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Slant’s Top 25 Films of 2016 Numbers #25-#50 and Individual Ballots

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Slant’s Top 25 Films of 2016

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From Clayton Dillard’s introduction to Slant Magazine’s Top 25 Films of 2016: “Celebrating great art amid the transition to political catastrophe can feel like, to paraphrase the title of poet Ocean Vuong’s recent collection, a moonlit sky with exit wounds. But the phlegm of post-truths shouldn’t get caught in our throats, let alone our eyes and ears, because films from across the globe continue to present a portrait of resilience in the face of international turmoil.” Click here to read the feature and see if your favorite films of the year made our list. And see below for a list of the films that just missed making it onto our list, followed by our contributors’ individual ballots.

26. Kaili Blues
27. In the Shadow of Women
28. Aquarius
29. Neon Bull
30. Hail, Caesar!
31. The Other Side
32. The Lobster
33. Wiener-Dog
34. 20th Century Women
35. Mia Madre
36. Aferim!
37. The Fits
38. Midnight Special
39. Little Men
40. Cosmos
41. Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party
42. Do Not Resist
43. The Handmaiden
44. Mountains May Depart
45. Demon
46. Creepy
47. Things to Come
48. I Am Not Madame Bovary
49. 13th
50. Fort Buchanan

Chuck Bowen
1. Happy Hour
2. Kate Plays Christine
3. Right Now, Wrong Then
4. Mia Madre
5. No Home Movie
6. Everybody Wants Some!!
7. Demon
8. Paterson
9. Moonlight
10. Wiener-Dog

Honorable Mention: Neon Bull, The Measure of a Man, The Love Witch, Manchester by the Sea, Dog Eat Dog, The Neon Demon, Three, Aquarius, In the Valley of Violence, Valley of Love

Jesse Cataldo
1. Paterson
2. O.J.: Made in America
3. Cameraperson
4. Elle
5. Cemetery of Splendour
6. Moonlight
7. Kaili Blues
8. Love & Friendship
9. Toni Erdmann
10. Mountains May Depart

Honorable Mention: 20th Century Women, Belladonna of Sadness, Certain Women, Homeland: Iraq Year Zero, Knight of Cups, Manchester by the Sea, Right Now, Wrong Then, Sunset Song, Things to Come

Jake Cole
1. No Home Movie
2. Cameraperson
3. Paterson
4. O.J.: Made in America
5. Toni Erdmann
6. Certain Women
7. Elle
8. Happy Hour
9. Right Now, Wrong Then
10. The Love Witch

Honorable Mention: Kate Plays Christine, Love & Friendship, Knight of Cups, Hail, Caesar!, Edge of Seventeen, Things to Come, In the Shadow of Women, Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party, Sunset Song



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