasingly unable to distinguish the roiling war for the freedom of information and intellect from the contentious personalities inside his own head. Hacking proves to be the perfect symbol for the psychological subversion that Elliot, along with his friends, family, and even enemies, cannot help but indulge: a perfectly attuned system infiltrated by sudden, substantial reminders that power isn’t absolute or centralized, and no one has full control of illusion or reality.

Winner of Best Television Series and Best Supporting Actor (Christian Slater) at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, Mr. Robot returns for its second season on July 13th. Watch a recap of season one below [contains spoilers!]:

Season two of Mr. Robot premieres on Wednesday, July 13th at 10/9c on USA Network.