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Single Review: Britney Spears, "Perfume"

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Single Review: Britney Spears, “Perfume”

A bona fide brand, Britney Jean Spears has released 13 different fragrances in the last nine years, reportedly raking in $1.5 billion internationally, so an attempt at some cross-promotional synchronicity was, perhaps, inevitable. “Perfume” is the second single from Spears’s eighth studio album, Britney Jean, following the disappointing “Work Bitch.” Co-written by Spears and the usually reliable Sia and co-produced by, the song is a midtempo ballad that likens perfume to urine: “I put on my perfume/Yeah, I want it all over you/I’m gonna mark my territory,” Spear sings, her occasionally pitchy vocals veering close to parody. It’s a ballsy choice for a single, given that the pop star hasn’t scored a hit with a non-dance track since her first fragrance, “Curious,” hit the market back in 2004 (and, it should be noted, the success of that song, “Everytime,” was largely due to its club mixes), to say nothing of the fact that “Perfume” equates lingering fragrances to territorial pissings and effectively reveals Brit to be a water sports enthusiast.

Britney Jean is scheduled make its mark on November 29th.