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The Guest Trailer Shows Off Dan Stevens’s Assets

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<em>The Guest</em> Trailer Shows Off Dan Stevens’s Assets

Downton Abbey’s third season ended with the unexpected (and unexpectedly smiley) death of Matthew Crawley. According to a 2011 article from The Daily Mail, actor Dan Stevens took to heart the “comments on Twitter about how fat Matthew was looking,” and as the new trailer for Adam Wingard’s The Guest suggests, the ditch from whence his character on Downtown Abbey rose led the actor to a Crunch. In this film by the makers of You’re Next, a practically unrecognizable Stevens stars as David, a man who seduces the family of a deceased fellow soldier with insane shows of vigilante justice and front-row views of his abdominal musculature. Below is The Guest’s trailer, which sadly doesn’t give much of a sense of the film’s weirdly aestheticized pulp pleasures and incredible soundtrack choices, even if it is successful at broadcasting Steven’s phoenix-like resurrection as a spornosexual action star.