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Single Review: Kylie Minogue’s "All I See"

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Single Review: Kylie Minogue’s “All I See”

Kylie Minogue has churned out three singles from her album X since its international release last year, but it’s another song, “All I See,” that will be the record’s official first single in the U.S. It’s one of only three tracks that don’t seem to fit the otherwise consistent Euro-disco mash-up of the singer’s 10th studio album (the belated Ray of Light rip-off “No More Rain” and the Fergie/Gwen-meets-the-Pussycat-Dolls-meets-“SexyBack” monstrosity that is “Nu-Di-Ty” are the other offenders), but that’s exactly why it’s a perfect fit for this country. In his review of X, Slant critic Dave Hughes compared “All I See” to Janet Jackson’s 1997 house hit “Together Again,” and while the breathy vocals are totally Janet, the rest of the song is a virtual carbon copy of Ne-Yo’s “Because of You,” right down to the measured 4/4 beat and harpsichord:

If radio programmers could find room on their playlists for Natasha Bedingfield’s market-pandering “Love Like This,” then surely they can find space for “All I See.” Although a remix featuring MIMS will be serviced to radio stations soon, there’s still no video in sight, so if the song fails, Kylie’s American fans can blame her record label, which hasn’t figured out how to market the superstar in the U.S. since “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”

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