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The Official Battlefield V Story Trailer Showcases a World at War

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The Official Battlefield V Story Trailer Showcases a World at War

Electronic Arts

In our review of 2016’s Battlefield 1, we were impressed with the Battlefield series’s renewed focus on character, noting that the game’s War Stories mode offers a wide variety of personal, well, war stories, from “the wearisome recollections of a grizzled Australian commander desperate to keep his idealistic, hero-worshipping aide alive…to the woes of a mountaineering member of the Italian Arditi trying to reach his brother’s infantry unit.”

The new trailer for Battlefield V, the 16th installment in the Battlefield series, doesn’t reveal that the game takes place during World War II, but it does suggest that players are in for more tales of individual heroism. Also, the trailer indicates that those stories are likely to hit the requisite staples of the war genre. It’s in everything from tanks jumping over hills as dirt flies up around them, to soldiers determinedly paddling rowboats through a storm, to a pilot narrowly dodging two planes colliding in mid-air right before him.

“Pushed beyond any known breaking point,” insists the narrator, music swelling behind his voice, “we discover what we are capable of.” Check out the Battlefield V trailer below and see if you, like me, agree that EA DICE’s Frostbite engine makes the experience of war seem fairly incredible.

Electronic Arts will release Battlefield V on November 20.