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Sunday Anecdote: Barry Gifford and Wild at Heart

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Sunday Anecdote: Barry Gifford and <em>Wild at Heart</em>

Speaking at a Saturday midnight screening (November 9, 2006), Wild at Heart screenwriter Barry Gifford could only recall one thing about the film before its release. It was the ratings board’s appeal hearing he and David Lynch attended for sex scenes that got Wild at Heart an initial X-Rating. (Which was the version ultimately released in Europe, by the way!) One of the older ratings board panelists was appalled that Sailor Ripley was doing Lula Fortune in the pooper.

Lynch fired backed at the panelist, arguing, “How do you know that? He’s behind her, so he’s fucking her from behind—he’s not fucking her IN the behind!!!” The panelist simply responded with an, “Oh.” And the scene remained in the American release, too!

(photo by chris anthony diaz & reinterpretation by graham willcox)