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Video: Nine Inch Nails’ "Came Back Haunted" Directed by David Lynch

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Video: Nine Inch Nails’ “Came Back Haunted” Directed by David Lynch

Nine Inch Nails have unveiled the music video for their new single “Came Back Haunted,” directed by none other than filmmaker, musician, and occasional chef David Lynch. (It’s technically the second video for the song, if you count the montage of artfully photographed shots of a reel-to-reel player used to accompany the official audio.) This isn’t the first time the band has worked with Lynch; the director commissioned frontman Trent Reznor, who was reportedly an ardent Twin Peaks fan, to produce the soundtrack for his 1997 film Lost Highway. The clip for “Came Back Haunted,” however, is more akin to Inland Empire, largely composed of a weird spider ballerina and shaky extreme close-ups of Reznor and creepy, spotlighted mouths.

Nine Inch Nails’ new album, Hesitation Marks, is due out in September, while Lynch’s own The Big Dream drops on July 16th.