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Rihanna Reunites with Calvin Harris for “This Is What You Came For”

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Rihanna Reunites with Calvin Harris for “This Is What You Came For”

Rihanna x Stance

Rihanna’s latest album, Anti, is notable for its dearth of dance beats. The EDM bubble has, of course, deflated, if not burst, but some of the singer’s biggest hits have beckoned listeners to the dance floor: “Pon de Replay,” “SOS,” “Don’t Stop the Music,” “Only Girl (In the World).” Her crowning achievement in the genre is her collaboration with Scottish super-DJ/producer Calvin Harris, “We Found Love,” a song our own Eric Henderson once claimed “makes the urge to get turnt up feel like an almost religious impulse.”

Well, after five long years, Rihanna is back at the altar, reunited with Harris on “This Is What You Came For,” the first single from the producer’s upcoming album. The track is less aggressive than the pair’s previous collaborations, with an understated but catchy hook consisting solely of the “Just Stand Up!” singer’s chopped-up vocals. Including her smash earworm “Work,” “This Is What You Came For” is the fourth single that RiRi has released this year, and the third in just the last 30 days, so it’s unlikely to match the success of “We Found Love,” but it’s nice to know the pop star/sock designer hasn’t totally given up the beat.


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