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Video Essay: Dario Argento’s Inferno

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Video Essay: Dario Argento’s <em>Inferno</em>

The House Next Door is committed to recognizing the best of online film culture in as many exciting and innovative manifestations as we can find. One of our contributors, Kevin Lee aka alsolikelife, has recently begun producing a unique series of video essays, an extension of his efforts to watch every film on the list of “The 1000 Greatest Films” as compiled by They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?. His progress can be followed on his blog, Shooting Down Pictures. The House is pleased to showcase Kevin’s video essays as he nears completion of his project. His latest video, on Dario Argento’s Inferno (#926 on his list) can be viewed after the break. Click here to read Kevin’s text entry on Inferno.

Kevin B. Lee is a filmmaker based in New York City. He has written for Cinema-Scope, The Chicago Reader, Senses of Cinema and Slant. His website is